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7 Unexpected Advantages to Using a Mobile-First Strategy in Singapore

7 Unexpected Advantages to Using a Mobile-First Strategy in Singapore 6

Today, smartphones go beyond a communications device. They have revolutionized the way we think and live.

For instance, did you know that there are more mobile phones in the world than people?

Also, did you know that nomophobia is a thing? Yes, you guessed it –  it’s the fear of leaving one’s home without his mobile phone.

An average person checks his phone 150 times a day! How many times to you check your mobile phone? One of our writers (was embarrassed to admit that she) checks her mobile phone at least 170 times a day!

In Singapore, smartphone usage is off the charts. Singapore is a hotbed for technological innovation in Southeast Asia. Due to the growing number of mobile phone users, many companies have opted for a mobile-first strategy in Singapore.

But is the mobile-first strategy in Singapore just a phase? Or is it here to stay? Can we expect to see a bigger boom in the mobile industry? What advantages are there to using a mobile-first strategy in Singapore?

If you have been on the fence about going mobile, this article might help you come to a conclusion.

Smartphone Usage in Singapore

If you have been in Singapore, you might have heard about the Huawei $54 fiasco where a woman fainted outside a Huawei store while queuing up to buy a heavily discounted Huawei Y6 Pro. The crowds were so uncontrolled outside Huawei stores island-wide that the police even had to be involved!

What does this prove?

Simple – people today are obsessed with phones.

Smartphone Usage in Singapore extends beyond communication and leisure. It incorporates bridging connections, sharing content as well as commerce.

Furthermore, with more and more websites branching out into their own unique apps, users would be more inclined to get information from the convenience of their mobile phones. Why go through the hassle of whipping out your computer when you can just find information from the convenience of your mobile phone?

It doesn’t take a lot to realize that this mobile-first trend has no end in sight… yet.

7 Benefits of Using a Mobile-First Strategy in Singapore

The idea of a mobile-first strategy in Singapore refers to a website or app design that is responsive to customers who access it via desktop or mobile. Mobile-friendly platforms also tend to simplify information down into digestible chunks.

We have 6 reasons why you should leverage a mobile-first strategy in Singapore.

1. Appeal to a Wider Audience

By forgoing your mobile audience, you are missing out on a huge opportunities for clicks and conversions.

Don’t believe us? Let the numbers do the talking.

Brandwatch detected a heaping 2.375 billion monthly active users as of 2018 where 1 billion of them are mobile-only users.

Techjury also went on to highlight how mobile market share worldwide is 52.1% while desktop falls short by around 8%.

Also, 40% of people only use Google via smartphones!

As far as having a mobile-first strategy in Singapore is concerned, its important to ensure that your website content is mobile-friendly.

While a “mobile-first strategy in Singapore” might not necessarily require for your organization to create an app, it’s important to think about how customer and web experience can be enhanced on a mobile phone.

2. Easy Navigation

Put simply, the mobile-first approach makes one’s life so much easier. Convenience is the currency of the digital world. Mobile-friendly designs tend to make information more accessible.

3. Accessible Information Anytime, Anywhere

access information from your mobile phone

With mobile phones, all one needs is a device and connectivity to get information.

Whether your target audience is on the way to another destination in a Grab or just passing time at home, you would want them to be able to access information about your company and even your products and services from the convenience of their mobile phone.

4. (Almost) Everyone Uses a Mobile-First Approach

Do your competitors use a mobile-first strategy in Singapore?

Unless they are falling behind, they are most likely already riding on the coattails on the mobile-first trend. Make sure you follow suit so that you don’t miss out.

5. Optimizes Your Website

Oh, did we mention that having a mobile-first strategy in Singapore can help your website rank higher on Google SERPs?

If you have been keeping up with our content, you would know about how important content is in optimizing your website. Creating content that is readable both on desktop and mobile is vital to help your website rank on Google SERPs.

Google algorithms rank your website based on user experience and whether your content is valuable and informative. By using a mobile-friendly approach involving accessible data, digestible information as well as working links, you could be enhancing your website for both mobile and desktop!

6. Going Mobile is Not (Completely) Rocket Science

Aside from mobile app development, using a mobile-first strategy is not that challenging. One would need to be familiar with Google Analytics as well as web development in order to create a website that is suitable for mobile phones.

Then again, if you need a little assistance, we are here to help. Find out more by clicking here. 

Mobile Phones are Taking Over the World

Do you think your smartphone is taking over your life?

We certainly think so.

They are a great asset in life, leisure AND commerce.

Mobile is much more convenient to use for consumers and producers because even the smallest query can be answered within seconds just by a simple Google search on your mobile phone.

Making use of a mobile-first strategy in Singapore has numerous advantages. However, it’s important to also bear fundamental SEO and web development principles in mind. While mobile phones might be taking over, it’s important to also take desktop views into consideration as well.

Whether you are on desktop or mobile, it is critical to keep your readers and users engaged. But how? We have compiled a helpful user engagement guide that could help you bridge stronger connections with your users. Click here to find out more. 

Did you know that most video views on YouTube come from mobile? Click here to find out more about how to use YouTube for advertising. 

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