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Why You Should Be Utilising Google Display Ads for Your Business 6

Why You Should Be Utilising Google Display Ads for Your Business

Did you know that Google Ads – apart from Search Engine Optimisation – is one reason why most companies can rank their ads on the first page of Google search results in Singapore? Google Ads, including its Display Network, is undoubtedly one of the major platforms that are transforming the digital marketing world today. 

When it comes to building greater brand awareness for your company, Google Display Ads can be equally effective in establishing your business in the minds of consumers. These come in the form of visual-based ads which they can encounter on any website. Whether a potential customer is watching a Youtube video or scrolling through a news site, Google Displays Ads can introduce your brand to essentially anyone, regardless of where they are at in the buying cycle

If your business is not currently using Google Ads to its maximum potential, the good news is, it’s never too late to start reconsidering your marketing strategies. 

To get you started, here are some of the reasons why you should be using Google Display Ads for your business:

4 Key Benefits of Google Display Advertising

1. Massive Reach

One of the biggest benefits of using the Google platform is its massive reach. Google has – for a long time – dominated the advertising industry, being the most visited website on a global scale as of 2019. 

In fact, it processes more than 3.5 billion searches every single day. So, whether your business operates locally in Singapore or internationally, chances are that there are hundreds of potential customers searching for products and services related to your brand on Google every day. 

More importantly, Google Display Ads provide a valuable opportunity to build more brand awareness and recognition for your business.

2. You Control Your Own Advertising Budget

With Google Display Ads, you are in total control of your budget. 

So, for example, if you are a small business in Singapore, you can set a specific budget for each ad campaign you run on the Display Network and even make changes to your daily or monthly ad budget whenever and however you want. 

If an ad is performing well, you can enjoy the flexibility of increasing its budget while reducing the budget allocated to ads that are underperforming, for example, those with low impressions and low clickthrough rates (CTR). With that in mind, Google Display Network offers a more affordable platform to test different ad campaigns. Moving forward, you can better learn what works with your target market and connect with them more effectively.

Using Google Display Ads to reach your audience

3. Fast, Transparent Results

At the end of the day, business owners like yourself would want to know if your Google Display Ads are yielding the maximum results possible. You can rest assured Google Display Ads delivers fast, measurable, and straightforward results. 

You even get full real-time reports of each ad campaign. With the help of your trusted Google Display Ads agency, you can create almost instant visibility of your business online using the relevant keywords, optimisation, and targeting.

4. Plenty of Customisation Options

Finally, Google Display Ads gives you many customisable options to target your preferred audience as well as track and monitor all your campaigns from one dashboard. 

You can set and track different campaign goals such as branding, website traffic, conversions and sales, and overall return on investment (ROI). 

There are also options to measure important metrics such as the top-performing keywords, headlines that deliver the highest CTRs, and even the best times to show your ads.

Increase Your Brand’s Visibility with Google Display Ads

With Google getting millions of searches every day, it is definitely worth tapping into all the available advertising opportunities on the platform to create more brand awareness for your business. Once you get started the right way, a strong Google Display Ads campaign can guarantee that your products and services are viewed by your target audience at all times. Learn how you can promote your brand either locally in Singapore or abroad with the help of experienced Google Display Ads experts like First Page Digital today.

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