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6 Smart 2019 LinkedIn Marketing Hacks To Take Your Business to Higher Heights 5

6 Smart 2019 LinkedIn Marketing Hacks To Take Your Business to Higher Heights

If you still have not ventured into LinkedIn marketing, you are missing out! But no worries, because we have compiled a comprehensive list of smart 2019 LinkedIn marketing hacks that you can use to grow your business and brand outreach. Read on to get started!

Do We Really Need to Bother With LinkedIn?

Why bother with LinkedIn

What comes to mind when it comes to social networks?

Most people would probably answer, “Instagram,” “Facebook,” or “Twitter.” Unbeknownst to most outside of digital marketing, LinkedIn is growing as a professional social network. Not only can professional connect with each other over LinkedIn direct messages, but companies can also advertise their products, job launches, and even share content from their main website. Ask any professional, he/she would probably have a LinkedIn profile.

These days, many companies are venturing into LinkedIn marketing. Like Facebook, sharing takes almost no time at all. In addition, followers of your followers can also view your posts once they get liked.

Some well-known brands that have ticked all the boxes as far as a sturdy LinkedIn marketing campaign is concerned include Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, The Walt Disney Company, as well as Benefit Cosmetics.

A colossal number of followers? Check ✔

Regular updates? Check ✔

Eye-catching profile picture and header image? Check ✔

A broad range of written and visual content? Check ✔

All in all, LinkedIn is not like your usual social networks like Facebook and Instagram. If you want to have an effective LinkedIn marketing campaign, then you need to strategise and make sur eyou acquire all the relevant tips and hacks to grow your brand in a professional manner.

Smart 2019 LinkedIn Marketing Hacks You Should Incorporate

It is 2019. And if you are not on LinkedIn, let’s face it – your social media strategy needs some serious work.

But have no fear because we have compiled a list of 2019 LinkedIn marketing hacks to help salvage your social media strategy and grow your brand on LinkedIn. Read on to learn more about how you can make full use of LinkedIn to enhance your brand outreach now.

1. Include Videos

The first on our list of 2019 LinkedIn marketing hacks might be a cliche, but it is still highly effective in boosting your professional image.

A picture might speak a thousand words, but videos convey millions.

These days, many companies and professionals have been making use of videos on LinkedIn to inform and connect with their audience. Videos are a great way to showcase your products and also marketing your brand. When your videos are engrossing enough and you have a clear but distinct message, you will probably earn a couple of likes and shares.

When crafting videos, however, make sure that the visuals and video flow function perfectly on both mobile and desktop. After all, there is a significant proportion of users who are more active on mobile than desktop.

2. Use Hashtags

Like other social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, hashtags are still functional on LinkedIn. Simply by adding a couple of hashtags to your content on LinkedIn, you could make your content on LinkedIn more searchable and findable. Furthermore, adding hashtags could also increase the chances of your content showing up on someone else’s feed.

Make sure that you do not go overboard with the hashtags as it could come off as desperate. Stick to 5-6 hashtags per post to be safe.

3. Don’t be Overly Professional

Like other social networks, sometimes it pays to be casual instead of overly professional. LinkedIn is no exception. Don’t limit your content only to product launches and industry news. Instead, get creative and more personal with the type of content you choose to post. Being more personal not only enables you to expand your creativity, but you can also create a more approachable impression of your company.

Feel free to post photos from team bonding activities, office happenings, birthdays and new staff. Don’t be afraid to be candid or use emojis! However, there is always a fine line between casual content and being out of line. Click here for a handy guide to the social media sins and how you can avoid them.

4. Informative and Insightful Content

Even on social media, content is still king.

While using the right hashtags and attractive words might pique a reader’s interest, it is well-written, telling and professional content that will engross your reader.

Make sure you have a main message and a target audience in mind. Always avoid beating about the bush but get straight to the point and tell your readers how they will benefit from reading your content. When your audience benefits and learns something from your content, you can earn a like, share or even a new follower.

Furthermore, ensure that your content is grammatically correct. After all, poor language might give off the impression that your company is incompetent and unreliable. Make sure you engage an experienced copywriter or a grammar-checking tool to avoid this huge error

5. Monitor Your Performance and Adjust Accordingly


The great thing about LinkedIn marketing is that you do not need to depend on a third-party analytics platform to monitor the performance of your LinkedIn posts. When you have a registered premium account on LinkedIn, you can track your visitors, updates and followers. You can also view the types of professional profiles that visited your LinkedIn profile across a customisable time range.

6. Smarter Connections Using InMail

Finally, the final hack on our list of 2019 LinkedIn marketing hacks includes LinkedIn’s trademark InMail function. When you have a premium LinkedIn account, you can use the InMail function to reach out to users of whom you are yet to be connected to. Most businesses make use of InMails to connect with LinkedIn users from various industries and countries for brand outreach. InMail is also a great way to search for new opportunities. Whether you are looking to recruit, collaborate, or simply make your brand known, LinkedIn’s InMail function is highly practical.

Need some help crafting LinkedIn InMail content? Check out HubSpot’s Aja Frost’s handy guide to crafting effective InMail content.

Social Media Marketing Today

When it comes to social media marketing, connections are everything. Accumulating a massive number of followers, engaging with them as well as boosting awareness about your brand across social networks is the way to go as far as social media marketing is concerned.

Compared to Search Engine Optimisation and Pay-Per-Click marketing, social media marketing has an additional element which makes it leagues above the aforementioned forms of marketing.


Engagement is the way to go in social media marketing today. If you do decide to venture into LinkedIn marketing using our 2019 LinkedIn marketing hacks, make sure you always keep your followers in mind.

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If you want to get more creative and boost engagement on your LinkedIn page, click here for some interesting content ideas.

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