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Programmatic advertising: Zero in on new customers with speed and precision

Few digital marketing techniques have accelerated in recent years quite like programmatic advertising, and for good reason. This 21st-century approach to advertising has revolutionised how ads are served to the end user, giving businesses cheaper, faster and more effective ways to reach potential customers all over the world.

At First Page Digital, we harness the power of data and machine learning to deliver your ads to your ideal audience with maximum ROI, ensuring every dollar spent gets the best possible result. Ditch the outdated advertising channels of yesteryear and equip your business for unprecedented growth with the cutting-edge of digital marketing: talk to our team today to discover how programmatic can be used to increase your leads, sales and profits.

Google Display Ads

What is programmatic advertising?

Google owns the world’s largest online display advertising network, with their campaigns reaching over 80% of global Internet users. Incorporating Google Display Ads into your digital marketing strategy enables you to make sure that your product is being seen by your target audience, all the time.

Google Shopping and Remarketing.

Slick automation that reduces costs, not results

No successful programmatic strategy involves hitting a button and letting automation decide the fate of your campaign. The true rewards from this form of advertising come by removing manual processes that can be replaced by automation, like real-time bidding, and focusing more on those that require the attention of our team. Far from set-and-forget advertising, our strategies are built on intelligent use of data and automation to dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of implementation while maintaining full control and adaptability over your campaign. We monitor results in real-time, provide you with detailed reports, run regular A/B tests to help you get the most out of programmatic, whether your goal is brand awareness, maximum leads or increased conversions.

Why programmatic is becoming the future of advertising

Lightning Fast

Manual media buying for online advertising is a tedious, time-intensive task. With the automation of programmatic, you can achieve better results with a fraction of the time commitment and create more time for the day-to-day running of your business.


Programmatic marketing is channel-neutral, eliminating the need to set up and check on campaigns across multiple ad platforms. Use programmatic to unify your ads in one coordinated campaign aligned with your overall objectives and budget.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Programmatic makes it easy to target your ideal ad audience and see better results from your placements. Reach not only the right people in the right place, but also at the right time by targeting specific points on the sales cycle – like those who have already shown an interest in your products.

FAQs by our Paid Ad Specialist

CPM stands for cost per mille, or cost per thousand, and refers to the price paid by an advertiser for 1,000 impressions (placements of an ad) on a web page. This is the most common way to purchase online ad space programmatically. For example, if a publisher charges a CPM of $1.00, that means an advertiser pays $1.00 for every 1,000 ad impressions.
The cost of programmatic marketing varies considerably based on your target audience, industry competition, campaign goals and a range of other variables. Larger campaigns can have a high initial cost due to their complexity, but a well-executed strategy can result in a strong return on investment for your business and far greater efficiency than traditional advertising channels and strategies.
Transcend borders and language barriers in your hunt for new customers. First Page Digital’s programmatic advertising through Google DoubleClick Bid Manager opens your marketing campaign to more than 90% of websites on the entire internet, giving you access to hundreds of millions of people who browse the web every day. We can deliver your ads through more than 40 exchanges, multiplying your chances to convert clicks into sales with attention-grabbing ads that act as traffic magnets for your website.
First Page Digital’s programmatic services aren’t just about execution: our ad ops specialists have an in-depth understanding of digital marketing and how the most successful campaigns are driven by savvy use of data. We use a range of detailed information about the end user to identify who will see your ads including age, gender, location, interests, browsing behaviour and more.

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