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Despite having well over half a billion active users, LinkedIn remains one of the most underrated platforms in digital marketing. The social media platform designed specifically for professionals and businesses is often overlooked by advertisers drawn to giants like Facebook and Instagram, but it can often deliver the same or better results – particularly when it comes to B2B.

An incredible 80% of B2B leads come through ads on LinkedIn and 94% of all B2B marketers distribute content in some way on the platform. Businesses aren’t simply seen as advertisers, but potential thought leaders alongside the prominent decision-making individuals who make up the website’s user base. By partnering with First Page Digital, you equip your business with the skills and experience of the leading LinkedIn advertising agency in Singapore.

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The typical LinkedIn member has double the buying power of an average web user, which is enough in itself to present a lucrative opportunity for brands. Add to that the fact that 4 out of 5 members drive business decisions in their various professions and you’re dealing with the single most promising and accessible audience of marketable professionals on the planet. With our LinkedIn advertising campaigns, you can tap into anyone from students and small business owners to C-level executives using a carefully targeted message designed to inspire action. Plus, you can even hone your audience down to specific professional criteria including job title, industry, company and more. This level of audience targeting is part of the reason behind the surge in popularity for advertising on social channels, and LinkedIn is uniquely positioned to offer connections to professional networks and B2B opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise encounter online. With access to such a specific yet incredibly diverse audience, it’s easy to connect your branded message with the people most likely to respond to it.

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s diverse ad formats


Sponsored Content

Similar to how marketers boost posts on Facebook, sponsored content on LinkedIn is a chance to push your posts to the top of the platform’s news feed on desktop, mobile and tablet. These ads mingle your content with native news and user updates, giving you valuable real estate with highly customisable audience targets across LinkedIn and the wider LinkedIn Audience Network.


Message Ads

Engage prospective B2B clients directly through their messages – the same inbox where professional introductions, networking discussions and job offers take place. Deliver targeted messages with calls to action and get the chance to communicate directly to your target audience in a context more personal than email, plus the option of adding a lead generation strategy.

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Text Ads

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of traditional PPC or PPI advertising with an engaging headline, description and image. LinkedIn text ads are designed with swift set-up, budget-friendly delivery and intuitive tools to make advertising to professionals a smooth and accessible strategy.

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Carousel Ads

Upgrade your promotion with swipeable advertisements featuring multiple images for enhanced visual appeal. With more components to display to your audience, make meaningful impressions and generate solid leads.

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Dynamic Ads

Take your campaign engagement to another level by serving ads that are automatically personalised for each member using their profile data. Integrate users’ name, profile photos, job title and more to create an eye-catching promotion complemented by LinkedIn’s time-saving automated delivery.

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LinkedIn Elevate

Adapt employee advocacy into your content strategy by encouraging staff to share content with their professional networks for a higher chance of talent retention, greater engagement rates and increased sales.

Transform your brand with leading SEO solutions.

Drive continued success with detailed analytics and reporting

Successful social media marketing campaigns are built on data, and the range of information at your fingertips with LinkedIn advertising makes it a viable long-term addition to your marketing strategy. From the get go, we can target your ads using specific placements and audience criteria based on user data provided by the platform and see your ads served to the people most likely to respond to it, whether they be in Singapore or elsewhere around the globe. Once your campaign is underway, we keep our finger on the pulse with detailed ad reports and analytics that assist with monitoring performance and refining where necessary to minimise cost and maximise engagement. We use this same data to retarget future ads, test new audiences or expand existing campaigns into new areas, ensuring you never run out of opportunities to use LinkedIn advertising to generate traffic, leads and sales for your business.

Results in 90 days, or we work for free.

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At First Page Digital, we take pride in our proven track record of success with clients in a variety of industries. B2B marketing is no exception and our LinkedIn advertising services follow a results-driven formula that prioritises boosting your sales, not just getting clicks. What our clients have to say after being blown away by their own results is what drives us to continue being the best at what we do, no matter the project.

Whether you are promoting a product or service, trying to increase website traffic or wanting to drive enquiries through to your sales team, we can customise a strategy based on the needs and budget of your business and put you in the box seat for success. Combine your LinkedIn campaign with a Facebook or Instagram strategy, expand your PPC advertising into Google Ads or ask us about how our SEO services can complement your presence on social media. Use the tool above to get a free quote on any social media marketing or get in touch to discuss how we can tailor a competitive solution in line with your business objectives.

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FAQs by our Social Media Specialist

LinkedIn Ads connect you with millions of professionals with real buying power all over the globe. With LinkedIn Ads, you can deliver your brand message to a broad demographic of audience ranging from students and small business owners to professionals at executive-level roles and inspire actions. Like any other platforms, LinkedIn Ads works on a bidding system, where you can specify your target audience and take full control of your budget.
Although LinkedIn Ads can be more costly as compared to other platforms such as Facebook and Google, engaging a good LinkedIn Ads specialist equipped with the right skills and knowledge will surely yield a result that is worth every penny. With over half a billion active users on the platform, statistics have proven that an incredible 80% of B2B leads come through LinkedIn, creating plenty of opportunities for businesses. LinkedIn advertising is undoubtedly a viable strategy for the long-term.
The chosen Ad format largely depends on your marketing objectives. Whether it is sponsored content, message ads, text ads, carousel ads, dynamic ads or LinkedIn elevate ads, it is important to know the specific advantages of the individual formats and match it to your objectives in order to achieve stellar results. Speak to your dedicated LinkedIn Ads specialist and let them guide you through the right one for you.
The value that an agency can provide goes beyond the Ad set-up. Once your campaign sets off, your dedicated agency will steadily analyse and monitor performance, and refine the strategy where necessary to minimise cost and maximise returns. With a proven track record of success, you can also count on an agency to combine your LinkedIn advertising efforts with a killer social media marketing strategy.

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