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What is SEO copywriting?

The days of chasing clicks over content quality are over. SEO copywriting is about publishing material that readers not only find super informative, but is also easy for search engines to identify. We’re experts at researching and targeting the essential keywords that your audience is most likely going to type into the search box. If visitors like what they read, they are far more likely to link to your work and share it on social media, giving your website greater authority in the eyes of search engines.

At First Page Digital, we’ll discuss your business goals and have our expert team of SEO specialists brainstorm the perfect campaign to achieve success. This way, you’re bound to reach your target market and convert more website traffic into customers.

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How exceptional SEO copywriting can improve your business

For any thriving business, being at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) rankings is critical to growing your brand and outmatching the competition. Considering 75% of potential customers never look beyond the first page of search results, you need to be certain you’re using the right keywords to land you as close to the top as possible. Once we accomplish this and get people to engage with your content, then having top-notch copywriting is central to boosting your conversion rate.

Our talented SEO team can help you claim one of the top search engine spots, with strategic keyword research, intensive competitor audits and comprehensive analysis. But don’t forget – simply being listed first won’t get you all the benefits. Producing accessible and inspirational content is how you build long-term growth and customer retention. That’s where you’ll experience the biggest difference with First Page Digital.

Results in 90 days, or we work for free.

Our bespoke SEO copywriting approach to generating growth

You can feel confident that our SEO copywriting will attract your ideal demographic and increase your sales. To do so, we’ll undertake a thorough SEO audit of your website. This establishes exactly where we can achieve the greatest amount of growth. We’ll also take a deep dive into your competition’s content, assessing their marketing strategy and creating a detailed campaign in response that’ll outmatch their performance. No matter what, we’ll uncover the best way to capture your target audience’s attention.

Throughout this process, our content intertwines with your already established business goals and brand identity. We’ll get to know your business like the back of our hands to develop content that’s both searchable and packed with information benefiting your customers. With clickable headlines and shareable stories, our SEO copywriters will deliver incredible content ideas that position your business as an industry leader.

During your campaign, we’ll provide you with detailed reports that showcase how our content is impacting your website analytics, social media reach and search engine rankings. You’ll quickly notice the tangible benefits our SEO copywriting strategy provides, as we adapt on the fly to secure remarkable results. Our bespoke approach will revolutionise your engagement and provide an outstanding return on your investment.

Results in 90 days, or we work for free.

Receive a free SEO audit within three minute

Before you embark upon a new SEO copywriting campaign, you need to understand how your website currently performs. Within just three minutes, First Page Digital’s free SEO audit will send you a report revealing key information about your website. Taking into consideration content quality and duplication, our service also delves into the finer details like internal link score, keyword focus areas and HTML tag recommendations.

For even greater context around your business, we also offer a free competitor audit. Taking only five minutes, you’ll learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your biggest rivals and gain a better understanding of the changes you need to make. If you’re ready to take your website up a level, contact us and discover how we can enhance your content game.

8x 8x
434% 434%
A website with blogs will attain 434% more search engine-indexed pages than a website without blog content.
11.4 11.4
On average, a visitor will read 11.4 pieces of content prior to purchasing a product or service.
3x 49%
For every dollar spent, premium content generates three times the amount of sales leads than paid search marketing.

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FAQs by our Senior Content Marketer

Billions of searches are being made every month and that's not slowing down anytime soon. With so many people trying to find a product or service that fits their needs, SEO copywriting remains a key way for businesses to attract customers. As search engines continue to improve how they recognise high-quality content, providing your readers with genuine value is the ideal approach.
It's been many years since so-called 'keyword stuffing' was an effective strategy. These days, SEO copywriting involves the combination of valuable content with keywords that search engines can easily identify. When headlines, keywords, structure and metadata are used properly, your optimised article shouldn't read any different to an article written for a magazine.
To get your content ranking high on search engines, it needs to be both engaging for the reader and utilise the optimal keywords. That's why your content needs to be written for your target audience rather than a search audience. By using naturally occurring keywords and thorough formatting in conjunction with fascinating content, you’ll quickly find yourself climbing the ranks.

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