Improving agency and client collaboration with
proprietary technology

Your Reputation Management Experts in Hong Kong

Digital Marketing has done amazing things for the world of business. As Singapore’s most reputable Digital Agency, we know most marketing campaigns could still be improved. Especially in the agency world, we weren’t satisfied with how most clients were treated by our competitors – they were kept in the dark and much of their hard-earned money went to admin fees rather than their actual campaigns.

So, we took our knowledge, experience and expertise, and built SENTR™ - a Synchronised Engagement Network for Tasks and Reporting. A proprietary technology that sets us apart from our competitors, SENTR™ is a campaign management system that we build specifically for you, our customers.

Why? Because we know the pain of digging through a sea of emails to find an old invoice, an answer to a question that was previously asked, or the link to your campaign results. And because we believe that campaign management should be easy, simple.

Making your marketing more efficient & precise

Making Your Marketing More Efficient & Precise

Making your marketing
more efficient & precise

SENTR™ centralises all your campaign management needs into one location including invoicing, reporting, approvals, file storage and administration tasks. We built it to improve the efficiency of marketing campaigns and save you time. Losing track of conversations is a thing of the past thanks to an easier way of locating specific files, emails, invoices and feedback. Less time wasted is time better spent!

Improve your bottom line without compromising quality

An Improved Bottom Line

Improve your bottom
line without
compromising quality

Get better ROI and improve your bottom line with SENTR™. Our technology combines project management, time management and workflow tools. This means reduced manual labour and increased collaboration within our own agency’s teams and departments.

Say goodbye to switching between email, office tools, reporting links and more – we’ve solved the problem of segregated information and tools that don’t talk to each other. Even better, you can manage your campaign and view its results all in the same place.

Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
Been working with First Page Digital for about 6 months. The service provided was professional and had seen increase in sales and organic results
Qi Xiang

Cut project management time by 70%

Your Reputation Management Experts in Hong Kong

Cut project management
time by 70%

Less time spent on campaign management means a 30% savings on your project management fees. Rest assured that money invested with us will be better spent on executing and optimising your campaign – we can hone our focus thanks to our improved efficiency.

Our integrated invoicing system and automated billing reminders mean no more late fees for you, and no more losing track of your invoice due date. Stay updated on your campaign status with ease – all your campaign’s tasks, notes and approval will be logged in one place, SENTR™.

Strengthening key relationships between client and agency

Build Stronger Client-Agency Relationships Build Stronger Client-Agency Relationships

Strengthening key
relationships between
client and agency

A digital marketing campaign built by an agency is only as good as their relationship with the client. We’ve significantly improved client satisfaction and offer unrivalled levels of transparency thanks to SENTR™. No more keeping you in the dark and no hidden surprises with your campaign performance – SENTR™ gives you live access to performance reports and SEO rankings.

Quarterly reviews and monthly meetings will yield more rewards. And as your agency partner, we can speedily respond to any policy changes from advertising platforms or easily recover from any unforeseen drops in performance.

Want your marketing dollars to earn you more? Find out how working with us and SENTR™ can help you grow your business!

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