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Best LinkedIn Marketing Campaigns in 2023

Best LinkedIn Marketing Campaigns in 2023 5

In 2023, LinkedIn has become one of the best social media platforms B2B businesses use to expand their consumer base. With so many marketing campaigns launched on the platform, it can take time for marketers to stand out.and it takes an effective marketing strategy to help you achieve the results you want on the platform. One of the strategies to create your campaign is to analyse the best marketing campaigns on LinkedIn to understand what makes people trust their brand and use their service before applying what you have learnt to your own strategy.

What Makes An Effective LinkedIn Marketing Campaign?

Before doing a competitive analysis, you need to identify which marketing campaigns are effective and what makes them effective. What was their winning formula that made that marketing campaign successful on LinkedIn? Here are determining factors of an effective LinkedIn marketing campaign:

  • Clear goal and message The best marketing campaigns have a straightforward message and a clear purpose. With one look, you already know what they want to say to their target market and how they want you to act on your message.
  • Clearly defined target audience – An effective marketing campaign targets a specific group with different needs and pain points. From the copy down to the visuals, one must already know who is the target market for the campaign’s ads.
  • Compelling and engaging content – Brands must also use eye-catching copy and visuals to attract their target audience, even with a clear message and goal. It should be from the first line of the copy or the first glance at the image or video; the target audience should be hooked and want to learn more.
  • The right channel – Using the right channel to spread your message and content is critical in your marketing campaign. The right channel ensures the message or content you want to relay to your specific target audience is visible to them. For LinkedIn, typically, this is through Sponsored Content, Targeted LinkedIn Page posts, blog posts, and the like.

The Top LinkedIn Marketing Campaigns You Can Learn From

As many businesses invest in running marketing campaigns through LinkedIn, the best will stand out from the rest. Here is a list of marketing campaigns to analyse to incorporate some of their strategies in your future LinkedIn campaigns.

1. Adobe Sponsored Content Campaign

Adobe is a global leader in digital media solutions with its tools and services that allow users to create dynamic content which they could deploy across different media and devices. However, they wanted to raise brand awareness to hard-to-reach marketing decision-makers in the US. As such, they needed a platform to reach an engaged, professional audience.

The LinkedIn channel they used for their marketing campaign is Sponsored Content, which is a collection of ad formats available when you create an advertising campaign on LinkedIn. Compared to Targeted LinkedIn Page posts, Sponsored Content allows brands to advertise beyond their current LinkedIn Page followers. That’s why leveraging this feature will enable Adobe to have their campaign appear to their target audience – the hard-to-reach marketers.

Their Sponsored Content campaign used links to relevant thought leadership content based on Adobe-commissioned research. They had infographics on marketing trends, tips and insights for marketers, as well as entertaining videos promoting Adobe Marketing Cloud. By using data-driven information while keeping their content engaging, Adobe effectively shaped the perception of marketing decision-makers, solidifying their trust in the brand.

From the Adobe Sponsored Content campaign, the target market is 2.5x more likely to agree that Adobe’s Sponsored Content caught their attention. Additionally, they are 79% more likely to agree that Adobe can boost their media spend.

2. ESCP Europe Spotlight Ads

ESCP is known as the first business school in the world with numerous accreditations and is regularly ranked among the World’s Best Business Schools. However, they wanted to attract more applicants to their Master’s Degree in European Business and build a global leads pipeline. Their target market was prospective students from France, Spain, Italy, the UK, UAE. Qatar, Saudi Arabia. Morocco, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Denmark and Switzerland. With this, they needed a marketing campaign that would be effective in generating leads on LinkedIn across a range of countries and cultures.

LinkedIn’s Spotlight Ads are tailored to each user based on their own LinkedIn profile data, like their profile photo, company name, and job title. Therefore, Spotlight Ads would be the best possible LinkedIn Ad feature for ESCP Europe to use, so they can connect with prospective individuals that will most likely be future MEB students. They also used a lead capture form as a landing page for the marketing campaign, creating more content that presents themselves as an accredited and trusted business school to persuade their target market to take the next step, which was to set up an appointment with their representatives (conversion).

ESCP’s LinkedIn Spotlight Ads generated 290 leads within 13 identified target markets, with the Top countries for qualified leads being Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and the UK. Once the leads were connected to the platform, ESCP Europe managed to arrange follow-up calls, set up meetings, and guide potential students through the application process.

3.’s Content Ads is an AI-as-a-Service provider that helps customers recover lost sales, reduce working capital, cut maintenance costs, and boost overall operating efficiency. It was ranked as one of the Top 50 US Startups by LinkedIn and deemed a Gartner Cool Vendor for Artificial Intelligence Across the Supply Chain. As they primarily target C-level executives, they wanted to build brand awareness and connect with hard-to-reach audiences.

Content Ads promote downloadable content that allows brands to generate leads automatically. For this strategy, they promoted an ebook about supply chain management that showed their expertise in the industry to their target audience. Their marketing found increased engagement with content that helps their target audience understand their expertise better.’s LinkedIn Content Ad campaign was a mix of organic and paid content, so they could gauge the performance of their marketing campaign and tweak it to get the best possible results. Their commitment to using analytics for their marketing campaign and tweaking it when necessary was also vital to their success. Through their LinkedIn marketing campaign, they were able to acquire leads, and 40% were from the platform. Additionally, they had 3x better lead generation ROI compared to other methods of online marketing and noticed a 2-3x click-through rate on paid LinkedIn content.

Create An Effective LinkedIn Marketing Campaign For Your Business With First Page

Finding the best LinkedIn marketing strategy for your business requires a lot of research, planning, testing, and creative thinking. Learning the strategies of the best marketing campaigns in Singapore and around the world can help you figure out your own winning strategies, too. Additionally, knowing your target audience and identifying what strategies to use to make your content visible and engaging to them is critical.

First Page knows how important it is to do thorough research on the target market, plan out an effective strategy that is catered to their needs, and choose a platform and channel that will make the marketing message visible to them. As a reputable digital marketing agency in Singapore, we’ve helped companies with their online marketing campaigns, especially on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. Our team collaborates with them in creating effective strategies that help them achieve their goals on LinkedIn, from promoting brand awareness and generating leads to achieving their ROI goal.

If you need help starting your LinkedIn marketing campaign, feel free to reach out to us. You can expect our team to work closely with you to understand your brand and goals and then create a strategy that will bring in your desired results.

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