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Click to Watch our Exceptional 5-star Review from D’Open Kitchen!

Click to Watch our Exceptional 5-star Review from D’Open Kitchen! 5

We have done it again. Yet another 5-star review has come our way. This time, in a video! Click “play” to watch.

A 5-Star Review from D’Open Kitchen

D’Open Kitchen Culinary School is a cooking school which hosts various hands-on cooking classes and culinary workshops for individuals as well as team building activities. Their cooking classes range from bread making 101, DIY birthday cake challenges, as well as moon cake master class.

D’Open Kitchen’s team building activities, however, add a competitive spin on their traditional cooking classes. Companies can choose from a mystery box challenge, amazing race as well as a master class!

Trish, the founder of D’Open Kitchen approached us for our SEO services. She wanted to optimise her website using SEO and content. After we implement changes to her website and content, she saw a huge jump in the number of bookings and conversions on her website!

Furthermore, the company has been getting around 3-5 enquiries per day – which is a huge improvement for D’Open Kitchen as they only managed to get 3-5 leads per week before we began optimising their website.

Putting Our Best Foot Forward

These days where reviews are everything, nothing makes us happier than getting positive feedback from our clients. While we may always put in 110% effort into all that we do, we are always grateful and contented whenever we see more leads and conversions on our end.

Such reviews are inspiring and motivating. Here’s to putting our best foot forward, exceeding expectations and being a partner that our clients can depend on!

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