Maximise Your Audience

Maximise Your Audience

As the economy is subject to ever-growing globalisation, businesses need to be more agile than ever before. International SEO presents your site to audiences across the globe, though in order to survive, your complete digital strategy must meet the demands of a global market - that’s where our renowned international SEO service comes in.

Above and Beyond Borders

Above and Beyond Borders

As a leading digital agency in Singapore, we can amplify your reach above and beyond, while motivating your company to discover all-new horizons. First Page holds revered industry experience in assisting businesses to unlock unfamiliar avenues for attaining new revenue. How? Our international SEO campaigns for multi-lingual and multi region websites are precisely focused on your target audience, while powered by an in-depth, data-driven approach.

Speak the Same Language and Magnify Visibility

Speak the Same Language and Magnify Visibility

Just as life reveals, in order for two parties to fully understand each other, they must speak the same language. Well, when it comes to maintaining effective communication with a global audience - the same rule applies. If your site is currently facing a language barrier, we’ll help you fix this. As we set up SEO for you, our multi-lingual specialists apply best practices to localise your language across global websites.

Tackle the Globe

Tackle the Globe

We’re seamlessly situated for your success. At First Page, we’re ready to help your company tackle the globe with international SEO. With agency headquarters in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, Dubai and more, we’re fully equipped when it comes to obtaining an international market. From having such professional expertise across the globe, we provide your business with the essential edge it needs over the competition. We ensure your international SEO strategy makes a concrete impact on your target demographic and of course, your sales!

How You Can Go Global with International SEO

How You Can Go Global with International SEO

It’s fair to compare international SEO to geotargeting, though on a much greater and more intricate scale. For SMEs, geotargeting for SEO is simply focusing on engaging new prospects from nearby areas, while international SEO uses optimisation for multi-region websites to attract a whole demographic abroad. Our team of specialists, together with an advanced toolkit of techniques, can expose your company to a whole new world.

To give you a classic instance of how web users are affected by inadequate international SEO, let’s start with this: you’re online shopping and find the perfect item. You select ‘Add to Cart’, then realise you can’t check out - why? Simply put, you’re not in the right region! Now, you’re probably thinking why don’t sites automatically register my location?

The answer is clear: sites must have international SEO. In this specific instance, this website also needs a hreflang tag setup. The piece of code which identifies where your visitors are browsing from, is otherwise known as hreflang tags. Rest assured, we understand the overtones involved with hreflang tag setup, which is why we affirm your customers will never have to experience the nuances! This technical solution is renowned for its potential in enhancing keyword reach by a staggering 350% - and that’s only one example!

Acquire an International Influence

In the same way a phenomenal 75% of Google searchers won’t scroll past the first page, this is also true for search engine users in different regions, such as users of Yandex or Baidu. While there are principles of domestic SEO that may also apply to international SEO, obtaining new leads and enhancing sales across a new country overseas requires an all-embracing digital strategy, which meets the demands of an international market throughout various platforms.

Overseas search engines drifting from Google or Bing for example, will have very different algorithms. As our team are well aware of this, we pride ourselves in being fluent across SEO optimisation for higher ranks across multilingual and other websites via widespread search engines. We utilise our complete suite of strategies and innovation to boost your keyword rankings across search engines in different regions, while enlisting your site where it needs to be - right in front of a fresh new target audience.

Whether it’s local or international SEO, it’s never as simple as merely scattering keywords across the page. Instead, SEO remains a holistic method, which requires full website optimisation in order to ensure users are provided with the finest user experience possible. This includes a mixture of sorts, from premium content and riveting visuals to completely intuitive navigation, it’s an all-inclusive SEO puzzle and each piece produces part of the bigger picture - and at First Page, we know how to glue it all together!

Unlock your website’s astounding potential with International SEO and grow your operations and revenue today! With our data-driven team at First Page, you’ll experience the true results that make a difference.

FAQ By First Page Digital

International SEO is a strategy used for businesses like you to speak to a global audience in a language they prefer. This is done by organising and optimising your webpages for an audience in multiple countries through specific content in a relevant language using a targeted set of keywords.
International SEO is important to turn your business into a global brand. By localising your content across your global websites, you can enjoy a huge increase in your web traffic from countries outside of your home region. This translates to higher rates of conversions over time. At First Page Digital, our multi-lingual specialists will align your international SEO campaign with your global business objectives so that you can enjoy the best ROI by interacting with your audience worldwide.
Local SEO helps to optimise your online presence to target relevant local search queries. International SEO, on the other hand, expands your reach beyond the local market. In some cases, local SEO strategies may be applied within your international SEO campaign to further reach more specific groups of audiences in each country.

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