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9 Badass Singapore YouTubers Who Prove that Quality Content Slays 6

9 Badass Singapore YouTubers Who Prove that Quality Content Slays

When you hear the word “YouTuber”, a few familiar names might come to mind – Anthony Padilla, Ingrid Nilsen, Lindy Tsang, Lily Singh, and Ryan Higa… But the lion city, too, has its fair share of talent. From short skits, parodies, vlogs, song covers and even makeup tutorials, our Singapore YouTubers have been slaying!

Stream Videos, Fill Your Pocket, and Boost Brand Awareness

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If you didn’t already know, video marketing was a pretty big thing in 2019.

The rise of YouTube advertising as well as the introduction of video ads format across various social networks has prompted the need for more video content for marketing, branding and advertising.

The case of YouTube is interesting, though. Mainly because of the fact that YouTube users can actually make a career out of posting videos on YouTube now!

These days, one can call himself a YouTuber if he makes a living off posting videos on YouTube.

YouTube isn’t just “that place with the cat videos” as British YouTuber Dan Howell might suggest. It has know become a bank of motion content and information. The video-sharing platform is also a hotbed for digital marketing and branding now.

YouTube ads aside, there is another form of YouTube marketing that we’ve yet to explore – organic marketing. Like bloggers, Singapore Youtubers review products and services on their channels. This helps organizations reach their target audience with the Singapore YouTubers as mediums.

However, effective digital marketing using local YouTubers takes more than just uploading a video. Instead, it involves connecting with one’s audience, educating and building loyalty much like micro-influencer marketing.

A YouTuber is successful when users choose to tune into their videos instead of television or Google for education or Netflix for entertainment.

Our Favourite Singapore YouTubers

The ‘top’ YouTubers are globally ranked by the number of subscribers they have. But a mammoth number of subscribers is not an essential metric of one’s content quality.

In our list, we have handpicked 9 Singapore YouTubers who have kicked ass by providing informative and engaging content. Read on to see if you can find your favourite local YouTuber.

1. Dee Kosh


The self-proclaimed “most annoying person” in Singapore has been killing it since 2011! Most of his YouTube content incorporates skits, parodies as well as daily vlogs. Born ‎Darryl Ian Koshy, he never fails to entertain us with his comical jokes and humour. Besides YouTube, he is also a DJ on Power 98 FM.

2. Trevmonki


Managed by Trev Tham and Leonard Lau, Trevmonki is all about comedy skits, travel vlogs, and short films. With 157 thousand subscribers as well as at least 50 thousand views per video, the dynamic duo also leverages other creative talents from guest dancers and actors.

3. TiffwithMi


Sisters Tiffany and Michy joined only in June 2015, but their channel has grown tremendously! The dynamic duo produces vlogs about relatable topics like Chinese New Year spring cleaning and their shopping sprees on Taboa. Tiffany and Michy vlog in Chinese, but they also incorporate English subtitles in all their videos.

4. Brenda Tan


You might recognize her on our list of awesome micro-influencers in Singapore but we’ve included Brenda on our list because she’s moved us with her unwavering dedication to quality content. The Singapore YouTuber creates beauty tutorials, vlogs as well as lifestyle videos. She is also pretty vocal about her life decisions and shares openly with her viewers. Brenda updates her channel regularly, too.

5. Tiara S. Dusqie


A beauty, a grace and a wizard with makeup, Tiara’s passion for her channel is undeniable. She started her channel in 2012 but has more than 700 thousand subscribers to date. Makeup aside, Tiara also shares skincare tips, fashion advice and travel vlogs.

6. Peggie Neo


You might remember Peggie from a video of a Singaporean air stewardess downing 8 bowls of lor mee in one seating. Like most Singaporeans, the local Mukbang YouTuber enjoys her daily feasts. She uploads her Mukbang videos regularly and has over 880 thousand subscribers to date!

7. Xiaxue


Wendy Cheng (otherwise known as Xiaxue on the internet) has been blogging since she was a teen. Aside from appearing on regular videos posted by Clicknetwork, Wendy also updates her own personal YouTube page with makeup tutorials, travel vlogs at various breathtaking destinations and helpful life tips. Wendy has a great sense of humour and never fails to make us giggle with her witty jokes. Her videos are always entertaining and humorous, yet engaging and relevant.

All her success as a blogger and now a YouTuber proves that hard work and creativity never fail. You go, girl!

8. AmanderSings


Amander started her YouTube channel with song covers but she has since appeared on many videos posted by THE IN CENTRAL. Not only is she articulate and eloquent, but her bubbly personality is certainly welcoming. She has also appeared in videos posted by other Singapore YouTubers.

9. JianHao Tan


Who could forget about the most subscribed YouTuber in Singapore?

He might only be in his twenties, but JianHao was one of the first local YouTubers to reach 1 million subscribers. Most of his video content incorporates parodies, skits as well as travel vlogs. JianHao has always been open about his life with his fans. He also believes in raising awareness about poverty within the Southeast Asian region and has vlogged about his experience in raising funds for orphanages. For his hard work, JianHao clinched the Top Youtube Personality at the Influence Asia 2015 Awards.

Support Local Talents on YouTube

With new features such as YouTube premium, it doesn’t seem like YouTube will putting a halt to their development and progress anytime soon. If this proves anything, it is that video content is the way to move forward.

Singapore is thriving with talent and our Singapore YouTubers deserve some love for their unwavering dedication. Show them your support by watching their videos and subscribing to their channels before the year ends!

YouTube aside, don’t forget to follow local micro-influencers too! Click here to view our list of awesome local micro-influencers in Singapore. Did you see your favourite influencer? 

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