6 Outstanding Business LinkedIn Pages in Singapore You Should Start Following

Sometimes when it comes to creating content for your Business LinkedIn page, its easy to run out of ideas. But fear not, as we have done our research and listed 6 exceptional Business LinkedIn pages in Singapore you can look to for inspiration to weed out repetitive content!

Does LinkedIn Really Matter in Singapore?

Yes, it really does.

If your impression of LinkedIn is a “corporate facebook” for white-collar workers to build connections, then you are seriously missing out on some huge marketing and advertising opportunities!

Like other social networks, LinkedIn is an excellent platform to share content with a wide audience and grow your brand. To date, a survey by LinkedIn shows that there are more than 590 million members and 30 million pages!

LinkedIn succeeds by appealing to a relatively more corporate audience compared to other social networks like Instagram and Facebook. Simply by having a practical LinkedIn strategy, you could easily outreach new clients, reconnect with old ones and also share useful information about your company and services.

Perhaps one of the most useful functions of LinkedIn is its analytics function. You can easily track statistics of your visitors, updates and followers to monitor your campaigns.

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6 Examples of Superb Business LinkedIn Pages in Singapore

Just like how a content writer could get a writer’s block, even the most LinkedIn user might lack inspiration every now and then. But fear not, we have a list of Business LinkedIn Pages that blew us away with their creativity, effort and consistency.

Read on to learn more!

1. Resorts World Sentosa

Examples of Great Business LinkedIn Pages in Singapore

The first example in our list of remarkable Business LinkedIn Pages in Singapore is Resorts World Sentosa (RWS). The lifestyle destination resort has more than 76 thousand followers on their LinkedIn page.

What stood out to us was the number of staff features we saw on their page. RWS does regular staff features about their corporate team, events crew as well as their management. Not only does this technique showcase a more human side to the company, but it also exhibits how much they actually value their staff.

2. Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Examples of Great Business LinkedIn Pages in Singapore

Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) owns various parks in Singapore like Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, River Safari and the Singapore Zoo. Their business page has more than 4.5 thousand followers to date!

Like RWS, WRS updates regularly with staff features and staff activities. One common theme that we noticed throughout their post is their inclusive family-like business culture. Their page is filled with pictures of celebrations, staff retreats as well as daily happenings.

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3. Changi Airport Group

Examples of great business linkedin pages in singapore

The main managing body of Singapore Changi Airport, Changi Airport Group (CAG) has more than 81 thousand followers.

CAG takes a slightly different approach from WRS and RWS. While they do post staff features and pictures of team bonding events, they also share a lot of content about developments in Changi Airport, press releases and articles from their main website, as well as company milestones.

In addition, CAG also puts a lot of effort into their visual content. They leverage eye-catching videos and attractive visuals to get more likes and shares. Most of their posts have gotten more than 100 likes!

They also go the extra mile by tagging corporations and individuals who were involved.

4. ONE Championship

examples of excellent linkedin business pages in singapore

If the names Angela Lee and Manny Pacquiao sound familiar to you, you’re probably a fan of martial arts and you would be delighted to know that ONE Championship has made it to our list of excellent Business LinkedIn Pages in Singapore. They have over 34 thousand followers on LinkedIn.

One key form of content that ONE Championship makes use of is motion picture. They upload numerous videos weekly to advertise their programs and introduce their unique organization concepts.

ONE Championship also shares quotes from chairman and CEO, Chatri Sityodtong. This puts a face on their brand.

5. Grab Singapore

Examples of Great Business LinkedIn Pages in Singapore

We had high expectations of Grab Singapore when we first chanced about their LinkedIn page, but we were not let down. The booking platform has more than 181 thousand followers on LinkedIn.

You might think that Grab Singapore would only post content about news features, new developments on their app, or even corporate updates. But Grab Singapore actually shares countless pieces of content about their staff, team building activities, roadshows as well as partnerships with organizations like Citi. They are humble in tone and use a personal voice to bridge a better connection with their users.

6. Shopee

Examples of great LinkedIn business pages in Singapore

This e-commerce platform takes the lion’s share of followers. They have more than 229 thousand followers to date!

Shopee’s blurbs might be a bit lengthier than Grab’s, but most of them have more than 150 likes.

Like other companies in this list, Shopee tags relevant peoples and companies to expand their reach. In addition, they make use of a light-hearted and fun tone of voice to showcase their homely but professional business culture. Shopee posts content about team bonding activities, milestones as well as events and initiatives.

Moral of the Story: Don’t Be Boring

Business LinkedIn Pages in Singapore

There are 3 main tips we can take away from this list:

  1. People want to know the brains behind your products and services, so show them!
  2. If you want more reach and impressions, tag companies and individuals with huge followings
  3. Make sure your visuals are eye-catching enough

If you truly want to make an impression on your followers on LinkedIn, sticking to one-dimensional and monotonous content isn’t going to get you anywhere. In fact, you might just be wasting your time and effort. You would have to channel more effort into thinking out-of-the-box.

If these marvelous examples of professional Business LinkedIn Pages in Singapore prove anything, its that LinkedIn is a place for you to be bold, creative, but professional at the same time.

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