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Top regions for expansion

Embark on a journey of discovery and opportunity with our curated list of the top 6 regions for expansion. Each region is a beacon of potential for made-in-Singapore businesses, offering unique advantages tailored to specific industries.

north-america europe southeast-asia
africa latin-america

North America

Industry Stars: Technology, E-commerce, Finance

📸 Snapshot: Boasting a staggering GDP of over $20 trillion.

📍 Why Here?: Imagine your brand amidst the pulsating heart of innovation and affluence. A playground for pioneers, where every technological breakthrough and creative endeavor finds an eager audience.


Industry Stars: Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Fashion

📸 Snapshot: Diverse markets with a combined GDP of $15 trillion, leading in sustainability.

📍 Why Here?: Step into a realm where history and modernity dance together. Europe's rich diversity and regulatory strengths offer a stable yet dynamic setting for businesses that prioritise quality and elegance.

Southeast Asia

Industry Stars: Tourism, Agriculture, Digital Services

📸 Snapshot: Home to the world's fastest-growing internet markets, aiming for a $300 billion digital economy by 2025.

📍 Why Here?: Immerse your venture in a region where tradition greets the digital age with open arms. A burgeoning digital landscape and a vibrant, growing economy await your digital-savvy business.


Industry Stars: Telecommunications, Agriculture, Healthcare

📸 Snapshot: Fastest-growing economies with a projected GDP of $29 trillion by 2050.

📍 Why Here?: Africa is not just a place; it's a pulse of potential. A youthful, dynamic continent, ripe with opportunity for trailblazers ready to make a lasting impact.

Latin America

Industry Stars: Retail, Renewable Energy, Technology

📸 Snapshot: An emerging market powerhouse with a rich cultural heritage.

📍 Why Here?: Latin America's vibrant cultures and growing economies offer a fertile ground for businesses eager to make a mark in an energetic and evolving market.

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