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3 Best Marketing Campaigns Of 2022 In Singapore To Learn From

3 Best Marketing Campaigns Of 2022 In Singapore To Learn From 5

As we enter 2023, marketers in Singapore are looking for  ways to prepare to have their greatest campaigns—whether it’s to promote their own brands or their clients’ products.

At First Page Digital, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the latest digital marketing trends and developments in the world of digital marketing and we’re thrilled to share our top three picks for the best marketing campaigns in Singapore in 2022 with you. These campaigns demonstrate what can be accomplished with the right strategy, creativity, and execution. So, whether you’re looking for ideas or simply want to learn from the best, keep reading to find out about our favourite campaigns of the past year.

What Can You Learn From Best Marketing Campaigns In Singapore?

To stay ahead of the competition, marketers must stay up to date on the latest trends and campaigns. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to research successful campaigns and identify strategies that you can apply to your own company or clients.

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at our top three favourite digital marketing campaigns of 2022, highlighting key insights and lessons from each. For both new and experienced marketers, these campaigns will provide you with valuable inspiration and ideas for your next campaign. 

1. #YouGrillWeSpill: Honest Talks with Central Provident Fund (CPF)

One of the most successful digital marketing campaigns of 2022 was the #YouGrillWeSpill campaign by the Central Provident Fund (CPF) in Singapore. The campaign aimed to start retirement conversations with young Singaporeans and educate them on the benefits of CPF.

The campaign was two-sided, not only educating the audience but also giving them the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered by CPF experts, including Minister of Manpower Dr. Tan See Leng. This helped to build trust with the young Singaporean target audience and address any retirement concerns they may have had.

The campaign’s messaging “You Grill, We Spill,” was cleverly themed with visual elements of a BBQ, making the serious topic of retirement more lighthearted and engaging for audiences. The campaign was divided into three phases: “You Grill,” “We Spill,” and “We Continue,” with seven TikTok creators, three Instagram influencers, and two content partners participating.

Starting the campaign with the “You Grill” phase, TikTok creators and Instagram influencers pooled questions from their own channels to start conversations with audiences. At the next phase, “You Spill,” CPF experts, and influencers gathered with Minister of Manpower Dr. Tan See Leng to address questions from young Singaporeans while sharing how they could benefit from CPF. The final phase, “We Continue” answered more questions from the “Grill and Spill”  to retain the viewers’ interest.

The campaign was a huge success, reaching over 8.9 million people through CPF’s own channels on Facebook and Instagram, as well as the influencers’ platforms on TikTok and Instagram. In addition, the video received over 10 million views and 300,000 interactions.

The importance of addressing difficult or sensitive topics in a relatable and engaging manner is one of the key takeaways from CPF’s campaign. The campaign was able to start important conversations and educate the audience in a fun and lighthearted way by utilising influencers and experts. It also demonstrates the significance of confronting criticism and difficult questions head-on, as this helps to build trust with the intended audience. While marketing in this industry can be challenging, CPF’s campaign has provided relevant insights on how marketers should approach their next campaigns.

2. Citigold’s “Hidden Riches” campaign in Singapore

A financial services company in Singapore, Citigold launched a successful digital marketing campaign called “Hidden Riches” in 2022. Their campaign is about adapting to the change in consumer’s perception of wealth. 

In the past decades, Singaporeans used to symbolise wealth as having the five C’s – cash, credit, car, condominium, and country club. But Citigold saw the change in how people define wealth over the years, and they knew they had to adapt. Their new campaign embraced a concept of “new wealth” where people look at wealth as more than just the amount of money in one’s bank account, but also about passion, achievement, and family.

The campaign was called “Hidden Riches,” and it consisted of six episodes, each telling the story of a person who lived for a particular passion, achievement, or family. The videos were initially shared on social and digital media, and outdoor ads were also used to highlight the people featured in the mini-series.

Citigold used social media to engage thought leaders and key opinion leaders (KOLs) in conversations about finding one’s own definition of wealth. The video content received over 6 million views as a result of the campaign. According to a Nielsen post-campaign report, the campaign had a high level of campaign awareness, with 80% of respondents stating that they were aware of the campaign. It also led to an increase in brand preference among those who saw the campaign, as well as an increase in search volume for Citigold’s branded keyword.

One of the key lessons learned from this campaign is the importance of remaining relevant and adapting to changes in consumer perceptions. Citigold recognised that Singaporeans’ definitions of wealth had evolved, and the campaign successfully demonstrated that the brand understood and empowered people to discover their own definitions of wealth. The use of storytelling and engaging thought leaders and KOLs also contributed to the campaign’s buzz and engagement.

3. Viu’s “Again My Life” K-drama campaign

In 2022, streaming platform Viu launched one of the best marketing campaigns in Singapore to reclaim K-drama supremacy with its original series “Again My Life,” capitalising on a Nielsen study that found that 83% of respondents trust recommendations from friends and family.

By inviting Lee Joon Gi and Viu fans to the premiere of “Again My Life” at Zouk, Viu hoped to engage fans and turn them into fan ambassadors. Viu SG created buzz through an exclusive watch party at Zouk limited to 100 spots only. To reserve a spot, fans needed to share a screenshot of the trailer on their Instagram Story along with a teenage photo of themselves. During the premiere, fans were able to enjoy picture taking with Lee Joon Gi, snag goodie bag giveaways, and leave with fun memories. The enthusiastic fans who attended the premiere instantly became organic nano-influencers, generating a steady stream of authentic and organic buzz. This is how the premiere was able to create user-generated content in social media which resulted in organic reach for Viu. 

Another essential part of the campaign was its emphasis on experiential marketing. Viu used a”time travel” theme similar to the show by installing an ageing reversal AR filter on the Neuromeka Cobot’s camera. Thousands of people took “babyface” photos without realising the ageing reversal filter was installed. This resulted in more attention being given to the show as those who went to the “Time Bolt” activation at Waterway Point, Basement 1 shared about the event on their social media through pictures, videos, reels and stories.

Viu Singapore’s augmented reality filter contest on Facebook and Instagram was another part of the campaign. The top three players per week who could find five pieces of evidence and complete the room in the shortest amount of time wouldl have the chance to win a $100 Shopee voucher each. Participants only needed to share their snapped photo in their fastest time on Viu’s social post. As a result, it drove audience engagement with the show.

The campaign was a success, resulting in twice the views of “Again My Life” compared to the average views of other Viu TV shows, as well as premium conversions on the platform.

Viu’s campaign emphasises the importance of engaging fans and turning them into ambassadors, as well as the power of word-of-mouth marketing. It also demonstrates the power of experiential marketing in generating buzz and driving engagement.


Partnering With A Professional Digital Marketing Agency In Singapore

As we can see from the examples above, creating successful marketing campaigns in Singapore requires a combination of strategy and creativity. From using word-of-mouth marketing and influencers to focusing on experiential marketing and understanding consumer perceptions, the key is to stay on top of the latest trends and tailor your campaign to your target audience.

First Page understands the importance of staying current on digital marketing trends and strategies. As a leading digital marketing agency in Singapore, we have the knowledge and experience to assist you in developing a successful campaign for your company. Whether you need assistance with launching the best social media campaigns, content creation, or any other aspect of digital marketing in Singapore, we are here to assist you.

If you’re ready to take your marketing efforts to the next level, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll work closely with you to understand your company, target audience, and goals, and then create a tailored strategy to help you succeed.


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