10 Awesome Singapore Facebook Business Pages You Should Start Folllowing

If you are not on Facebook yet, you are seriously missing out on various marketing opportunities.

Moving beyond content sharing and networking, Facebook has evolved into a platform for advertising, marketing and branding. In fact, Social Media Today highlighted that there are now 2.38 billion users on Facebook. Facebook News Room also reported that there are more than 360 million people on Facebook right now.

All in all, Facebook is a hotbed of opportunities for branding, growth and marketing. There are plenty of Facebook Business Pages on the social network today.

If you are thinking of setting up a Facebook Business Page for your company? You might need some inspiration. This is where we come in. We have compiled a list of our favourite Singapore Facebook Business Pages below.

Read on to view them!

3 Benefits of Using Facebook Business Pages

benefits of using facebook

Aside from the colossal amount of reach you can get by expanding into Facebook marketing (cough at least 2 billion users cough), there are numerous advantages to using Facebook Business Pages.

These include but are not limited to:

1. Targeting

Firstly, with a business account, you could actually target your ads and content based on the age group, gender, interests and demographic of your target audience. This way, you can ensure that your content reaches the right audience.

2. Get Creative with Your Content

Moreover, what’s really great about using Facebook is that you can share all types of content. From product updates, giveaways, competitions and industry news, the possibilities are endless! Unlike Instagram which does not actually allow links in the texts, Facebook allows users to include links and plain text.

3. Gain Insights Using Facebook Audience Insights

Finally, you could make use of Facebook Audience Insights, a powerful tool to track user interaction to gain a better understanding of your page performance.

10 Fantastic Singapore Facebook Business Pages

Convinced now?

If you need some inspiration to get started, we scoured the internet for some of the best Singapore Facebook Business Pages and listed them below along with what we really liked about them.

1. Cellini

Furniture store

The first on our list of outstanding Singapore Facebook Business Pages is none other than Cellini, a premier furniture store. They have more than 17 thousand page likes What we really liked is how they incorporated videos into their organic content. Click here for an example.

Cellini also makes use of Facebook Shopping to drive sales.

2. Holey Moley Golf Club Singapore

Holey Moley Singapore Facebook Business Page

The mini-golf bar posts regular updates and hosts giveaways on a monthly basis to reward their loyal customers with freebies. As expected, giveaway posts tend to do better than their organic content. However, what we really liked was how they incorporate colourful visuals into their content.

3. Zalora

Zalora Singapore Facebook Business Page

With over 7.7 million page likes, Zalora has on our list of exceptional Singapore Facebook Business Pages. They post regular updates about new products and sales and also include a link to each product. This way, they can get more traffic to their website!

4. Pure Fitness Singapore

Examples of great Singapore Facebook Business Pages

Pure Fitness does a neat job of showcasing their team of personal trainers and happy customers. Instead of focusing on getting ripped and working out, Pure Fitness seems to incorporate more aspects of their community. This puts more faces to the brand.

5. LiHO Singapore

Bubble Tea Facebook business page

LiHO marched at the recent National Day Parade and it’s no wonder why – they have over 90 thousand page likes and numerous promotions on their Facebook page. LiHO also does regular giveaways and shares content from other media like The Smart Local.

6. Mothership.sg

Digital magazine

Mothership thrives on witty captions and puny texts. They have 322 thousand page likes and update their Facebook business page regularly with relevant local and international news. On average, each post gets more than 75 likes.

Their content ranges from great eats in Singapore, regional news, local news as well as local politics.

7. Amuse Inc. Asia

Concert coordinator company

Amuse is an entertainment company with more than 21 thousand pages likes. They cater to locals who are enthusiastic about Japanese pop culture and have helped host various Japanese artists like ONE OK ROCK and BABYMETAL. What we really liked was how they incorporated upcoming concerts into their Facebook profile banner. This catches their audience’s attention and also drives clicks.

8. Wimbly Lu 


This cafe and dessert bar has more than 9 thousand likes on Facebook. What stood out to us was their large collection of insta-worthy visuals. They showcase their mouthwatering products, ornamental exteriors and more!

9. Awfully Chocolate Singapore

Dark chocolate

The local chocolatier has more than 19 thousand page likes and posts a lot of content about their seasonal products and ongoing promotions. We admire their aesthetic pictures and we liked how they incorporate pictures of their staff and their clients. Awfully Chocolate also sticks to a black background for most of their product features, this allows for consistency and helps them get recognized.

10. 987FM 


If the names Kimberly Wang, Sonia Chew and Joakim Gomez sound familiar to you, you would have probably tuned in to 987FM at some point this year. The English radio station in Singapore has over 222 thousand page likes on Facebook. They rely mainly on video content that showcases their DJs and also share lifestyle and celebrity news.

Has Facebook Peaked?

If there is one social media platform that everyone would be familiar with, it would probably be Facebook.

However, can we expect more changes and developments to the social network?


With other social networks like Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter rising to prominence, Facebook has been upping its game by introducing various new developments like the Dark Mode and other augmented reality affects like the Spark AR. With new developments come new opportunities for marketing, branding and outreach.

It’s important to jump on the Facebook bandwagon if you haven’t done so. Why not follow us too while you are at it?

Facebook isn’t the only place for social media advertising. Instagram, too, is a useful app. Find out how you can get more followers and boost brand awareness by clicking here.

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