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Everything You Should Know About the New AdWords Interface 6

Everything You Should Know About the New AdWords Interface

While Google’s new AdWords user interface (UI) has been met with mixed feedback by advertisers, it’s safe to say that we’re slowly moving towards a general consensus. Aside from the frustration of not being able to find a feature that you’re used to and seeing that it’s been moved to another tab or replaced by something else, there are a few useful features that are being introduced through the new UI. Most of these new features will change the game for a lot of the ‘little guys.’

Read on to find out what advantages and disadvantages come with the new Google AdWords UI.


  • For one, the new interface looks 1000x better than the old one, which was rather boring, to be honest. Even the loading page keeps you glued to the screen in excitement instead of derision.
  • The new Promotions Extensions feature on the new UI makes running competitions and specials on your site an absolute breeze. Many have found that it actually gives them an upper hand, because you’re able to run it alongside search ads.
  • Not only does the dashboard give you a sneak peek into the latest activity, but it also grants you the opportunity to do something about that activity if you want, through actionable prompts on the screen.
  • Other awesome new features to enjoy on the new AdWords UI include Audience Manager which takes targeting to a whole new level; and Showcase Shopping ads which allow you to put together different but related products in order to improve the appeal and effectiveness of your ads when it comes to promoting your brand as a whole.
  • Ad Variations is another great new feature which allows you to see how changes affect your ads across multiple platforms. That way, you’ll be able to eliminate what doesn’t work and stick with what does.


Now, not all the features in the new AdWords UI make sense. In fact, some of them can be a bit of an obstacle for advertisers.

  • For one, you’ll have to import all of the columns from your old UI into the new one, manually. Yep, you have to do the rest yourself because the columns featured in the new UI are probably not relevant to you at all. Needless to say, this will take up a lot of your time, and if you don’t do it then you won’t be able to view the ad groups or campaigns that you want at the time that you want to view them.
  • Also, they seem to have made the ad group information line graphs a tad bigger than they were in the old interface. This means that you can only see a limited amount of information at any one time, while the rest of that space is occupied by a whole bunch of nothing.


While Google has clearly put in a lot of effort in the looks department of the new AdWords UI, they clearly weren’t thinking about the functionality of it, or how it would affect users in the long run. Needless to say, advertisers will have to take the good with the bad and find ways to work with these new changes because a lot of the new features in the new AdWords UI are actually quite beneficial.  If you need any assistance with your Adwords management, get in touch with us today!

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