Too many marketers see a single graph of search market share and stick with ads on Google for life, forgetting that Bing is still used by a staggering 133 million people who make 5 billion searches a month. With numbers like that on the table, can you really justify ignoring it?
Bing Ads are not unlike Google Ads, which means you don’t face the daunting task of wrapping your head around yet another form of digital marketing. Plus, they cost less per click, are displayed across multiple search engines and have higher click-through rates. Combine that with the team of digital marketing specialists at First Page Digital and you have a menacing weapon in the battle against your rivals.
Add Bing Ads to your marketing arsenal and discover why Microsoft’s search engine is far from a gimmick. More traffic, leads and sales await: will you take advantage of this untapped potential?

How Bing advertising can put more money in your pocket

Lower cost per click

It might surprise you, but Bing Ads typically have a lower cost per click than more popular PPC channels and often boast a higher click-through rate. This means you can achieve similar results for your business with a lower overhead than advertising through Google.

Less competition for keywords

Bing’s smaller market share actually provides it with the advantage of lower competition for keywords than you’d see on other search engines. Whether you’re targeting a popular product or a niche industry, you’ll almost always find it easier to place lower bids on Bing Ads.

Easy integration with any PPC strategy

Bing’s advertising platform is nearly identical to Google’s as far as marketers are concerned, so it’s easy to replicate existing PPC campaigns without needing to get familiar with a complicated new interface or make significant adjustments to your targeting strategy. Just import existing campaigns and away you go.

Delivered across the Microsoft network

With Bing Ads, you aren’t just gaining exposure for your brand on the Bing website: your campaign will also be delivered on Yahoo, AOL and a range of other websites across a network powered by Bing that’s accessed by millions of users on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Better access to specific audiences

While sources of Bing search traffic cover all ages, genders and interests, the audience skews to older users, desktop search and specific industries. This means your business may be uniquely placed to tap into your ideal audience by targeting specific keywords most likely to generate a sale.

Reach beyond Google

Even if you are having great results with ads on the world’s biggest search engine, why stop there? Expanding into Bing advertising only adds to your opportunities to land new customers by exposing your brand to users who rely on Microsoft products and services.

Brush off your competition with a smart, cost-effective Bing Ad strategy

The internet has completely transformed how consumers find the products and services they need, but it also means businesses need to fight tooth and nail to beat the competition. In such a brutal landscape, it’s crucial you take advantage of every available avenue of growth.

Too many marketers rely on a single strategy to get results, ignoring the undeniable benefits of a diverse digital marketing campaign that incorporates channels like Bing Ads to get maximum ROI and the best possible result for your business. Frustrated by your rival’s impressive PPC results? Let us help you create a diverse, forward-thinking strategy that blows them out of the water.

Maximise pay-per-click ROI with a team that eats it for breakfast

The team at First Page Digital Singapore lives and breathes digital marketing, and pay-per-click is no exception. We believe no advertising campaign is the same, which is why we always tailor a solution based on your budget, objectives and unique selling point. We use our extensive experience to craft savvy PPC campaigns on Bing Ads that optimise your budget and zero in on your key demographics. Plus, we only pay attention to attracting qualified leads from your ads, not just any clicks that will bump up the stats without having any real impact on your bottom line.

Ultimately, we are driven by the same goal no matter the service we are providing, whether it’s SEO, social media marketing or reputation management: to increase your profits and grow your business. By partnering with us, you’re backing yourself with Singapore’s fastest growing agency in the most cutting-edge area of marketing. It’s a no brainer.

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FAQ By First Page Digital

Bing Ads are comparable to Google Ads in their structure and delivery. Specify the keywords you want to target, make a bid on how much you’ll pay-per-click and Bing will serve your ad at the top of relevant searches across its various desktop and mobile platforms. Users who search those terms will see your ad displayed alongside the organic results displayed by Bing.
Bing Ads and Google Ads are too often seen as competitors, when they actually work best hand in hand. Google’s market share certainly makes it an attractive prospect for marketers, but expanding PPC campaigns with highly cost-effective Bing advertising ensures you leave no stone unturned in your hunt for new customers.
Despite having a smaller market share than its main competitor, Bing Ads have been proven to provide a solid return on investment – often cheaper and with better click-through rates than Google. Bing Ads are best used to complement your major marketing channels to ensure you aren’t missing any opportunity to reach potential customers.

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