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Leverage YouTube Marketing To Further Drive Your Business

Leverage YouTube Marketing To Further Drive Your Business 5

Ever thought of marketing your business on YouTube

With over 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube has become the second most popular search engine after Google. Including YouTube marketing in your digital and social media marketing strategy allows you to reach your potential customers in more places online and expand your traffic source

If you haven’t started yet, now is the right time to take your business further by leveraging YouTube marketing.

YouTube Marketing – How Does It Work?

YouTube marketing is the practice of promoting your business on YouTube, either in the form of video content on your channel or through YouTube advertisements. This has been a trend that has been growing steadily since 2020.

If you go by the stats, 68% of YouTube viewers make their purchase decision through videos on the platform. Moreover, with 14.3 billion visits per month, YouTube has surpassed the popularity of social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This emphasises the importance of having YouTube as part of your marketing strategy to improve your overall brand presence.

Suppose you run a tuition centre. If you were to post detailed tutorials, run live streams, or upload your classroom sessions online, you might be able to reach a wider audience not just locally, but globally as well. This window of opportunity can be tapped in various ways to expand your business, such as selling textbooks or enrolling new students who become interested in joining your offline classes.

Once a YouTube channel has built up a large enough subscriber base, it can be monetised as well. Advertisements can be placed on videos and channel owners will receive a share of revenue from subscribers who watch their videos.

Another way to boost your company’s recognition and keep it at the top of potential customers’ minds is to run targeted YouTube ads. YouTube advertising maximises user reach for your video content by either playing an ad before a user views another’s video or showing it up in YouTube search results for viewers to watch in full. 

Benefits of YouTube Marketing for Businesses

About 720,000 hours of video content is uploaded, and over 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. Here are three ways how businesses can benefit from YouTube marketing:

1. More traffic

By promoting your products and services through videos, you can get more views from new geographic locations, which builds a larger customer base and increases your brand’s ROI. In 2021, it was reported that an average person spends 100 minutes per day watching online videos. As YouTube attracts huge traffic worldwide, you can reach a larger audience than any other social media platform, just by creating videos or running ads on others videos.

2. Improved visibility

By creating YouTube videos for the content already published on your website, you not only create backlinks for your website, but also increase the chances of your brand showing up on the Google search results. Major players like Changi Airport and Now Boarding by Changi Airport do so by embedding existing YouTube videos in their content. 

3. Better recognition

Videos can succinctly express ideas and opinions better than text or pictures. They can bring life and emotions to your static text, making it more dynamic and engaging. Including video content in your marketing strategy will not only bring your brand recognition but will also help you build more trust and authority among your audience. Moreover, through videos, your audience will be better able to understand what to expect from your products or services, further encouraging them to try them out for themselves. This makes YouTube marketing a solid approach to increasing your conversion rate.

Popular Types of YouTube Videos

Undoubtedly, YouTube offers a great opportunity to introduce your products to a global audience. However, the platform is highly competitive as well. You cannot simply upload random videos and expect to have a ready stream of customers that will help your business grow. 

The only thing that can get you ahead of the competition and garner your audience’s attention is by investing your time and efforts in creating the right type of YouTube videos. Here are the four types of videos to consider. 

1. Product videos

Product videos are essential for any business that wants to sell online. By showing potential customers the product in use, companies can give them a much better sense of what they are buying. In addition, product videos can be used to show off new features or to demo how the product works. When done well, product videos can be highly effective in converting viewers into paying customers. However, businesses ought to keep their videos short, sweet, and to the point. No one wants to watch a 30-minute commercial, so simply focus on the most important information. 

2. Educational videos

By posting educational videos, you can teach your audience a process or concept. You help viewers in solving the problems they commonly face, and it would be great if your product or service is the genuine solution to their problem. This way, you can position yourself as an expert, build trust, and increase the chances of viewers buying your product.

3. Review videos

YouTube has become a go-to source for product reviews, with plenty of people turning to the site to see what others think about a given item before making a purchase. YouTube review videos can be incredibly helpful in this regard, offering an in-depth look at how a product performs in the real world.You can boost the efficacy of such video content by leveraging influencer marketing too. Potential customers always look for social proof, and when they see an industry expert already using your product, they are more than likely to try it.

4. Company vlogs

Company vlogs can be used to promote special sales or events, give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the company, or simply keep customers and potential customers up-to-date on what’s going on. As a business, you can create vlogs to showcase exactly how you operate or give a sneak peek into your work culture to build some level of trust among your audience by putting a face to the brand. Business vlogs are an effective way to connect with viewers and create a more personal relationship with the people who use your products or services. 

Tips on Creating Successful YouTube Videos

As you set out to create videos for your YouTube channel, you need to ensure that you represent your brand in the right way and keep people engaged. Consider these five tips:

  1. Plan and research: Laying the foundations and figuring out market gaps is a pivotal step before you start creating videos. Start with keyword research for your product to collect a list of all the topics you can create videos about. Also, keep a tab on what your competitors are doing on YouTube to get some ideas and execute your video more effectively. 
  2. Be true and authentic: Create a video that tells an original, compelling, entertaining story to which the audience can relate. Make videos from a realistic perspective with a gripping narrative that will attract the right audience and make them stay for long.
  3. Have a consistent video introduction: Your video intro should be the most attention-grabbing as those few seconds determine if the viewer will continue watching or move on. You can also create an on-brand intro to keep things consistent for all your videos so individuals can easily recognise your brand.
  4. Don’t forget the video outro: If the intro did its magic and kept the audience engaged throughout, use an outro that compels them to take an action. You can include a call to action to visit your website, subscribe to your channel, or watch your other videos.
  5. Optimise your video: Once you are set to upload the video, make sure to optimise it by using keywords in the video title and description. Additionally, add tags to your YouTube video descriptions, as they help viewers better understand what the videos are about and might even help rank your video higher in YouTube’s search results.

Measure the Success of Your YouTube Marketing Campaign

YouTube is a significant tool to include in your social media marketing strategy, however, it is equally important to keep track of your performance on the platform. 

YouTube offers creators tools to monitor the performance of their videos. From the analytics section in the YouTube studio, you can analyse the insights related to views, watch time, audience, number of subscribers, returning viewers, unique viewers, audience retention rate, and a whole lot more. These insights will help you improve your YouTube strategy and integrate it into your overall marketing campaign.

As YouTube helps in improving brand awareness, you can keep a track of your branded traffic to know if you achieved success in this endeavour. With the help of the Research tab in YouTube Analytics, you can check if viewers are searching for your brand or not. If you find your brand name in the viewer searches, this could be an indicator of success.

YouTube‘s videos allow viewers to visit your website through the link provided in the description of the video. To get a better insight, you can check the amount of referral traffic you are receiving from YouTube videos to your website. If you see an increase in the number, this hints towards a positive result of your YouTube marketing campaign.

Boost Your Sales With YouTube Marketing

YouTube is not limited to influencers or content creators. It is also one of the powerful tools for entrepreneurs to establish their presence on the video platform. 

At First Page Digital, we are an SEO agency that assists aspiring entrepreneurs as well as established businesses in Singapore to further expand their reach and drive more success. By offering a blend of SEO services, Google ads, and social media marketing strategies including YouTube ads, we help our clients in increasing their brand’s authority, awareness, and revenue. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your business growth through YouTube marketing.


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