Right the wrong on Google with our reliable content removal support

Right the wrong on Google with our reliable content removal support

Right the wrong on Google with our reliable content removal support

Sounds like you? If you have discovered false, misleading or otherwise negative content online, you can take action. Whether you’re acting as an individual or protecting your business, you aren’t powerless to fight back against those who mean to harm your reputation. Removify is here to help you overcome the negative effects of malicious content with fast, effective content removal services.

No matter where it’s situated, negative content pertaining to either yourself or your business poses a real risk to your reputation. That’s where we come in. We take down content ranging from Google results, to reviews on Glassdoor, TripAdvisor and countless other websites, so you can repair your reputation.

The Internet is often an unfair place. We’re here to help even the scales and give you a voice against the naysayers. By the time we’ve completed our mission, it’ll be as if the offending content were never there at all.

Content removal helps you take down those nasty bad comments

Content removal helps you take down those nasty bad comments Content removal helps you take down those nasty bad comments

For businesses across the globe, online reviews are one of the most powerful factors in determining new customer acquisition. Nearly 9 out of 10 consumers read reviews for businesses before making a purchase, so you don’t want to risk turning them away by leaving harmful reviews online.

Every consumer has the right to share their opinion freely. However, that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable to speak unreasonably or maliciously about a company or the people within it. Sometimes, these reviews can even be a competitor out to hurt your public standings.

When people vent unfairly about your business, don’t panic – Removify it. With us, you can regain the trust of your customers and clients, in the future as well as the present. We work swiftly to take fake, untrue or unreasonable reviews offline, wherever they may be found.

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Google Content Removal FAQs

Negative content isn’t necessarily negative reviews, but rather, it refers to content that slander your company. These include both legal and illegal publication of negative content. Even plagiarism on your articles is viewed as negative content, as search engines penalise sites for using the same content as others.

Don’t for one second believe that the actions or motives of the other parties are innocent. There are many people that thrive in bringing the competition down with negative content simply because they don’t have the talent to succeed. First Page can protect you from such behaviour.

Quantifying and pinpointing the total cost of bad reviews are obviously difficult, but estimates exceed $500 billion in the United States alone. The number is subjected to a number of variables, but it’s no doubt substantial. After all, not only are you losing that initial sale to a prospective customer, you’re also losing all the revenue that the said customer would’ve generated over a time horizon.

You also need to bear in mind the effect it has on your websites. If you’re generating revenue from traffic, it can have a monumental impact on your PPC campaigns or online ads. It causes severe financial and reputational damage that’s challenging to repair.

Here are 6 telltale signs that a review is likely to be fake:

  1. Your customer database doesn’t match up
  2. Impersonal avatar
  3. Generic comments
  4. Other suspicious reviews
  5. Review timeline
  6. False information

There’s also a concept called “Customerjacking”. If you read through several of the person’s reviews and notice how they recommend a different brand the entire time, you can rest assured it’s a fake review. They’re trying to bank on links and referrals as a way to make money off bad-mouthing your company. Fortunately, First Page can put a stop to this with Removify.

Review bombing is an Internet phenomenon that involves large groups of people leaving negative reviews about a product or service to jeopardise sales, without necessarily having used the said product or service before. While there may be a few valid claims around a bad product, there are many times that it’s a result of cultural or personal issues regarding the company or the brand.

Sometimes, review bombing occurs when there’s hype for a specific product or service being launched, and the item doesn’t deliver as expected. While you’re trying to resolve the issues, you may have to put up with negative content appearing on the internet, which is not what you need. Chat to First Page regarding removing this content from Google as soon as possible.

Every business deserves to be fairly represented. Libellous comments made about your product or service or company itself can damage your business reputation, deterring prospective customers and in turn, lead to fallen revenues. All of these may take years to recover, if at all. Protecting your business reputation is key in maintaining your position and competitive advantage in an increasingly online marketplace.

In general, for a review to be considered defamatory, it needs to be a false (dishonest) review of the customer’s experience, causing reputational harm. In the case that it’s true, it’s important to note that due to their nature, statements of opinions aren’t considered false as they’re subjective to the speaker and are, as such, non-defamatory.

For Google business reviews, there’s an additional clause. Defamatory reviews need to be made about an individual, a non-profit organisation or a corporation with less than 10 employees.

The cost highly depends on the website and sometimes, the nature of the negative content. We advise that you request for a quote and have a specialist examine the content before taking the next steps towards removing the said content.

When looking at the costs involved in removing negative content from Google, you need to keep in mind how much you may lose in revenue as damages. If a potential client sees these bad reviews, it means you may end up with less turnover than usual. You need to weigh each cost against each other to determine which scenario is worse: the impact of the online negative reviews or paying to remove these content from Google.

Most social media platforms don’t allow you to remove bad content and reviews from your page, however, you can report them and wait for action on the platform’s part. As with Google reviews, the damage may already be done by that time, so you may need to take remedial action, such as issuing a press release on your site about the matter in a professional manner.

What Should My Business Know About Content Removal?

Even if it’s daunting to do so, you’ll want to respond to each and every negative review. It’s crucial that you stay calm and address the situation politely and sincerely. You may even need to reach out to assuage them by way of discounts or the like. Regardless, the more you try to make your customers happy and prove that you are doing so, the better your reviews will be in the future.

Hiding the negative comment is another approach worth looking into. It helps to save your company’s reputation, and by extension, your business’s performance. The individual who posted the malicious review will still be able to see their post up on your page, but the rest of your consumer base won’t.

However, it’s worth noting that not all social media platforms have this function and some will notify others that you’ve hidden some of the comments, like Instagram, for instance. In the latter case, this only serves as a red flag and it hints that your brand has something to hide (often negative), which may deter them from patronising your business.

Never delete any negative comments. It’s unlikely to make the person go away, and it may just incentivise them to post even more. They may even call you out for deleting it, stating that you have something to hide. There are also social media platforms that don’t permit you to remove the comments.

Ignoring negative comments is just as bad, as it will incite the same behaviour from the commenter. Other followers also note that you haven’t responded to it, which will make them believe the accusations are true.

Victims of damaging online content may confront the author that published such negative comments and request to take them down – however, such an approach isn’t as straightforward as many would like to think it is.

User-generated content platforms and websites (UGCs) often enable users to post and comment anonymously. This makes identifying the person behind these negative content to be extremely difficult. Moreover, there’s also the possibility that the poster may no longer have access to their account. Other times, websites have policies that don’t allow for removal of content, have a no-removal policy, or may require a court order to carry out the content removal.

Removing content from Google will require contacting the website administrator and contacting Google to report such content. If you wish to take it to the next level, you may also want to consider pursuing legal action – but this will naturally take up a lot of time and is often a stressful ordeal.

It takes Google a few days to remove false reviews and negative content, anywhere from five days to 20 days. In that time, these Google reviews may have reached dozens of people and in turn, cause a negative ripple effect to your business.

Beyond tapping into their technical expertise, you’re also saving yourself the time you could’ve used to attend to other crucial business matters and be free from all the mental stress from having to navigate and engage with such comments.

At First Page, we treat each case with utmost care. We provide specialised content removal services that help you regain full control of your business’s online reputation. Reach out to our digital marketing specialists to learn more.