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An eye-watering 1.4 billion people log onto Facebook every day and more than 4 million of those users are located in Singapore alone. The platform’s astonishing popularity has made the company a household name and one of the biggest brands on the planet, with more and more people signing up every day. With Facebook’s continuing growth comes the evolution of social media into a treasure trove of leads, sales and growth for marketers. Are you taking advantage of this goldmine of opportunities for your business, or are you letting competitors rake in new customers that could have been yours?

Free FB report

Flexible, targeted advertising that gets results

If you think the extent of Facebook marketing is sharing a post promoting your business, think again. Facebook is one of the most flexible platforms for social marketing with numerous ways to connect hyper-targeted ads and content with cashed up, product-hungry consumers. At First Page Digital, we have years of experience and a variety of tools at our disposal to help you zero in on swathes of users who fit your target age, location, gender, interests and more, giving you invaluable opportunities to connect with ideal customers, boost sales and generate revenue. With all this and more available to complement or even replace your existing marketing strategies, getting involved in Facebook marketing is a no-brainer for businesses of any size and scope in Singapore.

Free FB report

Add the diversity of Facebook ads management to your digital marketing arsenal

For this type of marketing to be as profitable and cost-efficient as possible, it’s important to know what type of ads to use based on your needs, budget and objective. With our experience and expertise in Facebook ads management, you’ll have an expertly executed marketing campaign that delivers genuine results for you and your business. Promote products, services, links, content, special offers, apps, events, brad awareness, pages and everything in between with ideal placement and targeting for maximum return on investment. But ads aren’t the only way to market on Facebook: a well-run business page brings opportunities to communicate directly with customers, show character, add a human side to the business, share news and blogs, build awareness, answer questions and much more, all on an easy-to-use platform that your audience is already familiar with.

From interactive displays to promoted videos, Facebook ads put it all at your fingertips


Catch the eye of potential customers with high-quality imagery in the news feed linking to your Facebook page, website or app.


Capture the senses and connect with your audience through a video ad showcasing your latest products or services.


Put enticing images of your best products under the spotlight with mini-catalogues showing multiple items adjusted to the user’s interests.


Sometimes, more is better. Share a single ad with up to ten videos or images, each capable of containing its own link to a specific web page.


Let sound and visuals do the talking with a captivating, fast-loading slideshow optimised for any internet connection.

Instant Experience

Turn your ad into a dynamic experience for mobile users with an interactive, full-screen display customised with anything from buttons and videos to fillable forms.

Lead Generation

Leads, leads, leads. Hone in on lead generation with an ad that combines an image, carousel or video with the option for users to add their details without leaving the Facebook app.


Promote special discounts and other exclusive offers directly to your current and potential customers with a simple click-through to claim.

Boasted Posts

Shared a link on your Facebook business page that’s getting good engagement? Promote it to appear in users’ news feeds with specific targeting based on age, interests and more.

Event Promotions

Drive awareness and attendance for your next event with a Facebook ad customised to register responses and build anticipation.

Page Likes

Put life back into your business page with a promotion to draw new Facebook followers and secure more reach for your future native posts.

App Integration

Using Open Graph, allow users of your app to share their experiences directly to Facebook to create a branded connection between customers and their friends and family.

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Free FB report

Start your Facebook marketing journey now and begin reaping the rewards

Daunted by the prospect of engaging a Facebook marketing agency? Don’t be. From basic promotions to comprehensive long-term strategies, we take the headaches out of social media marketing in Singapore by taking care of the tedious intricacies so that you can focus on growing your business. With our detailed reporting to keep you in the loop, you’ll have an ongoing and crystal-clear understanding of the progress your business is making on your marketing campaign.

How we guide your videos to the front page

indepth audit

A Strategy Tailored to You

The first step to a successful Facebook marketing campaign is the planning phase, which is absolutely vital to achieving your goals. We put your business under the microscope to examine your strengths and weaknesses, analyse customer data and identify your ideal audience for optimal targeting in any ad campaigns. From there, we explain the process and set clear, measurable goals so you understand exactly how your campaign is leading to a return on investment.

careful optimisation

Implementation and Monitoring

Once we’re finished working with you to form the perfect strategy, we start executing your Facebook marketing campaign handling everything from setting up the ads to monitoring delivery. Let us worry about the tedious processes, tweaks and overall management while you receive detailed information on performance metrics and lead generation and make informed decisions on progressing or adapting your game plan.

strategic promotion

Retargeting and Expansion

The flexibility of Facebook ads management means you can retarget users who respond to your ads, test new placements and target demographics, and double-down on the opportunities that have proved most lucrative in the early stages of your campaign. Retargeting is crucial to maintaining cost efficiency and opens up new opportunities to broaden ad targeting into new areas. Our team capitalises on the data your campaign is generating to expand, refine or retarget for the best possible outcome.

FAQs by our Social Media Specialist

Today, Facebook isn’t just a platform for friends to connect and share, it is also a channel for businesses to grow brand awareness, advertise, and build a following. The term “Facebook Marketing” can be summarised as a form of digital marketing which focuses mainly on building engagement on Facebook to grow revenue and attract customers. The main attraction of Facebook Marketing is open opportunities for all businesses. Whether you are a startup, a small company or an enterprise, smart Facebook Marketing can help you grow your business.
There are two ways to do marketing on Facebook - organic content and ads. Organic social media marketing on Facebook is free and doing so helps you drive organic traffic to your page. However, as organic content on Facebook is so saturated, you might want to consider using Facebook Ads to make sure your content reaches the right audience and gets the conversions you want. You could even use Facebook Ads to drive organic traffic to your website.
First and foremost, you would need to have a Facebook Business page set up. Next, you need to create a content calendar with organic and paid posts. You might need to do some experimenting here and there to figure out what is the best time to upload your content. Besides regular Facebook posts, you could also experiment with other functions like Facebook Stories and groups.
Today, Facebook has a user base of 2.6 billion monthly active users and there are opportunities for all businesses, big and small, to advertise on it. However, due to the large usership, advertising on Facebook can be increasingly competitive. If you want to grow your business in the digital space, you could consider focusing your efforts on other marketing channels like search engines, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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