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4 Ways To Attract Powerful LinkedIn Leads

4 Ways To Attract Powerful LinkedIn Leads 6

Remember when social media was just for teenagers and finding long lost friends? As the digital world becomes increasingly entwined with our everyday lives, businesses are discovering more and more ways to capitalise on a powerful online presence.

Enter LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. With 546 million users as of March 2018, this platform connects businesses with their customer-base and other prospects. While company pages are incredibly popular, individuals within those businesses have found the site ideal for forming new partnerships for their brand.

More than just another social media “friend” collector, a strong LinkedIn profile can directly affect your business’ bottom-line. A massive 50% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn as a deciding factor in their purchase decisions, making it an essential lead generation tool with astounding potential for revenue.

How can you tap into this well of undiscovered leads? Any company or entrepreneur that’s achieved success on LinkedIn has cracked the code to building a meaningful following on the site. In today’s blog, we’ll showcase 4 actionable steps to help set the stage for attracting sales leads you can only find on LinkedIn.  Finding jobs in Singapore can be hard, so we recommend using the below to increase the chances of finding a job.


1. Target Key Connections

To get more LinkedIn leads, you’ll need to know your audience. Start by examining your page’s existing connections: Were they invited for the sole purpose of boosting your numbers? If so, you’ll need to rethink your strategy.

To find better quality connections on LinkedIn, find users who carry influence in their company. These could be Marketing Managers, Sales Co-Ordinators, or even the CEO! Once you determine which job titles to target, you can use LinkedIn Advanced Search or Groups to find them.

Connecting with the right people is the foundation of any LinkedIn lead generation strategy. Out of 61 million senior-level influencers, and 40 million of those are decision-makers. These decision makers are the ones you want to start engaging with, firstly by building a relationship.


2. Build Real Relationships

It’s not enough to just have lots of connections, even if they’re highly qualified. The next step to gathering LinkedIn leads is to build relationships with your connections and followers.

Get these fledgling relationships off to a flying start by sending them a thank you message after accepting the connection. Avoid using generic templates! Instead, personalise your message and link them to insightful content relevant to their field.

Get in touch with your LinkedIn connections at regular intervals. Spice up your messages with reports, videos, case studies or other content they’ll find interesting. These measures open up dialogues between you and the readers – if you play your cards right, an opportunity to take it offline could open up!


3. Get Into Groups

LinkedIn groups are forums that spark conversations among industry networks. While there are thousands of groups out there, the most active communities host discussions that can go on for months. These discussions are often rich in useful ideas, and can play a part in your relationship building strategy.

Start by scoping out which groups are popular with your desired LinkedIn leads. Check out which of these communities are the most active, and start participating in them yourself. Joining the discussion helps build your reputation as an expert in the community.

Now, it’s time to build your own group. Managing a thematically relevant LinkedIn group further cements your authority by positioning your brand as a cornerstone of engagement. Prompting discussions attracts more than just LinkedIn leads – you’ll dive straight into a pool of insights tailored to your industry!


4. Consistently Create Content

Establish your brand as a thought-leader by publishing quality content. Rather than sharing other creators’ posts to your LinkedIn page, post your own unique content to showcase the company’s expertise.

While quality is important, quantity has its place too. By regularly publishing content to your business’ page, you’re showing the audience that “the lights are on and people are home”. On average, 10 pieces of content are consumed before purchasing decisions are made, giving weight to the theory that content is linked to credibility.

Make sure your content includes links and images. Posts with links receive 45% more engagement, and posts with images get an astonishing 98% engagement increase. If a post gets popular, take the next step and promote it with LinkedIn Sponsored content for an extra boost.

A solid social media strategy is a pillar of marketing campaigns worldwide. For entrepreneurs, businesses and those who work within them, LinkedIn offers a wealth of ways to connect with new prospects. There are a so many ways you can leverage this platform, and these 4 tips are just a starting point.

The essential status of a well-rounded social media strategy applies even more in Singapore. This country has been shown to have the highest number of mobile social media users worldwide. Check out our blog on Social Media Usage Among Singaporeans for statistics to guide your next strategy! 


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