Why is SEO for Magento websites so important?

Managing a business with a Magento ecommerce platform means your revenue is directly tied to online sales, and in today’s digital world, more and more consumers are turning to the internet to find and buy the products they need. With 93% of all online experiences starting with a search engine and Google processing 63,000 searches per second, it’s absolutely vital that your target audience can find your products quickly and effectively. If they can’t, you’re losing money.

Search engine optimisation is a cornerstone of any successful Magento website. It plays a vital role in attracting new customers, fostering ongoing growth and increasing sales. But while anyone can implement basic best practice, it can be a mountain of work to develop and maintain a truly effective campaign. Google is constantly changing its search algorithm, Magento pushes its own updates and all the while your competitors are doing everything they can to draw customers away from your products and towards theirs.

What’s more, effective SEO isn’t just about ranking at the top of search results and getting as many clicks as possible. It’s also about making sure anyone who visits your website has a positive interaction with your business, is genuinely interested in your products and has the highest possible chance of converting from a simple click to a happy, paying customer.

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The Magento experts for product volumes of all sizes

The flexibility of Magento’s ecommerce platforms means we work with clients offering everything from small, niche selections of specialist products through to sprawling catalogues featuring thousands of items. A well-executed SEO campaign can have an incredible impact on businesses of any size, and at First Page our combination of experience, expertise and passion has made us Singapore’s go-to Magento SEO consultants. Our team works with more than 1,700 clients from around the world and continuously builds on our proven track record of unparalleled results.


We’ll hit our targets in 90 days or work for free until we do

By now you know the game-changing impact of improving your website’s search engine rankings, but what if SEO isn’t the right direction for you? Such is our confidence that we can get results for your business with a Magento SEO strategy, we proudly pledge to hit our first campaign targets for your ecommerce website within 90 days or work for free until we do. We passionately believe that you should never be forced to continue investing in a marketing strategy that doesn’t work, which is why we make this offer to each and every business that chooses our digital marketing agency.


Customised SEO for Magento websites

There’s no one size fits all approach for an effective Magento SEO campaign, as each and every client is different. We start by going over your ecommerce website with a fine-toothed comb, gaining an in-depth understanding of the products you offer, who your key demographics are and how your customers are finding and interacting with your business. This preparation ensures we choose the most promising target keywords, plan the most effective campaign and drive results as quickly as possible through both on-page and off-page strategies. Once your website starts ranking for target keywords, it’s important to continue building on this early success. SEO is an ongoing process, whether it be to ensure you stay on the first page or identify new keywords we can target to further improve your organic traffic. We’re big on keeping you in the loop, too; as we monitor progress, reassess your campaign and set bigger and better goals, you’ll receive detailed reporting so you can see exactly how your Magento SEO campaign is making a difference.

Investigation and Analysis

We immerse ourselves in your website, checking every nook and cranny so your campaign is on the right track.

Keyword Research

Top keywords and phrases relating to your products are identified and prioritised.

Competitor Audits

Key rivals are studied so we know their strengths, weaknesses and where they rank.

On-page SEO

Content, category pages, product descriptions, website architecture and other on-page components are optimised.

Off-page SEO

New, high-quality backlinks are seeded to improve your authority in Google’s eyes.


We drive customers to review your products and share positive interactions.


Regroup and reevaluate the campaign on a regular basis to ensure ongoing success.

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Reduce your reliance on paid advertising

While a solid marketing strategy combines multiple channels, there’s nothing positive about pouring endless funds into traditional forms of paid advertising and relying on them to meet your objectives. Through our careful keyword selection, on-page and off-page tactics, rigorous reassessment and detailed reporting, we help you save on inefficient advertising techniques by delivering equal or better results through an increase in organic traffic – often in conjunction with a robust Google Ads strategy. As your Magento SEO consultant we don’t just want to help you generate clicks: we want to help you generate sales.


A range of services to help you thrive

At First Page Digital, we take pride in offering our clients a full suite of digital solutions designed to build traffic, leads and sales. Our team is made up of the best and brightest digital experts in Singapore, who bring together in-depth knowledge and years of experience helping businesses with Google Ads, social media and content marketing, local SEO, international SEO, reputation management and more. No matter the type of service we provide to you, our priority is to help your business drive success and be competitive in the long term.

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Ask for a free website audit today

Want to know where you stand before asking our team for help with SEO for your Magento website? Get a free website audit within minutes to determine how your website is optimised, usability rankings, in-depth HTML recommendations, internal links scores and more.

FAQs by our SEO Director

In today’s world, an increasing number of users are turning to e-commerce to make purchases, and 93% of online experience begins with a search engine. Having a well-optimised Magento website not only increases your presence on the ever-so-powerful search engine, but it also helps you foster new leads and significantly boost sales. Hence, an effective SEO strategy has become the cornerstone of any successful Magento website.
More than just adopting the basic SEO best practices, it is essential to take into account that Google's algorithm and the Magento platform are constantly evolving. The work goes beyond a one-time implementation, but rather, a constant effort of configuration and diving into the platform’s mechanic. However, there is no one size fits all approach for all businesses and websites – Which is why having a customised approach for Magento SEO is crucial.
You want to leave your Magento SEO in the good hands of an agency that has a combination of experience, expertise, knowledge and passion. We recommend you look into the agency’s track record, meet them in person and understand what they can offer to your business. It is also important to find an agency that can give you constant and comprehensive support for your website in the long run.
Magento SEO is a long-term plan that involves a great deal of time and effort to build. While it may appear as an expensive implementation, your business can undoubtedly reap the results it brings forth. At First Page, we guarantee you with the confidence that we will help you hit the target of your ecommerce website within 90 days, or we will work free until we do so. Find out more.

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