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Creating a Winning Global SEO Strategy 5

Creating a Winning Global SEO Strategy

Does your business serve customers in two or more countries? Or to be more precise, do your customers speak different languages? 

If so, then it is about time you started focusing on global SEO. 

What is global or international SEO and how do you create a winning global SEO strategy? We look at some of the best SEO practices to apply to your websites and landing pages in order to attract more global traffic, grow your company’s global online presence, and ultimately serve your multilingual customers better.

What is Global SEO? 

Global SEO, also called international SEO, basically refers to designing your websites and optimising your content in a way that works for customers all around the world. In a competitive world, doing so opens up your possibilities for revenue streams globally. 

What is SEO?

For example, if your Singapore business sells to customers in China, Europe, UK, and North America, you will need global SEO to reach customers who speak English, French, German, Chinese, and other languages. 

There are many techniques used in optimising your content for a global reach. To get the best results, you can enlist the help of a reliable and experienced global SEO expert in Singapore to implement different strategies on your websites, such as the use of Hreflang tags, geo-targeting, and localisation signals to target different customer profiles across the globe. 

How Does Global SEO Work? 

The concept behind global SEO is quite simple. Basically, when someone searches for information, products, or services, Google ensures that the results provided match the user’s location and language. 

So, when you add special signals and functionalities on your website, you will help search engines know that you have published content that is useful to someone searching for information in a specific language or located in a particular country.

How Do You Create a Winning International SEO Strategy?

There are several key steps to implement when you want to create a winning global SEO strategy. The first step will obviously be to determine the type of content that will be useful to your international audience based on what your brand deals in. 

Making Global SEO work

For example, are you interested in optimizing search results for geo-targeting, language, or both? Some websites, such as Facebook and Air Canada, focus on language, where users can select their language when they land on the platform while others like eBay target their content by both language and country. A key difference between local and global SEO lies in its target audience. While local SEO may be for offline businesses in a given state or country to reach wider audiences, global SEO is primed to tap into different languages, behavioural tendencies, and marketing methods

A winning global SEO strategy will also involve setting up a URL structure that’s SEO-friendly internationally. This will help Google and other search engines to determine which pages to show in specific countries. This is basically geo-targeting which focuses on the searcher’s location or country. 

International SEO, therefore, involves a wide range of issues beyond just translating your content into different languages. However, when you know which content you want to provide to the international audience, you’ll have made the first step in global SEO. 

Ignite New Opportunities with Global SEO

If your business serves an international audience, you need to maximize your efforts and start using global SEO to dominate search results in more than one country or language. From global SEO to social media and paid performance advertising, our leading SEO agency in Singapore is your key to tapping into a wider revenue pool today. 

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