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7 Interesting Content Ideas Besides Product Advertising for Your Social Media

7 Interesting Content Ideas Besides Product Advertising for Your Social Media 5

If you’re not on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn yet, it’s going to be hard to increase your brand awareness.

SEO is not the only medium of digital marketing. These days, social media is a goldmine for community engagement and marketing. With sharing, liking and commenting functions, social media is a great way to publicise your products and boost brand awareness. In addition, it’s also an excellent medium to connect with your audience and reach out to potential customers.

However, sharing content which advertises your products or company might come off as desperate, repetitive and boring. In fact, it’s prudent to diversify the type of content you choose to share to stay relevant and interesting.

If you have no idea what counts as “interesting content”, look no further.

In this article, we’ll share 8 cool ideas for your social media content that could build traffic to your page and boost community engagement. Read on for some helpful posts to keep your feed happening and fresh.

1. TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) Posts

First, TGIF posts are a classic but effective way to keep your feed fresh. It showcases a more human side of your company – since companies should not just be about work, work, and more work. Moreover, it also exhibits your company culture and team spirit.

Fun #TGIF posts make your company look like a fun place to work at! Showcase your best beer-o-clock photos with your colleagues. Click here for some #TGIF examples.

2. Employee Appreciation Post

Second, try posting Employee of the Month posts. These posts depict your employees’ capabilities but also help your employees feel appreciated. In a sense, such content builds a sense of trust amongst your audience and loyalty and team spirit amongst your employees.

In addition, Employee of the Month posts would give your employees some healthy competition and more incentives to perform.

3. Let your Customers Decide

Since Facebook and Instagram Stories’ Poll widget was developed, many brands and bloggers have been using them to engage with their customers and find out more about their preferences. This update gives your viewers a choice between two options. It also shows you the statistics and distributions of votes.

Not only will you be able to give your customers exactly what they want, but you’ll also be able to engage with a huge pool of potential customers online.

Click here to download the Poll app on Facebook.

4. Hold Contests or Giveaways

Fourth, try hosting contests or giveaways. This initiative could blow up your social media platforms. It keeps your page happening and you’ll be able to engage with your audience and potential customers.

Try doing a contest about the history of your company, tell your audience leave their answers in the comments and pick the best one.

According to Tail Wind, pages that hold regular contests and giveaways can actually grow 70% faster than pages which do not! So start holding contests on your page now.

5. Host an AMA

AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. This is another update on Instagram Stories. Businesses have been using AMA to engage with their customers and get their feedback.

In addition, AMAs are also an excellent way to host Q&A sessions and help customers with their queries and concerns. It shows that your business values customer feedback and customer satisfaction. AMAs could also help raise awareness about your company and create a better network with your audience.

6. Share Informative Blog Content

Sixth, sharing helpful blog articles with valuable content are a great way of showing that your company is keeping up-to-date with trends and developments in the industry.

Moreover, sharing useful content and knowledge is a generous way to teach and guide other businesses and companies who are struggling to keep up. Doing so illustrates a more human side of your business and shows that your company is proactive and takes initiative to learn more.

7. Fill-in-the-blank

Finally, this may be a simple idea for a social media post, but trust us, your audience would love it.

Fill-in-the-blank content help you engage with your customers and drive traffic to your page. Here are some ideas:

  • I buy my coffee from ____
  • I _____ on Saturday Mornings
  • _____ is my favourite Emoji


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