Backlink building: what is it and why is it so critical?

Backlinks, or simply links for short, are one of the most influential and fundamental principles that dictate the way we use the internet. Whether it’s following a search result on Google, clicking on a friend’s social media profile, viewing the source of a Wikipedia entry or finding related news articles, almost everything we do online is made possible by links and few things are more important to online infrastructure. When it comes to SEO – the process of improving your website’s search engine rankings – the concept of backlink building is simple: obtain links from other websites to yours.

There are many reasons why backlink building is an important facet of SEO, but the most direct benefit is that it’s a significant factor in Google’s search algorithm and can dramatically improve your authority and ranking potential if executed well. For search engines, links to your website from third parties are a signal that your web pages offer value to users. If a website adds a link to one of your pages, it’s effectively a vote of confidence that you are trusted for a particular topic or purpose and creates a positive association for your brand. Today, it’s considered one of the most critical aspects of SEO and businesses without a solid backlinking strategy are seeing dramatic slides down the search listings.

The art of creating a strong backlink profile

Where link building was once a simple question of quantity over quality, it is now one of the most difficult areas of SEO to get right. Quality is a word cropping up more frequently than ever as search engines place increasing emphasis on it with every update to ranking algorithms. This means that in terms of optimisation, links to your pages from websites Google considers to be trustworthy and of high value are worth their weight in gold. Conversely, spam and dodgy links from questionable sources lead to ranking penalties that can be hard to recover from.

The process of backlink building includes researching relevant websites and blogs, reaching out to suggest suitable links and providing new URLs to website owners whose pages contain broken links to your website or others. It may sound simple in theory, but in practice it’s a nuanced challenge that takes plenty of experience and a knack for recognising the right opportunities. Part of link building is also ensuring your website has something worth linking to: if the destination is of little or no value to people who click on it, the link may prove detrimental to your page’s performance and other websites will be far less likely to cooperate. But if the page in question is a rich resource with engaging, high-quality content, people will naturally want to link to your website and traffic will have a greater chance of turning into genuine leads.

The overlooked benefits of link building

Acquiring greater authority and ranking potential is typically considered the main benefit of link building,
but there are other advantages often overlooked by website owners and agencies in Singapore:


Strengthening authority is one of the fundamental goals of link building, but the opportunity to increase organic traffic can’t be ignored. If you manage to seed a link on a high-quality page that experiences consistently large traffic volumes, you will naturally start to see an influx of visitors who may not have otherwise come across your website. This traffic boost can signal to Google that people like your content, particularly if they hang around or visit other parts of your website, and gives you more opportunities to turn visitors into customers. Even exposure to a small audience can be valuable if said audience feels strongly about the product, service or industry you specialise in.


Backlink building can certainly involve one-off links with various websites, but the real rewards lie in building long-term relationships with key businesses, blogs and influencers in your industry. Managing to get a high-quality link on a trusted website is one thing, but going a step further and building recognition and trust that leads to numerous links over a period of time is exponentially more valuable to your long-term link building strategy. What’s more, creating a relationship with one entity is a chance to get your foot in the door and benefit from a wider network of key industry players.


A stellar ranking signal to Google isn’t the only type of authority you gain from good backlinks. The more you show up on influential websites, the more authority you gain as a brand with customers, businesses and experts in your relevant field. Building this kind of reputation is invaluable marketing and can benefit all aspects of your digital strategy, from growth in direct traffic and sales to increased loyalty in existing customers.

Take your business to the next level

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FAQ By First Page Digital

An off-page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy, link building refers to the process of acquiring high-quality hyperlinks on other websites that direct back to your own. As the explanation suggests, these links are referred to as backlinks. It is a key facet of SEO that plays a critical role in allowing the search engine to understand your website and its contents better.
Link building is important for SEO because it improves website authority and ranking potential as long as it is executed well. Backlinks help the search engine algorithms study and consider your website as a valuable resource to users on a relevant search query of a particular topic. While the quantity of backlinks is key, the quality of these backlinks is equally, if not more, pertinent.
Backlinks from trustworthy sites drive impactful results for your website. This makes your investment in a powerful link building strategy worthwhile as opposed to paying for many cheap low-quality links that do not perform. Even worse, low-quality links may also negatively impact your site’s authority on the search engine, leading to a loss of rankings. This will eventually require more resources to amend.
A good link building agency has adept knowledge and skills in acquiring the right set of backlinks for your website. Our link building experts at First Page Digital know how to recognise high-quality links out of a digital sea of hyperlinks that are relevant to your business, make strategic steps to acquire them for your campaign and eventually establish a strong backlink profile for your website.

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