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4 Video Ideas for Businesses that Will Drive Tons of Sales

4 Video Ideas for Businesses that Will Drive Tons of Sales 6

Video marketing isn’t new. But it has certainly blown up over the past couple of months. As far as 81% of businesses have already jumped on the video trend.

In fact, video is known to boost conversions by 80%!

Textual content might be the key to onsite SEO, but no marketer can deny the power of a smooth, dynamic and exciting video. Not only are videos more exciting because you can play around with audio, effects and smart editing, but they are more personal. It engages even the laziest consumer. There are endless benefits to video marketing.

What’s even more exciting is that video is extremely versatile. There are dozens of ways to translate your branded content into moving visuals. If you are thinking of joining the video marketing bandwagon, you’re in luck because we have 10 video ideas for businesses to engage with their target audience, boost their Return of Investment (ROI) and boost brand awareness.

Smart and Engaging Video Ideas for Businesses

video ideas for businesses

The world of video is diverse.

From movies to quick 5-second ads, there are bountiful options for any company that wants to explore video marketing.

Here are some video ideas for businesses to start with and some quick tips to make the most out of them.

1. Customer Testimonials

We all know how wonderfully awesome online reviews are. If you want to take those reviews up a notch, why not adapt them into videos?

What makes video testimonials powerful is authenticity. They add personality, persuasiveness and emotion.

Here’s an example of a video testimonial done right by Zoom:

Source: Zoom

A Quick Note about Client Testimonials

In marketing, it’s not enough to rely only on emotions for a compelling video.

You want to incorporate facts like numbers and first-hand experience to get the video more credibility.

Ideally, you would also wanted to get a customer who is willing and comfortable being in front of the camera. The more comfortable they are, the more compelling your video will be.

2. Web Series

Ever wondered why people get hooked onto Korean dramas?

Attractive cast aside, the biggest reason why many people fall head over heels for Korean dramas is deep story arcs.

Web series that incorporate elements of mystery, anguish, excitement and climaxes are compelling and addictive enough to keep viewers on their toes.

Here’s an episode from DBS Bank’s web series SPARKS:

Source: DBS Bank

It’s Not About Selling

Ultimately, every business exists to make profits. However, you would want to avoid focusing solely on selling in a web series. As we all know, nothing drives customers away more than hard-selling.

Instead, you should direct your attention to storytelling. Ask yourself: how do I make my story interesting? What kind of impression do I want to make on my viewers?

Also, try to keep the branding visuals and storyline consistent in your web series. Each episode should function as a prelude to its successor.

3. Interviews

If emotional storylines aren’t your cup of tea, you could also venture into interview-style videos.

You can find tons of interviews online with your favourite celebrities. But when it comes to interview-style videos for marketing, it gets a little tricky.

Not only do powerful interview videos have clear messages, but there has to be an chemistry between all subjects. This is the only way you can capture a productive conversation on film.

As marketers ourselves, we’ve jumped on the video bandwagon too! Check out this interview we did:

Have a Clear Goal

When two people converse like friends, it’s easy to get sidetracked.

It is the interviewer’s duty to ensure the subjects stay on topic. If a subject starts to stray, try to prompt him with questions that are related to the topic of discussion.

4. Product Demos

The last one on our list of video ideas for businesses is none other than a live demonstration of your product.

Nobody reads the manual these days.

Hubspot noted that as many as 72% of users would rather learn about a product from a video.

Product demos are excellent for businesses that sell tangible goods. On the other hand, if you sell solutions like SEO or even Cybersecurity systems, you could do live demonstrations of how your solutions work.

Here’s a live demo by Nespresso:

Source: Nespresso

Don’t Hard-sell

Every business would definitely sing praises about their own products, but this might come across as hard-selling.

Instead, speak objectively about the product. Give your audience facts and only facts.

Optimising Your Marketing Videos

You have an idea, equipment, and team members who would love to be a part of your video.

The aforementioned video ideas for businesses can work spectacularly for any firm…. if they utilize the right methodology.

Choosing the Right Channels

The ‘right’ channel is the one that your audience spends the most time.

Do your own research and observe where the bulk of your audience spends their time. For instance, if you aim to target business owners and thought leaders, you are better off publishing your videos on LinkedIn than YouTube.

Designing Sleek and Enticing Thumbnails

Chances are that your audience is probably going to notice the video thumbnail before they even hit play to watch.

Humans are visual creatures. You need to create colourful and attractive thumbnails to sell and catch your audience’s attention.

Penning SEO-Friendly Copies

Surprise surprise, SEO can help optimize your videos on YouTube and Google.

Don’t get lazy after the video has been finalised. Instead, craft optimised copies with the relevant keywords and hashtags. After all, you want your hard work to bring those results!

Future of Video Marketing

Remember how we said motion picture is the future?

Well, that was last year and we’re technically ‘in the future’ right now.

It seems like video marketing will continue dominating the world of creative marketing. As video gets more saturated amongst businesses, companies that want those conversions must tap on their unique selling points and engage with their target audience with emotion and persuasion.

Video Ideas for Businesses Video Ideas for Businesses Video Ideas for Businesses

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