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Meet Singapore’s Style Icons: Top Male Fashion Influencers You Must Follow

Meet Singapore’s Style Icons: Top Male Fashion Influencers You Must Follow 6

In the bustling urban landscape of Singapore, the fashion scene is constantly evolving, shaped by innovative and influential personalities. As the digital age advances, the role of influencers in shaping fashion trends has also become paramount. In 2023, Singapore’s male fashion influencers are leading the charge, showcasing an eclectic mix of styles, trends, and unique viewpoints. From top actors to YouTube sensations, they are revolutionising the fashion industry through social media.

Let’s discover the trailblazers who are redefining the men’s fashion scene in Singapore, each carving a unique space in the fashion world and extending their influence beyond mere aesthetics. Dive in to learn who these top male fashion influencers are and why they are the go-to individuals for brands seeking to make a strong statement in Singapore’s fashion landscape.


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Male Fashion Influencer #1 Edwin Hung (@edwin871126)

Edwin Hung, one of the renowned male fashion influencers, hails from Malaysia and works as an architect. Living in Singapore for the past five years, his presence in the world of men’s fashion influencers is marked by his unique approach and sense of humour. Edwin follows a travel-focused approach when it comes to his Instagram style, inspiration, and theme. He draws inspiration from exploring the architecture, lifestyle, food, and fashion of various cultures, capturing these elements in his diary and travel log.

Engaging with followers and growing his numbers is not a game of vanity for Edwin. He emphasises the importance of authentic content and consistent posting in building a genuine connection with his audience. Edwin’s blend of architectural savvy, travel-inspired content and witty engagement style makes him one of the standout male fashion influencers. His refreshing authenticity and consistent effort to connect with his followers set him apart in the ever-competitive world of men’s fashion.


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Male Fashion Influencer #2 Glenn Goh (@glenngoh)

Next, Glenn Goh is one of the standout male fashion influencers based in Asia. As a fashion stylist, Glenn frequently travels between Shanghai, Taiwan, and Singapore, bringing fresh perspectives to his work. In describing his Instagram style, inspiration, and theme, Glenn emphasises a focus on men’s fashion and OOTDs. Unlike other male fashion influencers, he doesn’t adhere to a fixed theme for his IG grid. His preference for full-length body shots displays his innovative approach to experimenting with different silhouettes and proportions in men’s wear, a quality that sets him apart in the realm of men’s fashion influencers.

Engagement with his followers and growth on his platform is characterised by a genuine appreciation for quality rather than quantity. This technical mastery, combined with his authentic connection with his audience, makes Glenn one of the leading male fashion influencers on Instagram today.


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Male Fashion Influencer #3 Danil Palma (@whathebronte)

Danil Palma, is another one of the prominent male fashion influencers based in Singapore. In 2017, he was nominated as Breakout Influencer of the Year in Influence Asia and was crowned Male Style Star of the Year in the Zalora Style Awards 2018.

His IG style, inspiration, and theme revolve around aspirational lifestyle content, focusing on four main categories: travel, style, grooming, and fitness. As one of the men’s fashion influencers who genuinely connects with his audience, Danil makes it a point to interact with his followers as much as possible. He grows his numbers by creating engaging content around things and places he personally enjoys, allowing his audience to get to know about them.

A consistent colour palette that helps to meld everything together communicates credibly about his personality and the type of content he offers. Danil’s enjoyment of the entire process of taking the shot, editing the photo, and crafting a caption reflecting his personality sets him apart as one of the male fashion influencers on Instagram.

Male Fashion Influencer #4 Stanley Lui (@streetstylestan)

Next up on the list of top male fashion influencer is Stanley Lui who has carved a niche in the men’s fashion space. Like his

His Instagram style, inspiration, and theme can be described as a mishmash of his work as a fashion influencer, a visual catalogue of his journey in the industry, and reflections of his personal style. Engagement with his followers and growth in numbers has been achieved by staying true to his audience, ensuring that every post resonates with authenticity. He believes that maintaining genuine connections and avoiding overly commercial content helps in building trust with his followers.

Stanley also shares his secret to a great IG photo, emphasising the importance of choosing the right photo and the role of editing. Although perfection might not be achievable in every shot, visualising how an outfit or product will work with the setting can lead to stunning results. Beyond aesthetics, Stanley emphasises having fun, staying inspired, and letting creativity flow. His refreshing approach and dedication to his craft have made him a must-follow among male fashion influencers on Instagram.


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Male Fashion Influencer #5 Alfred Sun (@sealfred)

Alfred Sun, is one of the emerging male fashion influencers, who has expanded his influence into various creative fields. With a degree in Graphic Communications, Alfred took the path of freelancing after graduating in 2016, allowing him to explore interests such as singing, dancing, and designing. He has participated in singing competitions like “The Voice” and the Taiwan-based “Jungle Voice.” When not performing, he nurtures his creativity through freelance graphic design and animation, while also maintaining his passion for dancing.

Alfred’s IG style is unique among other male fashion influencers on Instagram, as he doesn’t strictly adhere to a defined style or theme. Rather, he uses the platform to candidly share life events and curate aesthetically consistent, clean, and easy-on-the-eye images. His feed is marked by soft pastels and low-contrast photos, reflecting his background in graphic design.

Engagement with his followers is organic, and growth is not forced. Alfred connects by replying to comments and direct messages, maintaining a presence without appearing inactive. He believes that the secret to a great IG photo, especially for men’s fashion influencers, lies in the colours and lighting. While he once emphasised camera quality, he has found that even iPhone photos can appear professional with the right colour combination and natural light. His caution in choosing colours and backgrounds for each photo complements his style, making him a notable figure among male fashion influencers on Instagram.


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Male Fashion Influencer #6 Nicholas Fong (@fnichh)

Nicholas Fong, is among the prominent male fashion influencers making waves in the online sphere. As a content creator and freelance photographer, Nicholas has a passion for exploring new places and embarking on adventures, capturing and documenting these moments through his lens. His IG style revolves around lifestyle, particularly relating to travel and fashion.

Engagement with his followers and growth in numbers are driven by his ability to present new and exciting things. Whether it’s life updates or posts showcasing newly explored places, Nicholas’s posts serve as a pictorial diary that he shares with everyone. Among male fashion influencers, his approach sets him apart. The secret to a great IG photo, according to Nicholas, lies in good composition, good lighting, and good editing. He often visualises the final outcome in his mind and then utilises his camera and editing software to ‘create’ the picture.

As one of the male fashion influencers on Instagram, Nicholas’s approach to content creation combines travel, fashion, and artistry, offering a refreshing and engaging visual experience for his followers. His blend of exploration and style contributes to his unique position among male fashion influencers.

Transform Your Social Media Presence In 2023 With Male Fashion Influencers

Just as female influencers in Singapore cater to their specific niche, male influencers in the country also target a distinct and separate niche. From trendsetting styles to innovative collaborations, these influencers are redefining the fashion scene one post at a time. Connecting with men’s fashion influencers opens up new dimensions in social media engagement and brand promotion. Similar to the top TikTokers in Singapore, these influencers hold the key to reaching diverse audiences, driving sales, and enhancing your brand’s image.

Depending on their reach and engagement, top influencers in Singapore can earn a good amount ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per post. This economic potential further solidifies the role of influencers in shaping the consumer landscape, particularly in the fashion sector, reflecting a dynamic interplay between style, culture, and commerce in the modern world.

However, leveraging their influence requires a targeted approach. Consider enhancing your social media presence through a tailored approach that leverages these male influencers’ unique reach and impact, especially if you are a men’s fashion brand. At First Page, we specialise in social media services as well as Instagram ads that help you target the right audience for your brand. From content creation to audience engagement, our comprehensive suite of services ensures that your partnership with these influencers translates into measurable results. Reach out to us today to discover how you can avail yourself of all the benefits of social media marketing for your business and take your social media strategy to the next level.