Client: British Connections
Service: SEO

British Connections is a British passport and Uk visa office for people in Hong Kong. They employ staff trained by HMPO and have used this experience to become one of the most trusted places in Hong Kong to get a British passport, apply for a UK visa, and much more.

The Results


of our keywords were ranked on the first page within 6 months (36/50).


increase in conversions from February to May 2020.


increase in impressions between February and May 2020 (11,869 impressions).


increase in organic users


increase in new users


increase in organic sessions

The Business Problem

The goal of this campaign is to increase online traffic and drive more enquiries.

Unfortunately, both the ongoing protests in Hong Kong and the COVID-19 pandemic travel bans have heavily affected the number of enquiries British Connections has been receiving.

How We
Solved It

Due to the ongoing uncertainty and challenges faced by a client in this industry in Hong Kong, we adopted a flexible approach to our SEM campaign. After the national security policy was announced, we allocated a larger proportion of our budget to the BNO and passport campaigns. This coincided with an influx of enquiries. After this died down, we resumed our budget back to its original layout. In terms of SEO, we continued to work on optimizing content and technical aspects to help with ranking and visibility.