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The Benefits of LinkedIn Advertising & How to Get Started 5

The Benefits of LinkedIn Advertising & How to Get Started

LinkedIn advertising is one of the most effective paid marketing tools that provide marketers with access to a huge pool of prospects online. LinkedIn has successfully built itself into a marketing platform by allowing marketers to use a variety of marketing methods such as sponsored posts and text advertising on the social networking platform. In recent years, it has grown to become a powerful marketing tool, especially for B2B companies seeking to generate more online recognition, share relevant content, build leads, and much more.

Why Advertise on LinkedIn? 

For starters, LinkedIn is one of the biggest social networking platforms for businesses and professionals from a myriad of industries, with over 660 million users spread across over 220 countries. The numbers matter as for advertisers and marketers, the more eyeballs on each post or advertisement, the better. 

Benefits of Advertising on LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides a number of unique benefits and advantages compared to other social networks. These benefits include:

1. Ability For Marketers to Create a Wide Range of Ad Types

One of the biggest draws of LinkedIn advertising for marketers is its multiple ad options. LinkedIn ads allow you to use text, video, or images in different types of ads. You can also use different formats such as carousel ads and email advertisements for your ad campaign. 

With the help of a good social marketing agency like First Page Digital,  you can easily take full advantage of different types of ad formats available on LinkedIn such as:

  • Sponsored content –  provides you with an opportunity to boost or push your content to the top of LinkedIn’s newsfeed on both desktop and mobile devices and reach a wider pool of audience.
  • Message ads – allows you to engage with B2B clients directly through targeted messages complete with a call to action.
  • Text ads – comes with all the flexibility and benefits of traditional PPC or PPI advertising.
  • Carousel ads – a visual advertisement option with multiple images to enhance the visual appeal of your marketing message.
  • Dynamic ads – automatically personalised to suit your target audience’s needs and expectations. Dynamic ads are also personalised for both business or personal accounts based on their username, profile photos, job titles, interests, industry, and much more.
  • LinkedIn Elevate – allows your employees to share your content through their professional networks for greater reach, higher engagement rates, and increased sales and lead generation.

2. Flexibility to Target a More Professional Audience

One of the major differences between LinkedIn and other social networks is that LinkedIn users are composed of slightly more mature and educated professionals with a higher spending power than users of other social networking platforms. If your business’ main target audience is educated professionals or professionals of specific industries, LinkedIn advertising is a good marketing platform option to consider. Additionally, if your organisation specialises in B2B products or services, LinkedIn is also one of the most efficient methods online to get in touch with other organisations or prospects via their business profile. 

3. Ability to Narrow Down Your Targeting Using Industry-Specific Variables

The success of your advertising campaign largely depends on delivering the right message to the right target audience. To ensure that your marketing efforts produce results, LinkedIn provides marketers with a wide range of targeting opportunities to ensure that they get the best return on investment for each campaign you run on the platform. 

You can target your ads on LinkedIn based on different variables such as:

  • Job title
  • Seniority
  • Degree type and name
  • Skills
  • Job function
  • Company name and size
  • Industry
  • And much more

4. Increased Conversion Rates

A recent study done by HubSpot, an American developer and marketer, revealed that LinkedIn ads convert users to leads at a conversion rate of 6.1% on average. This is quite an impressive rate compared to Google Search ads which have a 2.58% conversion rate. With a quantifiable conversion rate, there is no doubt that the success of LinkedIn advertising can be attributed to its multiple targeting opportunities and the flexibility it allows marketers to reach the right target audience. 

The LinkedIn lead accelerator feature, for example, provides you with an opportunity to track high-value prospects and serve them with more targeted ads to allow for more opportunities to convert them into potential leads.

5. Measurable Performance through LinkedIn Ads Analytics

Other than assisting businesses with its myriad of features for ad targeting, LinkedIn also provides marketers with Ad Analytics to help them improve the overall performance and results of marketing campaigns. The data collected from marketing campaigns can then be used to improve upcoming marketing strategies and campaigns and help marketers understand their target audience better. 

Getting Started on LinkedIn Advertising

Getting started on LinkedIn doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, there are only three steps involved. 

The first step is to create a campaign manager account which is an all-in-one advertising platform where marketers can set up ad accounts, run campaigns, and manage the budget. The second step is to determine the objective of the marketing campaign and decide whether to run a lead generation or a brand awareness campaign. The final step would be to launch your campaign by building an audience, setting up a budget for the campaign, and uploading your creative materials. 

To achieve optimal results and reap the extensive benefits of LinkedIn marketing, consider leaving your campaigns in the hands of professionals by working with a reliable and experienced social marketing agency in Singapore. Get in touch with our experts to find out how we can help you craft the best LinkedIn marketing campaign for your business.

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