Client: Apartment O

Service: SEO

Apartment O provides fully-furnished service apartments in Hong Kong. With designs inspired by Old Hong Kong and Shanghai, there apartments are where style meets convenience. One to three bedroom options are situated in the Causeway Bay and Happy Valley districts in Hong Kong, and offer a much-needed taste of the old days.

The Results


increase in total website traffic when comparing March 2020 to February 2020.


increase in organic traffic when comparing the last 6 months (Jan to June 2020) to the previous 6 months (July to Dec 2019).


interest leads brought in solely from CPC within 3 months

The Business Problem

Apartment O’s main goal was to drive further brand awareness and boost online traffic numbers. This was to be done through both SEO optimization and Google Search Ads.

One of the biggest challenges we faced with this campaign was that the client’s website was too new to be able to outrank certain competitors, especially for the more competitive keywords. Since SEO is a long-term strategy and requires some time to become fruitful, we designed a SEM campaign to complement it and achieve the results Apartment O needed in time.

How We
Solved It

We started our SEM campaign by targeting specially high-traffic keywords. This gave us an instant traffic boost and allowed us to get our foot in the door. We also targeted certain competitor’s brand names in order to steal some of their online traffic. In terms of SEO, we targeted high-purchase intent keywords in order to drive more high quality online traffic to their website in the long-term.