Maximise the potential of your website and reach across the globe

Maximise the potential of your website and reach across the globe Maximise the potential of your website and reach across the globe

As the economy is subject to ever-growing globalisation, businesses need to be more agile than ever before. International SEO presents your site to audiences across the globe, though in order to survive, your complete digital strategy must meet the demands of a global market – that’s where our renowned international SEO service comes in.

Go above and beyond your country’s borders

Go above and beyond your country’s borders Go above and beyond your country’s borders

As a leading SEO agency in Singapore, we can amplify your reach above and beyond, while motivating your company to discover all-new horizons. First Page holds revered industry experience in assisting businesses to unlock unfamiliar avenues for attaining new revenue. How? Our global SEO campaigns for multilingual and multi region websites are precisely focused on your target audience, while powered by an in-depth, data-driven approach.

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First Page have done a fantastic job with our existing SEO campaign… their team are great at what they do and have been thorough in ensuring that our keywords are fully optimized to yield Page-1 results. We strongly believe in their professionalism and are eager for received even better results from them in the near future.
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
Exquisite Art has been cooperating with First Digital company for about a year, I am very grateful to the staff for their professionalism and responsiveness. For a year my website came out on the first pages of Google search. I plan to continue cooperation with this company.
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
We were a bit hesitant among all SEO agencies at first while building up our start-up company, MistyDaydream. But once you work with them, you will know how efficient and how professional they are. Working with them is the best decision ever.

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An Overview of International SEO

Global SEO is a strategy used for businesses like you to speak to a global audience in a language they prefer. This is done by organising and optimising your webpages for an audience in multiple countries through specific content in a relevant language using a targeted set of keywords.

Local SEO helps to optimise your online presence to target relevant local search queries. global SEO, on the other hand, expands your reach beyond the local market. In some cases, local SEO strategies may be applied within your international SEO campaign to further reach more specific groups of audiences in each country.

While both global SEO and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing are great options for optimising your online presence, there are some differences in how they help achieve your goals. International SEO attracts organic search traffic to your website from a global audience, whereas PPC campaigns are paid online advertisements that a local or global audience might see in their search results.

The key to any type of SEO strategy – whether local or international – is patience. How fast it takes for your website to rank will depend on several factors such as the age of your website, the number of referring domains or backlinks to be built into your website, and the speed at which on-site and off-site implementations are completed.

At First Page Singapore, we begin monitoring your site’s progress once all implementations are completed for your international SEO campaign. As part of the package offered to clients, our digital marketing specialists conduct research about your target markets so that we can best localise your content to suit your target audiences. We also stay in touch with you throughout the optimisation process so that you can both receive updates and give feedback on the progress of the campaign.

Global SEO is much more than just duplicating and translating your keywords into a different language! Communicating your business goals and services to a global audience requires a deeper understanding of your target audience’s cultural cues as well. Even across countries that may speak the same language, duplicated content may not perform as well without some localisation to enhance and amplify certain aspects of your website.

Our multilingual marketing specialists will do the research to identify cross-cultural cues such as slang terms or local behavioural patterns that we can then use to generate specific SEO strategy recommendations to suit your brand.

Our global SEO process is similar to our regular SEO campaign process. Basic components such as keyword research, content optimisation, and analysis of on-page SEO content are still carried out, but our multilingual specialists will research regional and global best practices for SEO marketing and content creation to ensure that to help you build a global profile. As the success of an international SEO strategy hinges on being able to connect with audiences on a global stage, our marketing specialists will be constantly monitoring the progress of your campaign to make the appropriate changes and tweaks along the way.

Not if you sign up for an international SEO package with First Page in Singapore! Our comprehensive global SEO packages can include link building, premium SEO content writing, and other services as recommended by our SEO marketing specialists. Our multilingual team will ensure that all content and optimisations carried out on our end are carefully translated and localised to suit your target audience overseas.

Yes! international SEO can be applied for multiple countries that speak the same language, or across different countries that speak entirely different languages. Our technical and marketing specialists are able to identify cross-cultural language differences and cues to allow us to curate and craft your global SEO strategy across multiple markets simultaneously. We can also provide expert advice on optimising your website across different domains and search engines, as your target audience may not be present on the same social media pages or search engines commonly used in Singapore.

How Can International SEO Help My Business?

Global SEO is important to turn your business into a global brand. By localising your content across your global websites, you can enjoy a huge increase in your web traffic from countries outside of your home region. This translates to higher rates of conversions over time. At First Page, our multilingual specialists will align your international SEO campaign with your global business objectives so that you can enjoy the best ROI by interacting with your audience worldwide.

The short answer: Any business in Singapore can benefit from having a global SEO package, especially businesses who already have or are planning to have some sort of overseas presence.

The long answer: International SEO is useful for businesses at any stage of their development strategy. Whether you’re preparing to launch into a new market, researching potential leads for business development, or simply trying to maximise and boost your sales in an existing foreign market – international SEO can help you achieve your business goals and learn valuable information about potential customers or markets. Optimising your website for a global stage allows you to gain insight into worldwide consumer trends and behaviours that can help shape your business strategy overseas or domestically.

Our global SEO packages take you through every step of the international SEO process; from our technical specialists researching the best ways to optimise your website to suit algorithms across different search engines, to our content specialists writing specific and localised SEO content that will be best received by your target audience. As a top SEO agency in Singapore, we can identify and recommend best practices for your site based on global language considerations, behavioural differences, and audience profiles.

Optimising your on-site for a global audience is just the first step of your international SEO journey. In order to fully capture the attention of an international audience, our marketing specialists will advise you on creating a multilingual content marketing strategy tailored to meet the needs of your target audiences. This may include research on local slang, regional best practices, and other cross-cultural cues to help you achieve worldwide recognition.

There are many reasons why businesses choose to work with freelancers or digital agencies. Here at First Page, we provide full-suite digital marketing services to help you build a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for your business. From keyword research to link building, our global SEO packages help to cover every angle of your global marketing strategy so you can just sit back and let us deliver the results to you.

There are various aspects to consider when picking a digital agency to begin your international SEO strategy with. As a top SEO agency in Singapore with partners around the globe, First Page is well-equipped to help you shape your global SEO strategy across multiple markets and platforms. We can offer constant support throughout each step of your SEO journey, with valuable input from our multilingual team to ensure that best practices are being adhered to for guaranteed success.

The cost of an global SEO package will vary depending on factors such as the number of target markets, size of your target audience, and the types of marketing strategies employed. As your business has its own set of unique needs and goals, your campaign may involve different costs depending on the strategies recommended. Our marketing specialists are able to use data-driven research to identify the best practices suitable for your business, in order to personalise your international SEO approach. Regardless of your budget, we can help you craft the most effective global SEO strategy for your company to help you make your mark on the world.

Just reach out to us to begin your foray into global SEO! One of our Digital Strategists will help to assess your business needs and requirements across different markets, in order to provide tailored advice for reaching your strategic goals. Our global SEO packages take into consideration a wide variety of factors so that we can recommend the right best practices to help you succeed.