Utilize strategic ad development and placement to target your ideal customers

Utilize strategic ad development and placement to target your ideal customers

With our Google shopping ads service we’ll put together a plan that targets people who are already interested in finding a product like yours, but just don’t know where to get it. Our team of highly skilled professionals will work closely with your brand to craft compelling ad campaigns that get to the heart of what makes your product special and worthy of attention.

With our targeted approach, you’ll never find yourself spending money to reach people that were never interested in the first place. Based on metrics obtained through an audit of your existing customer base and your current marketing outputs, we’ll ensure that your ads appear in front of the right people at the right time so that you never miss an online sales opportunity again.

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The three key reasons why Google shopping ads are a must for your business

Google shopping ads are an obvious choice for any smart brand looking to optimise their online presence to increase sales. Whether your business is purely brick-and-mortar, eCommerce or something a little bit in between, Google’s search engine combined with considered targeting components in the hands of marketing professionals like First Page Digital will ensure that your ads reach your target demographic and pull them across to your website But Google shopping ads won’t just increase your online visits, they’ll also improve your businesses chances of traffic-to-purchase conversions while upping your brand exposure and recognition.

Increase Website Traffic

Google shopping ads allow you to promote your business with anything from your store name to a product image or a location and price point, all of which will be placed directly underneath the search bar your potential customers are using. By creating a Google shopping ad campaign with First Page Digital, we ensure that your service is one of the first results people see, driving more traffic to your website and vastly improving upon the click rates you might see from plain-text ads.

Warm leads from customers looking to buy

At First Page Digital, we’re experts in identifying your businesses target audience and building Google shopping ads that will show up in the searches of shoppers within your exact client demographic. We can also place your Google shopping ads on relevant websites for extra exposure and traffic.

Expanded brand exposure and presence

Using a combination of audience targeting techniques and keyword optimisation, we can guarantee that your brand’s online presence will expand directly after we start running your Google shopping ads, Not only that, at First Page Digital we can also work with our Google display ads team to craft a holistic approach between our services that will double your business exposure based off of one keyword.

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Reap immediate rewards without breaking your budget

Our PPC services team always takes your business objectives and budget into consideration. When you partner with our Google shopping ads team, we work with you to ensure that you accomplish your goals in the most efficient way possible. We’ll never take a cent from your marketing spend, instead, we help you carefully determine the max budget per month you are willing to spend and then First Page Digital takes care of the rest. We’ll also provide in-depth keyword research and competitor analysis to isolate key areas primed for improvement so you’ll see results sooner than you thought was possible. Contact us today and we’ll get started on your next campaign.

FAQs by our SEO Director

Google ads are a type of targeted advertising that allows you to identify your ideal buyers and use affordable PPC campaigns to position your brand in front of people who are looking for your services or product through Google’s search engine. This translates to a guaranteed improvement to your website traffic and conversions.
Since being founded in 2011, our digital agency has made a name for itself both locally and abroad by working with thousands of clients to deliver more than 1.2 million qualified leads. Our ability to help businesses consistently reach their goals is the result of years of experience. We take great pride in being able to craft innovative marketing strategies for any business that needs our help and can assure you that our Google Ads campaigns can begin driving traffic, leads and sales to your website in under 24 hours.
Measuring your campaign’s overall success is just as important to us as creating it. As your campaign progresses, we’ll constantly monitor how your Google ads are performing against the keyword and your competitors. We’ll also be tracking all your clicks, conversions and overall traffic numbers to implement responsive tweaks that will make your current PPC campaign as strong as it can be.

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