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Reconnect with your target market alongside Singapore’s leading digital marketing agency

If you want a keen remarketing strategy that’s designed to encourage customers to give you a second chance, our talented team of experts can produce a data-driven campaign that wins people over. At First Page Digital, we’re specialists at keeping your business at the forefront of your target market’s mind. Backed by years of experience working with over a thousand top-notch businesses, our carefully crafted remarketing campaigns have consistently reached our client’s customers, boosted traffic and turned visitors into sales. But don’t take our word for it – check out our reviews and see what our past and present clients are saying about us.

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Grow website traffic and boost sales

If you want to experience a boost in sales or website traffic, research shows that retargeted ads have a 10 times higher click-through rate than regular display ads. By building around in-depth customer data, you can effectively remind customers about the benefits of your product.

Google Ads allows you to reach a highly specific target market. Using customer data ranging from age, location, interests and regular behaviours, you can also target based on how long people visited your website and the products they looked at. This prized information is vital to creating a remarketing strategy that delivers outstanding results for your business.

We know how to push this data to its limits. Our trusted team can develop a tailored remarketing solution that amplifies your sales and stays within your budget. If you want to achieve the highest conversion rate for the lowest cost-per-click, we can make it happen.

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Run ads that engage and convert

At First Page Digital, we make it our job to understand the complexities of your business so we know exactly what motivates your customers. This way, your business will see great results from the outset of our campaign. Plus, we’ll know precisely where to make fine adjustments so our strategy is even more effective. Informed by our analytical approach, we create ads that are bound to grab your customers’ attention.

To do so, we leverage Google’s customisable options to produce advertisements that your target market won’t be able to resist. Through eye-catching images, videos and memorable text, our immersive campaigns are meticulously tuned to the needs of your customers. With our ads appearing in all the right places, our remarketing campaigns have brought about massively increased sales for a wide array of businesses.

Employing a wealth of specialised digital tools, we’ll keep your ad campaign fresh and achieving exceptional results. This is an important step in any strategy as the vast majority of internet users have banner blindness – where audiences knowingly or unknowingly ignore web advertisements. But through smart design and placement, we’ll find a way to cut through the noise and motivate your customers to revisit your website.

For years, our talented team has been on the cutting-edge of Google’s advertising algorithms. By segmenting your audience, producing eye-catching copy and getting creative with the positioning of your ads, we have the secret sauce when it comes to delivering ads that generate incredible ROI.

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Grow with a cost-effective targeting strategy

For digital-first businesses, retargeting with Google Ads has consistently proved to be a cost-effective way to generate growth and brand awareness. With regular display ads often requiring a significant financial outlay, Google remarketing ads have become a favourite amongst business owners for their reach, specificity and budget-friendly nature. From contextual targeting and conversion filtering to frequency capping, there are a variety of ways to keep costs low and still achieve your business goals.

Remarketing via Google Ads makes sense financially. But when you combine this method with an optimised landing page that’s designed to drive conversions, your pay-per-click rate is going to be even cheaper. Our expert team can assist your business build a cohesive marketing strategy that achieves unparalleled results.

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Choose Singapore’s top-rated digital marketing team

To generate incredible returns from remarketing using Google Ads, you need a team that understands what it takes to build a successful campaign. Our intuitive campaigns have delivered remarkable results for clients across dozens of industries, driving customers to return and complete their purchases.

Want to take the next step? First Page Digital offers a free website and conversion health check that’ll help you understand how to improve your click-through rate. You can also sign up for our free Google Ads audit, which provides a detailed report, highlights underperforming keywords and pinpoints how to enhance your page ranking. Contact us today and see how we can reach and convert your customers like never before.

FAQs by our SEO Director

With so much competition in the digital space, remarketing is an important tool brands can use to compel their target market to choose their products. By understanding exactly who your target market is, you can develop trust with your customers, improve click-through rates and encourage more traffic to purchase with you.
With a few quick lines of code and a so-called pixel, which keeps track of visitors to your website, browser cookies store anonymous bits of data that can be used for remarketing. Then, you’ll know what products and pages your visitors are interested in. With additions to your code, you can create categories and other lists to market to specific groups of your target market, ensuring a cost-effective strategy.
Every campaign is different, but remarketing with Google Ads has proved to be an efficient strategy for the vast majority of businesses. Working in collaboration with an overarching digital strategy, remarketing consistently produces more conversions for a low cost-per-click.

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