Grow your business with the #1 WooCommerce SEO agency in Singapore

Grow your business with the #1 WooCommerce SEO agency in Singapore

In a world where 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, expecting a WooCommerce website to succeed without an effective SEO campaign is to hope for a miracle. As the continued growth of online shopping continues to take the world by storm, now is the time to take charge of your business’ future with a results-driven strategy run by the digital specialists at First Page Digital. Our agency in Singapore has the experience and expertise to help you boost organic traffic, generate new leads and amplify sales on one of the world’s most popular ecommerce platforms.

Year over year

Why SEO is crucial for any WooCommerce website

Whether your business relies entirely on ecommerce or it’s just one of your revenue streams, generating online sales through WooCommerce is directly linked to your profits. Given the overwhelming majority of consumers head to Google to find the products they want to buy, poor rankings for your industry’s most popular keywords means your target market may not even be aware that you exist – which translates to a devastating hit on your bottom line. Conversely, a strong ranking on the first page of results is a gold mine for new leads and gives you far more opportunities to turn visitors into paying customers.

Part of the reason for WooCommerce’s worldwide popularity is its compatibility with WordPress, which makes it a great ecommerce platform offering a host of plugins, themes and integratable features. It also provides a promising foundation for solid SEO with everything you need to build and expand a well-optimised website. But what it boasts in flexibility it lacks in simplicity, which is where we come in. Our technicians are constantly analysing best practice for WooCommerce SEO and how Google’s latest algorithm updates impact sellers on the platform. This proactive approach gives us the knowledge to guide you to the front page for industry-specific keywords, draw more organic traffic and boost your sales.

Results in 90 days, or we work for free.

The trusted consultants for sellers of any scale

WooCommerce has proven itself to be a suitable platform for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and our experience working with more than 1,700 clients around the world gives us the expertise to deliver you results no matter the scale of your operation. Our team works with some of Singapore’s biggest brands, building their search profile to deliver consistent returns on investment. On the other end of the scale, we’ve helped local and boutique sellers put themselves firmly in the spotlight and thrive in a crowded online sphere.

Results in 90 days, or we work for free.

No results, no charge

We take pride in our proven track record with WooCommerce SEO after delivering more than a million qualified leads for clients in Singapore and all over the world. Our team has such consistent success with improving search engine rankings that we pledge to get results inside 90 days or make our service free until we do. We understand the importance of investing in the right marketing strategies, which is why we believe you should only pay for something that works.

Results in 90 days, or we work for free.

Results-driven SEO for WooCommerce

At First Page Digital, we know that each and every business in Singapore is different. From the products you sell to how you define your objectives, it’s important that we understand what makes you tick in order to plan a WooCommerce SEO strategy that works – because your website deserves a solution tailored to its needs. Part of this process involves us undertaking a thorough analysis of your WooCommerce site, checking everything from content quality and title tags to internal linking and site speed, as well as an investigation off-site components including your backlink profile to gain an understanding of how much authority Google is giving your business.

We also take the time to understand your audience. Who buys your products? How do they find your website? Do they find it easy to locate what they need? Are visitors coming to your home page then leaving without making a purchase? Data like this is invaluable when combined with keyword research, as it gives you the best possible foundation from which to build traffic. Most importantly, we regularly reevaluate your campaign and keep you updated on what we’ve achieved so far and where our focus will be moving forward. WooCommerce SEO is most effective when used on an ongoing basis to both maintain high rankings and set additional goals, and our detailed reporting ensures you see exactly how we’re helping you succeed.

Preliminary assessment

A deep dive into your website to evaluate where we should put our efforts to maximise results.

Identifying keywords

Promising keywords and phrases are chosen based on budget, competition and potential.

Competitor analysis

Detailed competitor reporting to discover where rivals are ranking for targeted keywords.

On-page SEO

Category structure, product descriptions, content, internal linking and other relevant areas are optimised.

Off-page SEO

Authority is boosted through genuine links from other websites.

Product reviews

Review systems are optimised for authority and customers are encouraged to share positive experiences following pos.

Status report

Campaign goals are revisited to maintain our accountability and identify any potential new avenues of optimisation.

Results in 90 days, or we work for free.

Enjoy the benefits of WooCommerce SEO from a full-suite digital agency

WooCommerce SEO is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we can offer our clients in Singapore and abroad. Our team includes specialists in a range of services that can be combined to create a strong and diverse approach to your digital marketing strategy. Local and international SEO, reputation management, social media, Google Ads, video SEO and mobile-friendly solutions are some of the many areas we specialise in, so talk to our team today to find out how we can combine our technical know-how with your passion for business to achieve measurable results.

Results in 90 days, or we work for free.

Gain new insights at the click of a button

It can be difficult to gauge the importance of SEO for WooCommerce without having a clear indication of how your website measures up. Ask us for a free audit of your website and you’ll have an unbiased snapshot of everything from content length and duplication to broken links, site architecture and site speed.

FAQs by our SEO Director

Be it a large enterprise or a new start-up, every business needs Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Having an optimised WooCommerce site will help elevate its existing solid foundation, and boost your online store’s revenue. From improving ranks for targeted URLs to driving organic traffic, optimising your WooCommerce site by implementing an effective SEO strategy is the key to a business’s success.
WooCommerce is SEO-friendly, only requiring external plugins to improve your overall SEO setup. For the proper deployment of an effective SEO strategy for your WooCommerce site, data obtained from the thorough study of your audience and trends are paired with in-depth keyword research. Depending on the collection of your products and which you would like to have ranked, the strategic implementation of these SEO best practices will lead to a higher conversion rate.
More than a simple quick-fix strategy, great effort is required to optimise your site for both the search engine and your customers. An effective SEO strategy, customised to your site’s needs, though at first glance might seem like a big investment, will optimise the necessary ranking signals. At First Page Digital, we guarantee to hit KPIs in 90 days – if our marketing strategies are not successful, our services remain free till it reaps results.
WooCommerce SEO is an ongoing process that requires constant updates to ensure that there is a steady growth in traffic and sales. Our team at First Page Digital not only has the knowledge and skills required to foster a strong presence on the internet but also constantly studies trends and Google algorithms to maximise your SEO efforts. By monitoring your traffic and competitors, we ensure your site ranks on the first page of Google.

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