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What Do First Page Content Writers Do? 5

What Do First Page Content Writers Do?

SEO copywriting has become a must-have skill for any business looking to rank higher on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Here’s why: SEO copywriting makes your content more valuable and easier to find for your target audience.

Let’s face it: with millions of web pages out there, standing out in the digital landscape is challenging. That’s where SEO copywriting comes in. It helps ensure your business’s online presence is attractive and accessible to your audience by creating engaging content optimised with strategic keywords to rank higher in search engines like Google.

When done right, SEO copywriting can establish your business’s online credibility, significantly boosting website traffic and potential customers.

Intrigued? Read on to learn more about SEO copywriting and how a content writer from First Page does it.

What is SEO Copywriting And How It Differs From Copywriting

As mentioned earlier, SEO copywriting involves creating content that both people and search engines find valuable. The goal is to drive more traffic to your website, giving you a better shot at converting visitors into customers.

Like regular copywriting, it seeks to help businesses attract, engage, and turn leads into customers. But there are also differences.

To be clear, SEO copywriters specialise in creating content that is optimised for search engines by including specific target keywords, while copywriters focus on crafting compelling and persuasive copy that promotes a product, service, or brand. While there may be some overlap in the skills required for both roles, the difference lies in two areas:

    • Target audience: Copywriters mainly create copy intended for warm leads or those already deciding or ready to buy. But SEO writers–also craft valuable content for people still researching a problem and possible solutions.
    • Consumption: While both types of writing aim to provide value to their intended audience, there is also a difference in how consumers come across them. SEO content is usually longer, educational, and written to answer questions like blog posts and articles. However, pieces of copy are generally shorter like what you see in TV commercials, printed ads, or landing pages.

The Role Of An SEO Copywriter: What You Need To Know

Becoming an SEO copywriter or content writer allows you to help businesses increase the visibility of their websites. But what does a content writer do exactly? Let’s peek into a day in the life of a content writer at First Page, where we get insight into this essential role – what do they do, the skills they should have, and how they can help your website stand out in the competition.

1. Conduct keyword research to identify the most relevant and valuable terms to target

One of the primary responsibilities of an SEO copywriter is to choose SEO keywords that are most relevant and valuable to target for your website. This involves using keyword tools to uncover the exact search terms and phrases your target audience uses to find information related to your website’s topic or industry. By conducting thorough keyword research, SEO copywriters will know what keywords to use for your content. Thus, they can ensure that your website is optimised for the search terms most likely to increase traffic.

2. Create compelling headlines and meta descriptions that entice readers to click

Crafting compelling headlines and meta descriptions is an art that takes skill and creativity. Users first see these elements in search engine results when they come across your website. They play a significant role in determining whether or not the audience will click through to your site.

This is why content writers must also be able to create headlines and meta descriptions that are both informative and engaging, using language that entices users to click and learn more.

3. Write high-quality, original content that aligns with the website’s brand voice and tone

The content on your website is the backbone of your online presence and it’s also part of an SEO copywriter’s job to create high-quality, original content that aligns with your website’s brand voice and tone. They must ensure your content is engaging, informative, and relevant to your audience’s needs and interests. They should also optimise it for search engines, incorporating the keywords and phrases they have identified through keyword research.

4. Optimise on-page elements such as headers, subheaders, and body copy for search engines

A website’s on-page elements, including headers, subheaders, and body copy, play a crucial role in helping search engines interpret the content of your website. This is why another responsibility of a content writer is to incorporate target keywords into these essential elements in a natural way. They must also correctly structure and format these elements, making it easy for search engines to crawl and index your site.

5. Use internal and external linking strategies to improve website authority

An effective content writer also uses critical strategies such as internal and external linking to help improve your website’s visibility and authority. Internal linking involves linking to other pages within a website, which establishes a hierarchy of information and signals to search engines which pages are most important. External linking includes linking to other high-quality websites, which helps to establish a website’s credibility and authority within an industry or niche.

6. Stay updated with the latest SEO best practices and algorithm updates

The world of SEO is constantly evolving, and it’s essential for SEO copywriters or content writers to stay updated with the latest best practices and algorithm updates. This includes regularly checking industry blogs and publications, joining conferences and workshops, and being active in online communities and forums. By staying informed on the latest SEO practices, they can ensure that they use the most effective strategies and techniques to help websites rank higher in the SERPs.

With the above responsibilities that SEO or content writers have, companies or online marketing agencies like First Page should ensure that their SEO writers possess the necessary skills to be effective in delivering content for websites. That said, SEO or content writers must have the following qualifications:

  • A deep understanding of SEO principles and how they impact content creation.
  • Strong research skills to identify the right keywords and topics to target.
  • Knowing how to write for different audiences and tailor content to specific personas.

Benefits Of SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is undeniably a key factor in achieving online marketing success. With the help of content writers to optimise your website’s text for search engines, you can draw more people in, enhance their time spent on your website and even skyrocket conversion rates. Let’s look at how else you can benefit from SEO copywriting.

Increased traffic and visibility

One of the biggest benefits of SEO copywriting is that it can help you attract more visitors to your website. As content writers weave in targeted keywords and phrases in their content, you can optimise your content for search engines and improve your rankings in search results. This means that when people search for information related to your industry or niche, your website will appear higher in the results, making it more likely that they will click through to your site. With more traffic comes greater visibility, which can help you build brand awareness and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Improved user experience

Aside from increased traffic and visibility, SEO copywriting can also improve the user experience on your website. By creating high-quality, informative content that aligns with your users’ needs and interests, you can keep them engaged and encourage them to spend more time on your site. This can lead to lower bounce rates, higher page views, and increased engagement, all essential metrics for search engines when ranking websites. By providing your users a positive experience, you can build trust and credibility leading to repeat visits and even shares of your content.

Higher conversion rates

Last but not least, SEO copywriting can help you improve your conversion rates, which is the ultimate goal of any online marketing campaign. Creating content optimised for specific keywords and phrases can attract visitors who are already interested in your products or services. This means they are more likely to take the desired action on your site, whether it is making a purchase, filling out a form or signing up for your newsletter. Using the right keywords and producing content that resonates with your target audience will increase your chances of converting visitors into customers.

Content Writers: Your Website’s Secret Weapon To Online Success

Establishing a robust, recognisable online presence is no longer optional – it’s essential. With so many websites, SEO copywriting has become crucial to standing out. You’ll also need SEO content writers to do the job. Content writers are experts at creating keyword-optimised content that audiences and search engines find valuable. That said, they can help your business increase visibility among search engines like Google – resulting in more traffic and potential customers.

Along with our expert team of SEO specialists at our award-winning marketing agency, our experienced content writers know how to create fresh and engaging content that catches search engines’ attention and gets you in front of your target audience. Leveraging strategic keywords along with writing that reflects your brand voice will earn you substantial website traffic and potential customers too! Get in touch today to work with our content writers and our skilled SEO specialists at First Page.

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