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Be the first to ride on the NFT wave and make your marketing efforts pop

Be the first to ride on the NFT wave and make your marketing efforts pop

Be the first to ride on the NFT wave and make your marketing efforts pop

Feeling a little lost about what we’re talking about? That’s absolutely fine. Here’s a rundown that’ll help you understand better and clear things up.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are unique digital assets that more often than not will represent something else. An example of this would be that through the ownership of a particular NFT, its owner is eligible to attend an exclusive real-life or virtual event, private concert or similar. Or when buying something in the real world such as a painting, real estate or otherwise, the purchaser also receives a digital version of that real-world asset in the form of an NFT.

There are a lot of different types of NFTs:

Digital artwork
Currently the highest seller of all the different file types, digital artworks are widely popular and many huge celebrities (e.g. Snoop Dogg, Shaq and Madonna) have got on board with some of the more famous collections like CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

More musicians are marketing their art as NFTs every day, because they’re realising how much more beneficial it can be than the absurdly low royalties that streaming services are paying them.

In-game items
Whether it’s a new pair of shoes, a completely new character skin or anything that falls in between, more NFTs are popping up as in-game items all the time. This is only going to accelerate in popularity with the metaverse’s increasing popularity, too.

There are quite a few original meme makers who see the opportunity to put their creations up for sale as NFTs. Like the OG Doge – an image of a Shiba Inu dog named Kabosu – being sold for an unbelievable USD$4 million in June 2021.

Domain names
In the past, if you wanted to sell a domain name you’d registered, you were forced to use an intermediary in the sale process who, of course, took a commission. But now that you can sell it as an NFT, they can be removed from the equation so you pocket more cash!

Sporting moments
NBA Top Shot has shown just how successful a digital collection of sporting moments can be, with 1.1 million registered users currently. These collectibles come in both static card and short video clip formats, and the concept is bound to spill over to many other sports in the future.

Sporting moments
Yes, even social posts have been brought into the proverbial fold. Take the first-ever tweet by the co-founder and former CEO of Twitter, for example, which went for more than USD$2.9 million.

And this is just scratching the surface of format types, too, because you’re able to mint an NFT with almost every digital file.

How do NFTs work?

How do NFTs work? How do NFTs work?

Just like their cousin cryptocurrency, NFTs use blockchain technology to be stored.

To put it simply, blockchain is basically a digital ledger which keeps information on it about all the sales, purchases and swaps of crypto and NFTs. In order to maintain the highest level of security against fraud and number “fudging”, blockchain information is decentralised, and stored on computers of people involved in the blockchain around the world.

Currently, the most popular blockchain used for NFTs is Ethereum. The market is growing, though, as other blockchains are realising how important NFT support is and as such are also becoming involved.

How and where do I buy and sell NFTs?

How and where do I buy and sell NFTs? How and where do I buy and sell NFTs?

Although there are quite a few different marketplaces out there which allow the marketing of NFT art, not all are built the same.

For example, not all of them will accept every single file type. And while most support the Ethereum blockchain, not all do.

Also, if you’re after a marketplace that allows you to upload and convert from your original file into an NFT digital asset (a process known as “minting”), you need to be aware that they don’t all offer that ability.

Additionally, each will have their own different ways to charge you for their services. Some request fees for signing up and creating listings, while others take a percentage of the sale price.

Making a decision on which marketplace you go with shouldn’t happen too quickly. Instead, take the time to do proper research and make an informed choice, because otherwise it may cost you in the long run.

After you’ve done plenty of research and determined which marketplace will work best for your needs, it’s time to get yourself an NFT wallet, add funds in there that’ll cover the fees, and connect the wallet to your marketplace. Then you’re ready to mint and create listings!

Need a hand from an experienced NFT marketing company to get this all done? Call us on +65 6270 2193.

Why it’s essential to  engage with an expert NFT marketing firm

Why it’s essential to engage with an expert NFT marketing firm Why it’s essential to  engage with an expert NFT marketing firm

After you’ve spent all that time and effort to develop your awesome NFT collection, a marketing agency that’s backed by a wealth of experience helping clients achieve outstanding results with NFT campaigns is an absolute must.

Because the last thing you want is for all your hard work to go to waste!

The approach to marketing NFT art is substantially different, so collaborating with an expert NFT marketing firm is essential if you want to see the best possible outcome sales-wise.

Speaking with First Page Digital means you can be absolutely certain that your campaign will be carefully created by a team who have previously worked with lots of other artists just like you.

A team who are absolute pros in NFT marketing and promotion.

A team you can rely on to get the job done at the highest standard.

A team that’s backed by the knowledge and experience to not just meet or exceed, but completely annihilate your expectations.

Singapore’s best NFT marketing agency providing a range of services

Singapore’s best NFT marketing agency providing a range of services Singapore’s best NFT marketing agency providing a range of services

As Singapore’s favourite out of all digital marketing agencies for NFT promotion, we know that each and every project and collection is completely different. Which means we understand that no two campaigns should ever be the same.

As such, our suite of NFT marketing services covers all areas your NFT marketing and promotion may require to be most effective, including:

NFT social media marketing
Public relations
Email marketing
Influencer marketing

… And that’s just the beginning. Whatever marketing for NFT art is necessary for exceptional results, you can bet we offer it at First Page Digital.

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"Undergoing the process of digital transformation for my business with First Page Digital has been an exciting and empowering one. As I am relatively unfamiliar in many areas, it was collaboration with the right people that made me feel confident and assured that things were headed in the right direction.
A big shout out to Peter and Marshall for their knowledge, judgement and professionalism in advising me on the viable options and undertaking strategic means towards achieving my goals and objectives.
Thank you First Page Digital and my wonderful team for embarking on this rewarding and fruitful journey with me. I am grateful not only for the benefits reaped but the meaningful relationships forged as well."
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I had the pleasure of working with Shirlyn as my AM whom has been the most professional and efficient with great communication rapport, ensuring us as her clients are very clear on the process and progression of our projects at hand. The writer assigned to us, Shasha has also been extremely easy to work with, providing value add to content writing and research. I look forward to working closely with the team at this positive pace for the successes of our projects. Thank you Shirlyn & First Page for the good work thus far.
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This is the second time working with First Page Digital! I would highly recommend First Page Digital for their efficiency and effectiveness especially if Sean is your account manager. The service he provides is very professional, responsive and good. Always making sure that we are on track with the campaign and handling our accounts at his best. Saw great improvement and results after approaching First Page Digital Sean with the service. Thank you!
Jasmine Loh

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Have been working with First Page for the past few years. They are responsive and know their job well. I have been working with a few other agencies before and First Page is still one of the best. Dedicated staffs to manage your campaigns well, and even provide support via Whatsapp, things I dont see with their competitors. I will strongly recommend First Page for those to want to venture in the digital advertising space.
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We were previously with another agency for a year and appalled with their service. Almost a year now with First Page Digital and what we appreciate most is their professional and attentive service given consistently, regardless of account size. Progress and results have been positive, and our account manager Carl goes the extra mile to patiently address our needs and accommodate special requests.
Jun Hong Eric Chiang
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My company engaged First Page Digital to help us increase our brand awareness and conversions. I must say that First Page has been proactive and follow up with closely as per agreement. Their Account Servicing Executive, Sameo has been particularly helpful and very responsive. He is energetic and friendly. Thank you to all involved at First Page.
Kevin Cheng
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I can’t ever thank First Page Digital and Team, enough! Abduh and team are very responsive to all my queries and in time of need, they are very approachable, generous with advice and make genuine effort to help. For that i am ever grateful to know First Page Digital. Highly recommended!
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I would like to highlight my pleasant working experience with Remy. He is quick and diligent in responding to solve technical problems that I faced. He is patience and understanding and he gives good ideas and recommendation to improve our website constantly.
Ewan Sou
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Engaged First Page and was assigned to Mr Jim. He has been of great help in assisting us even before our project starts. Very patience and knowledge in what he is doing. Going the extra mile from him makes our life so much easier! :) Appreciated it! Cheers!
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Our company has been engaging First Page Digital for their services for 3 months. Sean Ho has been very helpful and patience, You can tell that he takes pride in his work. Keep up the World-class customer service you had been providing to your clients.
huiya pang
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Glad to find you guys to work for my website and it has been a very pleasant experience as well. To Remy, with your valuable opinions and ideas, our website has been more better, thank you! Hope to many more years with your Company. Cheers!!
Creatz M.
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We’ve been with First Page Digital for years and we’re very happy with the results so far. The account manager, Abduh, is professional and takes good care of our campaign. We know that we’re definitely in good hands.
Green Point Flowers
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Very good service. We are ranking for many competitive keywords and bringing us much business for our storage facilities.Thanks Carl for your expert professional advice. This guy deserves a pay rise
David Meng
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Working with First Page Digital has been extremely great. Shirlyn from the team is very prompt and professional. Most importantly, they deliver results! Recommend and thumbs up!
EBC Lifestyle Hub Pte Ltd
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Angela & Remy are both very sincere and helpful people who ensure they understand my company's situation and expectations then offer genuine advises and solutions accordingly.
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Received great service and support from my Account Manager Gary. Super prompt and responsive in all communications and always keen to go the extra mile. Highly recommended!
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I'm in my second month of a long term project with First Page and so far the service has been very good. Looking forward to seeing the results over the coming months.
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Shirlyn and then rest of the team at First Page that we have worked with have been great - very efficient, helpful and friendly. Thanks for all your hard work.
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
I had the opportunity to work with the team and it had been positive. They had been really professional with the communications and managing expectations.
Expat Insurance Pte Ltd
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Glad to be working with professional and insightful individuals like Zai and Flo at First Page. They make it a point to be responsive, which I appreciate.
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My account manager Carl Huang has been very helpful and I have been with him for about 2 years. Friendly, responsible and accountable. Thanks.
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Nice working journey with FPD, the staff is friendly, responsive and cares deeply about the qualitiy of work and effectiveness.
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Shirlyn is efficient and responsive in her work and its been a positive working experience with her. Keep up the good work!
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Been using FirstPage for a few years. Stephanie Toh & Team provide great service. Easy to work with.
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Remy still continues with his excellent follow-up service with his customers. Keep up the good work!
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FAQs about NFT marketing

The sky really is the limit when it comes to utilising NFTs in the marketing strategy for your brand. Just a few of their fantastic uses include:

Brand awareness

When you’re an early adopter in the world of Web3 and, more specifically, NFTs, you can achieve a huge amount of exposure over your competitors who hesitated to do so. As long as your project is supported by a strong NFT marketing strategy, your brand awareness is going to be catapulted to somewhere it’s never been before.

And you know how Uncle Ben once said to Spider-Man “With great power comes great responsibility”? Well, this is kinda same-same but different: with a greater number of people who are aware of your brand comes a greater amount of sales.

Social media growth

When you’re planning to drop a collection of NFTs, social media marketing is an essential piece of the campaign puzzle. But you can also use NFTs as a tool to increase the number of followers you have, too.

For example, you might think about running a promotion for your followers, through which one or two lucky winners receive their very own NFTs (or early access to the drop, at least).

You can also use your social channels to provide updates about your project and keep them engaged throughout the creation/minting/listing phases, so they’re fully engaged by the time it does drop.

A carefully-created social media marketing strategy supporting your NFT collection can most definitely generate increased brand engagement and develop a true sense of community.

Better customer experience

One of the major marketing goals for brands is to personalise each customer’s experience as much as possible.

Enhancing your marketing strategy with NFTs enables you to continue telling the story of your brand via an additional channel. This is a great way to increase your brand’s equity through a better, more fluid customer experience.

But be sure to maintain a consistent tone and feel across each of the channels within your marketing mix, or it can end up feeling very fractured and actually lead to a negative experience.

Exclusive promotions

Numerous companies are already utilising NFTs to provide their customers who buy them the opportunity to access pre-launch products and exclusive content.

There are also brands and musicians who have realised they can be used as digital tickets, enabling the owners to attend both virtual and real-world concerts and events.

When you’ve got a massive launch coming up – whether for a product, some hot content or something else – developing an NFT collection that offers buyers first access is a fantastic way to support the launch and develop a huge buzz around it.

Additionally, you’ll know that the people who purchase one (or more) are your most loyal customers – which can be highly useful when it’s time to start in the influencer marketing space.

Increasing loyalty

If you run a business, you know how important repeat business is – which is why loyalty is such an integral part of every marketing approach. And NFTs can be wonderfully useful to increase customer loyalty.

Like, for example, giving away branded NFTs for certain products at the point of sale which unlocks access to things like:

  • Competitions for members
  • Pre-launch products
  • Special offers and discounts
  • Certain private communities like Discord
  • Exclusive content/events

Capital raising

Prior to the existence of NFTs, those who were in need of capital to help grow their business often used crowdfunding websites. And although yes, they’re still one way to go about raising capital, the groundbreaking new way to do it is through an NFT collection.

You might think that it’s just startups that are turning to NFTs, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, there are a lot of accomplished companies choosing to go the more effective NFT route these days as well.

Generally, the most effective approach to raising capital with an NFT drop is to create a number of NFTs and list them as auction sales. The listing should include information such as how the funds are planned to be used, as well as (if anything) what the buyer will get – in either the virtual or real world.

NFT marketing and promotion should never, ever mean taking a “cookie-cutter” approach. Creating a promotional campaign that’s actually successful involves taking an individual, personalised approach to every single project.

There are endless factors that will influence how best to develop an effective strategy, including (but certainly not limited to):

  • What type of files they are
  • The intended target audience(s)
  • The genre and styling of the project and brand
  • How much the marketing budget is

As it is with every other marketing approach, the most effective way to market NFTs is to utilise a variety of channels that align with the type of files they are, their style and the intended audience(s).

For example, it’s probably not going to be super successful if you chose to promote the latest digital art drop by Beeple solely through local SEO. Similarly, an email marketing campaign aimed at Kpop fans to support the latest Slipknot NFT collection most likely won’t be very well-received or effective.

The bottom line is that every collection is different, and as such the marketing strategy should only utilise the most appropriate channels, which may include:


With the endless number of searches relating to NFTs each and every day, effective SEO will help improve your website’s ranking on the results pages. This is of course hugely effective in growing the interest and awareness for your project.

You can also complement this with a well-developed SEM strategy to target particular keywords and put the spotlight on your brand, particularly promoting to your desired demographic.

Even further than that, by using SEM you’re able to bring remarketing into the mix, which uses cookies to re-advertise to users who have visited your website in the past.

Social media marketing

When you’re able to generate more interest and demand regarding your drop, you have a much better chance of achieving much higher sale prices.

Arguably the best method of creating “buzz” surrounding your drop is through social channels. This includes increasing your number of followers as well as creating and publishing carefully planned posts to surge engagement for the eventual drop.

Developing the most effective NFT social media marketing strategy isn’t easy and involves intricate planning. So if you want to see the highest sales figures possible, leave it to the experts at First Page Digital.

Public relations

Developing a killer public relations strategy is a highly advantageous method of building the reputation and awareness of your NFT project, as long as you reach out to the publications that most align with your requirements at the right time.

Although it’s usually not the only channel to use in a campaign, PR is a highly effective way to complement the other channels being used in your digital strategy as it helps promote visibility of your collection.

Email marketing

A solid email marketing campaign means you’re reaching an audience that’s already engaged with your brand. These are the customers that will be most interested in learning more about your NFT collection and ultimately purchasing once it’s dropped.

And if you’ve already got the database ready to go, it’s just a matter of developing a schedule and creating each of the eDMs.


One of the most integral things that make up a successful NFT marketing strategy is a well-written listing. Because there are a lot of them, you want to make it pop out of the page so it stands out from all the others!

Content marketing

If you want to spread awareness of your project while simultaneously increasing the potential frequency of your message, content marketing is king.

You can extend your message through the use of several elements including videos, memes, infographics, articles, eBooks, and many more. These can then be published across a wide variety of channels, reaching users you may have never been able to before.

Influencer marketing

Collaborating with an influencer who lines up with the type and style of your NFTs (and brand, of course) can really help to spread the news regarding your collection further while also increasing overall interest.

The combination of driving up awareness and interest together can lead to much better results when your NFTs are sold.

Some of the NFT marketing firms operating right now offer services that will result in you saying “meh” (or worse).

Then there’s First Page Digital, the best NFT marketing agency which delivers nothing but the highest-quality services out there.

Making the right choice in digital marketing agencies for your NFT collection (*cough* First Page Digital *cough*) is the difference between a sale price that’ll give you nightmares and one that exceeds your expectations – and then some.

So you’ve created the greatest, most amazing collection of NFTs ever. If nobody is aware of its existence and therefore there’s no interest surrounding it at all, if any of them do sell, it’ll be for cents on the dollar.

Developing great NFT marketing strategies which support your projects, however, will supercharge your sales results due to the intense amount of energy and demand that’s created.

Without plenty of experience and substantial knowledge about the best way to create NFT marketing strategies, it’s difficult to create a campaign that hits the targets you want it to.

The team at First Page Digital takes an immense amount of pride in the fact that we consistently don’t just meet, but completely smash the expectations of our clients. And you can bet we’ll go above and beyond to get the same results for your NFT collection.

We have experience working with artists and brands alike to create and execute campaigns targeted to a variety of audiences, each resulting in nothing short of outstanding outcomes.

If you want to make sure your NFT project sees amazing results, speak with the team at First Page Digital now by calling +65 6270 2193 or sending us an online enquiry.

Ready to get creating and selling in the world of NFTs, but not sure how? Here’s a step-by-step guide to get it done.

  1. Determine the kind of file you’d like to make into an NFT (e.g. song, artwork, meme, social post, etc.) and create it.
  2. Decide which marketplace is most suitable for your needs. Be sure to get confirmation that it accepts the file you’re using and you can mint on it.
  3. Learn what cryptocurrency is used as well as the blockchain and get a crypto wallet that supports both. Add whatever funds you need to pay fees, then connect it to your marketplace account.
  4. Follow the steps on the marketplace to mint your files into NFTs (a process involving uploading the files and converting them to digital assets).
  5. Speak to a top-rated NFT marketing company (like First Page Digital) to provide your assets with the best chance to see exceptional sale prices.
  6. Write up a listing for each of your assets (we can help with this).
  7. Sit back and wait to watch your selling prices go sky-high (as long as you’ve collaborated with us for expert NFT marketing strategies!)

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