Google Ads Advertising

Google Ads Advertising

If you’re looking for targeted advertising that lets you pinpoint your buyers, Google Ads is where you should be investing. Basically, Google Ads is a form of PPC that positions your brand in front of people who are already looking for your product or services. What does this mean for your business? Guaranteed conversions. Partner with us for Google Ads management and prepare to see big results.

Google Display Network

Google Display Network

Google owns the world’s largest online display advertising network, with their campaigns reaching over 80% of global Internet users. Incorporating Google Display Ads into your digital marketing strategy enables you to make sure that your product is being seen by your target audience, all the time.

Google Shopping and Marketing

Google Shopping and Remarketing

When people leave your website without buying anything, Google Remarketing helps you reconnect with them by displaying relevant pay-per-click ads from your site across their devices. Website visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert and three times more likely to click on your ad than people who haven’t interacted with your business before.

See Results in Under 24 Hours

See Results in Under 24 Hours

Sounding good? We’re about to make it even better. An effective Google Ads paid search campaign can start driving traffic, leads and sales to your site in under 24 hours. If you’re after fast, targeted marketing that converts, Google Ads management is your answer.

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Increase in clicks to website.
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Why Should I Include Pay-Per-Click Services in My Next Digital Marketing Budget?

Increased traffic, new sales leads, a greater ROI… the opportunities are endless!

Need instant results without breaking your budget? Google Ads is the solution. Marketing with Google Ads proves a powerful tool for reaching new customers - fast, and at a managed cost. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) has never been more competitive! Choose from our cost-effective management packages, work with a qualified team of PPC and Google Ads marketing experts and build a powerful campaign today! Read more…

Target Traffic and Turn Visitors into Customers
Why spend money on reaching people who just aren’t interested? With our Google Ads management service, we target people who’re already on the lookout for your product! We work closely with your business to tailor-make effective ads, which highlight your company’s unique point of difference to potential customers.

Here at First Page Digital, our skilled PPC services team craft thorough and highly compelling campaigns, while taking your business objectives and budget into consideration. We conduct an in-depth competitor analysis and keyword research to reveal areas for immediate improvement, so you’ll see results in no time! We make sure you rank in Google as quickly as possible

Generate NEW Sales Leads with Our PPC Packages
There’s more to launching a high-performing campaign! While using powerful keywords and targeting an intended audience is part of it, measuring your campaign’s overall success is just as important. We measure, analyze and tweak your campaign throughout its lifespan.

As your campaign progresses, we track impressions, clicks and conversions. Not only does this information help us optimise your current PPC campaign, but it also assists us in creating your next one - even stronger!

Take Control of Your Marketing Spend
When you partner with our Google Ads management team, we assure you only pay for what you use - without us ever taking a cent from your marketing spend. Simply set a monthly fee for your campaign and let us take care of the rest!

Easily track your Return on Investment (ROI) through our detailed reporting and ongoing management of your Google PPC campaign.

When You Partner with Us for Google PPC Services, You Can Expect:

  • Increased Leads, Sales, Growth and Traffic.
  • Targeting for Your Most Qualified and Relevant Customers.
  • Total Transparency and Control Over Your Budget. No Hidden Fees!
  • Huge Profits - Make $3 from Every $1 Invested in our Singapore PPC Services.
  • Results You Can Actually See in as Little as 24 Hours!
  • 24/7 Assistance with Your Pay-Per-Click Campaign!
  • In-Depth Reports for Strengthening Your Next Strategy!

Finally, rest assured you’ll be working with the highest-rated PPC company in Singapore and beyond! Contact us today and let’s kickstart your next campaign!

Why Google Ads?

FAQs By our Head of Performance

Google Adwords, or Google Ads, in short, is a Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform on which you can bid to advertise on certain search queries keyed in by your target audience. You pay each time a user clicks on your advertisement to go to your website.
Small to medium-sized enterprises spend between $9000 to $10,000 per month for Google Ads, while large retailers can put in up to $50 million on paid search as long as they deliver results. You can control your costs through a range of tactics such as device targeting and ad scheduling. It is better to work with a paid search specialist who can advise on the proper use of budget so that you do not overspend.
If you need quick conversion rates, a powerful Google Ads search campaign can start driving traffic to your website and improve your sales within 24 hours. As long as you have the budget to pay, Google Ads should be an effective strategy for you. If you do not have enough budget but want to occupy a good amount of space on search, you can consider an SEO campaign to drive organic traffic to your website. SEO is a strategy that delivers results over an indefinite period of time, unlike paid search which stops once you end your PPC campaign.

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