How mobile SEO has become crucial for businesses

Years ago, websites were designed for desktop by default and Google focused its efforts on crawling these without paying too much attention to mobile users. This meant that even if you had a mobile-first version of your website, it had little to no impact on where your website appeared in search engine results pages. As the use of smartphones and tablets continued to grow, Google, along with other search engines, recognised the trend and began tailoring its results depending on what device the user came from: desktop searches favoured desktop sites, while mobile searches favoured mobile sites.

Today, Google uses what it calls Mobile-first Indexing as part of its search engine algorithm. Mobile-first Indexing predominantly uses a website’s mobile content for ranking, regardless of which device the search is coming from. This means that even if your website is well-optimised for desktop, your rankings will take a massive hit if your mobile offering isn’t up to scratch. Mobile-first SEO focuses specifically on optimising web pages to work smoothly on all devices, meet best practice guidelines and thus help you increase organic traffic with higher search rankings.

We make complex migrations a smooth transition

For some time, the most popular way for a website to serve both desktop and mobile users was to have two separate URLs – one for desktop and one for mobile – and have the user redirected to the appropriate site depending on the device they are using. While this approach served its purpose in the early days of mobile search, it’s an outdated and overly complex approach that can hurt your mobile SEO strategy. Now, more and more websites are moving to more efficient and SEO-friendly methods such as responsive design and dynamic serving, but the transition can be difficult. Our team knows how to build a well-optimised website from the foundations and can help you through your migration to ensure you hit the ground running with little to no effect on your existing rankings.

Understanding how people use mobile search

Trying to optimise a website without knowing your audience is like playing darts with your eyes closed. Understanding how people’s online behaviour changes based on the device they are using is an important facet of mobile SEO and needs to be closely analysed for the best chance of success. Are mobile users spending less time on your website than desktop users? Which pages are they looking for? Have people been finding your products using voice searches? By analysing the data behind your existing organic traffic and looking at how users are responding to specific Google searches relevant to your industry, we can identify how to draw mobile users to your site and provide them with a positive online experience. Where mobile-first SEO was once simply about getting pages to the top, it’s well and truly evolved into the process of making your website as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

Don’t be punished by slow loading speeds

In an age where all the information in the world is at our fingertips, it’s never been more important to keep things slick, sharp and fast. Google takes the speed of your website into account when determining rankings, and your bounce rate will suffer if new visitors are turning back to the search results when faced with pages that load at a snail’s pace. Improving speed is a vital part of our mobile-first SEO service and delivers consistent results for websites of all sizes. We thoroughly review how fast your web pages load to identify areas of improvement and make key optimisations to ensure you can deliver Google-friendly content as quickly as possible.

Keyword research tailored to mobile SEO

Identifying the right keywords and phrases to target in your campaign is one of the most important aspects of a robust mobile SEO strategy. Balancing competition, accessibility and traffic is a delicate process, which is why our team includes experienced keyword research specialists who meticulously analyse the data to identify where your business is most likely to succeed. This research is what sets the foundation for your first campaign goals and avoids the common SEO pitfall of failing to clearly define goals.

Competitor analysis

Knowing what your competitors are doing is invaluable to any mobile SEO campaign, because they’re the ones you’ll be challenging for a spot at the top of Google’s search results. Our team can run comprehensive audits on any website competing with your business for specific keywords and identify what they rank for and what they don’t.

Conversion optimisation

Whether you’re in ecommerce or driving enquiries to your sales team, conversions are often at the heart of a successful website. Optimising your website for rankings is the first step, but what good is increased traffic if no one is turning into a customer? Our digital marketing experts know the ins and outs of user behaviour and can help you create a smooth online experience that drives sales.

All the bells and whistles of a standard optimisation strategy

Our mobile-first SEO services are complemented by our broader experience in traditional search engine optimisation, social media marketing, PPC advertising and a range of other services. This gives us the skill set to tackle the most difficult challenges your business faces in the digital sphere with the added peace of mind of our 90-day performance guarantee. It’s simple: if we don’t get results within that period, you won’t have to pay until we do.

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FAQ By First Page Digital

SEO is a process of boosting your website in Google’s organic search results. As of October 2019, there are around 200 ranking signals that impact a website’s organic ranking with all of them being weighted differently. At First Page Digital Singapore, we work on Technical SEO, Copywriting & Offsite ranking signals such as link building to boost your website in the search returns – which results in more business & sales!

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Ranking well organically on Google can result in an influx of traffic to your website. Depending on your requirements, we will perform different types of SEO strategies which will ensure that you get the best ROI possible out of your SEO campaign. Every business is different – as an example, a local plumber would prefer phone calls & form submissions, while an E-Commerce website would aim to achieve additional sales through their online presence.

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The price of an SEO campaign depends heavily on your current organic rankings & most importantly, the nature of your industry and how competitive it is. While SEO can be considered an expensive service, the ROI that you will get outweighs your investment. It is important to note that SEO is the investment that keeps on giving - once you stop running an SEO campaign with a Digital Marketing Agency, it is impossible to “switch off” your SEO.

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It is important to look for an SEO Agency that suits your requirements. Having industry experience, local staff & a proven track record of good results are the most important factors. We recommend visiting the office of the SEO Agency you are intending to sign with to meet the people who will be working on your SEO campaign in person.

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