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6 Ways To Engage Customers This Holiday Season

6 Ways To Engage Customers This Holiday Season 6

Engaging customers during the holiday season is crucial for businesses looking to capitalise on increased shopping activity. One effective strategy is to create a festive and welcoming atmosphere both in-store and online. Decorations, holiday-themed promotions, and personalised communication can set the mood and attract attention. Limited-time offers and exclusive holiday deals can create a sense of urgency and boost sales. 

Hosting holiday events or competitions can also keep customers engaged and encourage repeat visits. Online, an updated website with a holiday theme, along with targeted email campaigns and social media engagement, can keep the conversation going. User-generated content, such as reviews and shared holiday experiences, can also enhance trust and community feeling. 

Moreover, offering exceptional customer service during this busy time can leave a lasting impression, ensuring customers feel valued and increasing the likelihood of loyalty long after the season ends. Implementing a mix of these strategies can help businesses maintain a strong connection with their customers and drive holiday sales. Let’s learn more about ways to engage customers during this holiday season to fully understand how to implement them effectively.

1. Analyse Results from Previous Years

The best way to make progress in any area of life is to examine what worked and what didn’t previously. Digital marketing is no exception! When reviewing your previous holiday efforts, ensure you conduct a thorough analysis of which platforms performed and which didn’t. Dive into the metrics beyond just the conversion rates. Look at the customer engagement levels, average order value, and retention rates from each platform.

Perhaps your blog converted well, but your email open rates are lacking – when comparing your methods, it will become apparent where you need to channel your focus. For instance, if your social media engagement led to increased website traffic, it might be worth investing more in social media marketing. Alternatively, if certain products had higher return rates, it could indicate a need for better product descriptions or customer expectations management. Be sure to keep an eye on the timing of sales peaks and dips, so you can give campaigns a boost during slower periods. This could involve optimising your email marketing strategy to alter send times or creating flash sales during historically slow periods to maintain momentum.

2. Start early

During the holidays, everyone is on the lookout for a bargain. Research shows that businesses sending promotional emails early experience better open rates. The reason is many shoppers begin their holiday purchasing weeks in advance, with a significant portion having completed a part of their shopping by mid-October. Therefore, don’t wait until the day of a big sale to promote it! Give customers a heads-up via email and social media to let them know about the amazing savings that could come their way. With 81% of retail shoppers dedicating more time to online research before buying, it’s an opportune moment to highlight your brand’s value proposition and special offers.

Make sure you set concrete goals and KPIs to guide your strategy, segmenting it according to target demographics. Analyse real-time insights on current and emerging search queries to stay ahead of the game. That’ll put you one step in the right direction!

To effectively grab the attention of early-bird shoppers, utilise online video platforms like YouTube, as they are a key source of discovery and inspiration for potential customers. Engage them with Video action campaigns that include product feeds to drive conversions. Entice these early shoppers further by promoting upcoming sales, and enhance your product listings with details on promotions, sale prices, and return policies, which can be crucial decision-making factors for customers.

3. Go Straight to Social

Social media is slightly taken for granted in digital marketing these days. With the populace catching onto the wonders of SEO and PPC, it can be easy to forget the power of social media during the holiday season.

For smaller businesses especially, social media is the perfect place to engage your customer base. It’s a platform where you can transform followers into a vibrant community. Going beyond the basic post-and-forget strategy, inviting your audience to contribute content and ideas turns passive viewers into active participants.

Keep up the communication with regular updates, and maybe even put a face to your business’ name by sharing photos of company events or activities. Incorporate live-streaming videos, which are rapidly becoming a go-to method for real-time engagement. This interactive content can range from holiday-themed Q&A sessions to exclusive product reveals, or even live tutorials featuring your products. Engage with your audience in these live sessions by answering their questions on the spot, addressing their comments, and providing a more immersive and personal shopping experience.

Strengthening your online community is crucial; show appreciation for customer loyalty by providing special offers, spotlighting community members, or hosting virtual events that resonate with your audience’s shared values and interests. This not only nurtures a sense of belonging but can also drive sales as community members feel more connected and valued.

4. Host Competitions

Audience participation is the foundation of engagement, but what’s in it for them? Competitions incentivise interaction with your business – and the holidays are the perfect time to do it! Social media is the ideal platform to run a contest. 

Ideas for social media competitions include the most creative holiday photo, sharing experiences with your products in the holidays, refer-a-friend and win, or even comment-to-win – the possibilities are endless!

Going further, holiday-themed giveaways or contests can inject a festive spirit and create buzz. Offering coveted prizes can entice participation while aligning with your marketing goals like boosting your follower count or increasing brand visibility. Consider simplifying entry requirements to encourage more participants – perhaps a like and share or tagging friends could suffice.

Post-contest engagement is just as crucial for sustaining interest. Acknowledge participants with follow-up posts, and feature winners to give a personal touch. You could even offer consolation discounts to all entrants, which not only rewards their effort but also encourages them to make a purchase, thereby driving sales. All of these strategies help prolong the festive excitement and keep your audience talking about your brand well into the new year.

5. Publish New Content

To truly engage with your target audience during the holiday season, publishing specialised content is a must. To make it count, try mixing up the medium and branching out to different formats.

If you want to drive home a message, try creating a video that taps into the emotional undercurrents felt throughout the holidays. Videos are the most impactful medium for storytelling, evoking emotion with rich sensory input.

Delve into holiday brand storytelling to strike a chord with customers. The holiday season’s warmth and joy present an unparalleled opportunity to weave narratives that encapsulate your brand’s values and the festive spirit. Develop content that speaks to themes of generosity, community, and celebration to resonate deeply with audiences. Craft blog posts that share heartfelt stories, use email campaigns to recount tales of past holiday successes, or customer stories that illustrate the joy your products or services have brought to others.

Leverage the power of audio and written content as well. Podcasts discussing holiday topics, interactive quizzes about seasonal traditions, and thoughtful articles on giving back can all serve to enrich your brand’s content repertoire. Remember, the key to successful content during the holiday season is to make it relatable, genuine, and imbued with the holiday spirit that mirrors your audience’s experiences and expectations.

6. Get Up Close and Personalised

Personalisation is key to engagement. This is even more apparent in the holidays, when people are busy and often prone to stress. Businesses need to be mindful of the bombardment of promotional messages customers receive all year – a phenomenon that’s heightened during the holidays.

Messages pushing a hard sell simply won’t stand out. Personalised emails enjoy a conversion rate 6 times higher than those without that personal touch. In this case, conversions are secondary to making your customer base feel they truly matter to you. So think about what matters to your target audience and start brainstorming some eye-catching subject lines!

Incorporate drip campaigns in your email marketing strategy for consistent and effective engagement. Plan out a sequence of emails tailored to the holidays with targeted offers, expressions of gratitude, and content that resonates with the interests and past interactions of the recipients. This approach can keep the engagement alive throughout the season, potentially boosting sales. By scheduling these emails, you ensure each day brings something of value, be it a limited-time offer, a heartwarming holiday message, or tips for holiday stress management, thereby creating a compelling reason for customers to take action.

Also, consider personalisation beyond just using the customer’s name. Utilise customer data to create segments based on purchase history, browsing behaviour, and previously shown interests. Craft messages that cater to these segments with relevant product recommendations, holiday gift guides, or exclusive offers. These tailored messages demonstrate that your brand not only recognises your customers as individuals but also understands and anticipates their needs during the hectic holiday season, thereby fostering a deeper connection and encouraging loyalty.

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During the festive season, engagement is always at the heart of all the holiday marketing trends in Singapore. Whether you’re personalising communication, hosting social media contests, or leveraging powerful storytelling, each of the engagement ways offers a unique avenue to connect with and captivate your audience. 

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By partnering with First Page, you ensure that your brand not only reaches its audience but resonates with them, turning the holiday season into a celebration of not just sales, but of lasting customer connections.


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