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GrabAds: All you need to Know about Grab’s latest Update

GrabAds: All you need to Know about Grab’s latest Update 4

GrabTaxi Holdings (otherwise known by most as Grab) is booming in Southeast Asia – but they are about to get even bigger.

Recently, Grab announced the latest addition to their line of services – GrabAds. Singapore Business Review explained GrabAds as a new advertising platform that will be used for online-to-offline (O2O) advertising and branding. GrabAds aim to facilitate more in-car branding, in-car activity, corporate outreach and customer engagement to integrate markets offline and online.

To date, TechinAsia has reported Dove and Shopee as two of their clients.  In-car marketing has yet to fully develop into a fully-fledged mode of retail. Thus, it is ideal to strike while the iron is hot.

In this article, we’ll introduce the key functions of GrabAds and also show you how they can be used to help your business!

How GrabAds Work

The concept is simple, really. There are three categories in which GrabAds will advertise.

1. Mobile Billboards

Have you seen those stickers and big ads on the side of GrabCars? Those are mobile billboards. Those billboards will be on Grab’s bikes, buses, taxis and cars and viewable for everyone on the road and on the go.

2. In-Car Engagement

During a ride, customers will be exposed to a variety of ad content on the in-car digital displays (tablets) in GrabCars. They’ll also be able to sample and try products associate with GrabAds.

In addition, Drivers who manage to successfully retail products or samples to customers will be commissioned.

3. In-App Engagement

Passengers could enjoy fun interactive app activities like games and even participate in contests to get exclusive Grab promo codes on the Grab app.

How to Use GrabAds to Grow your Business

This new initiative by Grab is a win-win strategy for both clients and Grab. In a few short paragraphs, we’ll tell you why!

1. Boost your Brand in-car

According to Marketing Interactive, GrabAds could be used as a means of visual marketing to build your brand identity and awareness. In fact, research on ads on GrabBike has proven to accumulate impressive levels of brand recall since they reach out to a wider audience offline. In essence, GrabAds could increase your brand awareness and presence in the market.

Thus, by getting involved with GrabAds, you could build a greater brand awareness and reach out to a wider pool of customers on the go.

2. Expand your Customer Base

Customers who are not online all the time can browse your catalogue with GrabAds. This means that you can boost your chances of getting customer attention. By targeting customers offline with GrabAd’s O2O strategy, you could accumulate a more sizeable group of customers and grow your online presence.

3. Engage with your Customers

The GrabAds strategy address one big issue in e-commerce – the fact that customers cannot sample the products they intend to purchase. GrabAds offers free samples on selected products for customers to try out and also commissions the GrabDrivers for every purchase and sample redemption.

This way, both drivers and customers will benefit from GrabAds.

4. Jazz up your Customer Engagement Strategy

This is where Grab’s in-app engagement tool comes in. Businesses could use this aspect of GrabAds to reach out to their customers through quizzes, contests and online forums. This strategy keeps your customers in the loop of your brand development and boosts your company’s brand recall. In the long term, it could also give your web presence a huge enhancement.