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7 Distinct Personality Traits that Make the Best Content Writer in Singapore 6

7 Distinct Personality Traits that Make the Best Content Writer in Singapore

Writing should be a piece of cake since English was a mandatory subject at Primary and Secondary School. But what makes the best content writer in Singapore?

While everyone may be able to craft their own pieces of content, it takes a lot more than just ideas and writing to be a great content writer.

What Does a Content Writer Do?

best content writer in Singapore

Put simply, a content writer crafts various types of content for a specific audience.

Types of content that have risen to popularity when it comes to marketing in Singapore include:

  • Blogs
  • LinkedIn Blurbs
  • Website Content
  • Instagram Captions
  • Facebook Statuses
  • Newsletters
  • Digital Brochures
  • Electronic Direct Mails (EDMs)
  • Tweets
  • Ad Copies

Any literate individual would have the capabilities to churn our written work, but what exactly makes great content?

How To Define Great Content

Great content is defined by a couple of advantages.

For one, great content should persuade readers to take action in favour of your business. In other words, exceptional written works should be able to drive conversions to your website. They should market your products and services in a way that does not come off too pushy. Instead, it empowers all readers to.

In addition, a great content writer should understand his audience. In understanding the nature of your target audience, your content writer can help you bridge stronger connections with your target audience. By engaging your customers on a more personal level by tapping on real-life issues and interests that affect them, getting those leads should be a piece of cake.

One does not need to be on par with J.K Rowling or Haruki Murakami, to be succeed in driving traffic and conversions to a website.

7 Personality Traits of the Best Content Writer in Singapore

To be the best content writer in Singapore, one has to possess various personality traits.

Think your writer has it? Read on to find out what they are!

1. Honest

be honest

Do you remember how you would get condemned by your school teacher for copying a school mate’s work.

Similarly, duplicate content is a huge no-no.

Instead, the best content writer in Singapore writes with integrity. Before entrusting your website content to a writer, it’s important to you assess your writer’s moral compass. After all, you would not want to deal with copyright claims. And you would most definitely want to avoid getting penalized by Google algorithm updates!

2. Resilient

Plowing through URL after URL of website content is no walk in the park. It requires stamina and persistence.

On that note, you wouldn’t want your content writer to burn out after writing content for the 3 URLs of your website. The best content writer in Singapore would be able to craft stellar work to sells and exceeds expectations.

However, even the most skilled content writer might encounter a writer’s block along the way. Click here for some tips about how we defeat the writer’s block. 

3. Creative

best content writer in Singapore

When you are trying to get your website to rank on the first page of Google SERPs, monotonous content that looks exactly like your competitors’ isn’t going to fly.

Similarly, when crafting LinkedIn blurbs and ad copies, you want texts that catch a user’s attention to increase the number of unique impressions and build brand awareness. You could take it an extra step by getting clicks to your website!

The best content writer in Singapore is able to think outside of the box to craft content that gets picked up by Google and catches a user’s attention.

4. Meticulous

Being detail-oriented might be one of the most valuable personality traits since you would want your website and social media content to be in shipshape.

The best content writer in Singapore pays close attention to details and should be able to spot even the smallest punctuation mistake before any content goes live. After all, one small typo could jeopardize your business reputationThat is something you would definitely want to avoid if you want to stay ahead of your competitors.

5. Daring

best content writer in Singapore

What’s life without a few risks?

The best content writer in Singapore isn’t meek and submissive, instead, he should be daring and willing to take risks with his content by being willing to experiment.

Only through tests and experiments would you be able to determine the best content strategy that suits your business and resonates your audience.

6. Self-Disciplined

Time is money, and when time is wasted because your writer has a tendency to procrastinate, you miss on on opportunities for traffic and growth!

No doubt it is physically impossible to produce great content instantly. However, a highly-skilled content writer should have enough self-discipline to meet the scheduled deadlines.

7. Curious

best content writer in Singapore

If your content writer is always burning to know about the latest trends and willing to learn new skills, you might have a real weapon in your possession.

As a content writer, one has to always be curious and open to change, only then will a writer be able to continuously produce content that sells to various groups of audiences.

A content writer should also be inquisitive enough to ask more questions about your products and services. By getting more information, he would be able to create texts to fully capture the true essence of your brand.

Everyone has a Story

While each content writer may have his own unique writing style, one thing’s for sure: the best content writers in Singapore and beyond share similar personality traits.

Crafting content isn’t about regurgitating information about your products and services. Instead, content writing is about telling a story that piques your target audience’s interest and getting your readers hooked.

Told you that content writing isn’t as easy as it seems.

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