11 Jolly and Daring Christmas Social Media Ideas To Boost Awareness

SEO is everything when it comes to boosting your presence on Google but social media is, too, relevant in boosting brand awareness. Having a creative Christmas social media campaign could also raise your online presence this season.

With Christmas coming, many organizations are taking to social media to showcase their corporate holiday spirit. Furthermore, many businesses also take the opportunity to increase their customer engagement. Many corporations also use social media to convey a more festive and merry side of their corporation.

Apart from merely jumping on the bandwagon by pushing out normal festive greetings, you could also get creative with your Christmas social media posts. In doing so, you can add a touch of uniqueness amidst the festive cheer.

If you need some holiday inspiration, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll share 11 unconventional but fun and festive ideas for your social media platforms. Boost your brand awareness and online presence today!

1. Christmas Giveaways

Everyone loves freebies and a good old-fashioned giveaway. Give back to your loyal customers by hosting a giveaway this festive season.

According to Rafflecopter Field Manual, giveaways go beyond gifting a loyal customer as they are beneficial for your brand image too. Holding a Christmas giveaway fit in with the ‘Season of Giving’ notion. It also helps grow your network and helps you build better relations with your customers.

Moreover, giveaways help with giving your product more exposure.

2. Festive Team Bonding

Next, try posting pictures of your office Christmas party! This showcases a more humane, festive, and lively side of your company. More importantly, team bonding also builds a more united and stronger team. In the long run, this could boost incentives and team performance.

Here’s an idea for team bonding: host a Secret Santa activity! This way, everyone in the company gets Christmas gifts.

3. Christmas AMA

AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. It is an innovative feature on Instagram Stories which allows businesses to hear from their customers.

AMAs are excellent as they showcase your company’s willingness to take feedback. This feature improves your customer engagement and helps you connect with your audience. In doing so, you could restrategize and rebrand your image according to your customers’ preferences.

Festive AMA ideas

Here are some AMA ideas for Christmas:

  • All I want for Christmas is (fill in the blank!):
  • What is your favourite part of Christmas?

4. Holiday Photo Challenge

In addition, you could also have a Holiday Photo Challenge with prizes for your Christmas social media content. Get your followers to tag your company or use a hashtag in their captions to get your brand name trending on social media.

This is a superb way of livening up your social media platforms and get better content ideas for your website. It also helps with customer engagement and makes your brand known online.

Plus, when there are freebies to be won, people will definitely participate!

5. Advertise Your Web Content

If you have festive content on your main website, why not include them in your Christmas social media?

Sharing web content is an easy way to get more traffic on your website. It also keeps your audience up-to-date with happenings at your business.

Furthermore, sharing your website content is also a great way to share knowledge with other businesses.

6. 12 Days of Christmas

Also, you could try doing a 12 Days of Christmas social media challenge. This challenge involves posting Christmas-related content for 12 days straight before Christmas.

This idea showcases a bit of fun and also challenges your team to think out of the box.

7. Festive Recipe

Generally, most people love to eat during the festive season. Trading recipes is an excellent way to boost traffic to your social media pages and showcase a more creative side of your company.

Try posting a festive recipe like Christmas Turkey from one member of your staff. Get creative and share your favourite holiday recipes!

8. Hear from Your Followers

One way social media trumps SEO is the fact that there is better customer engagement. You could hear from your customers and respond to them accordingly. This way, it shows that your business is interested in getting to know its customers.


Here are some festive ideas for your Christmas social media game plan:

  • What’s your favourite Christmas Memory? Comment below!
  • What’s on your Christmas wishlist this year?
  • What’s your favourite Christmas Song? Let us know!

Get your followers to leave a note in the comments section!

9. Poll

Host a poll and inquire what your customers are interested in seeing this holiday season. This can be done on Instagram Stories and Facebook.

Hosting a poll helps you build a better connection with your followers. In addition, it helps streamline your strategies based on what your customers are interested in seeing.

10. Christmas Stories from the Company

Here’s a fun idea that gets all your staff engaged: share some quirky and interesting Christmas stories on your Christmas social media campaigns. For instance, share about how one of your colleagues used to leave out milk and cookies for Santa Claus as a kid. This could exemplify a more humane side of your company. It also functions as a representation of your company culture.

11. Creative Festive Greetings

There is nothing like an atypical festive greeting from your company. But here’s how you can stand out – get creative.

Forget the standard “Merry Christmas” greeting. Instead, get quirky and show off your company’s jolly and festive side.

Greeting Ideas

Here are some cool ideas:

  • Sing a carol
  • Boomerang of your staff in festive attire
  • A flat lay of your staff in Christmas gear
  • Christmas Costume Party

Concluding Remarks

Finally, standing out on social media may seem superficial. But there are many key benefits of allocating time and effort into your social media strategy.

This holiday season, choose to showcase a lively and fun-loving side of your website and company on social media. Get your followers hyped up for Christmas and enjoy the festivities by being bold and creative!

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