About: Nic Yeo

Nicholas is a dedicated and creative writer who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (Second-Upper Class Honours) from Nanyang Technological University. With over four years of digital marketing experience, including work at one of Singapore's leading SEO agencies in First Page Digital, he's mastered SEO, overseeing 100+ campaigns for diverse clients and achieving remarkable results. His specialisation lies in crafting SEO-friendly content for businesses in sectors like education, medical, insurance, and logistics. One of his notable achievements was getting an article to rank above Wikipedia and secure the top position on Google's SERPs for a period. As a content marketing writer at First Page Digital, he's driven a 34% increase in clicks over the past six months for the company, showcasing his ability to deliver tangible growth and results. A trusted author who combines his passion for writing with an expert understanding of digital marketing and SEO, he ensures his clients consistently meet their online goals.