Best SEO Agency’s Guide To Increase Traffic In 2022

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a key factor for your business to make its mark and stay relevant. It has been reported that more than 90% of people never go past the second page of Google search results, and simply ranking on the first page of Google translates to a 143% jump in traffic. A higher rank for your website in the Google search results engine is certain to bring in steady traffic to your company. This takes a combination of different SEO strategies customised for your business.

While trying to optimise your website by yourself may seem feasible, an SEO agency will efficiently implement strategies that are up to date with the changing trends in the SEO industry so that your rankings will improve and leads will skyrocket.


1. Keyword Optimisation

When users enter a search query into Google, the search engine responds by showing the most relevant websites for the words used in the particular query. For example, a search for “SEO company Singapore” will produce a list of the leading Singapore SEO agencies, ranked according to relevance and authority. This relevance is determined by the content optimised according to the set of keywords the customers are searching for. While optimising content with keywords is crucial, it is imperative that keyword stuffing is avoided at all costs. Like its name suggests, keyword stuffing is repeatedly using a specific keyword to manipulate a site’s ranking on the search results. Google has since enforced severe penalties for such practices to ensure that websites ranked on their first page contains relevant, informative, and original content.

As a top Google SEO agency in Singapore, First Page Digital is an expert at crafting SEO strategies based on in-depth keyword research. Our experienced tech team determines the most relevant and high search volume keywords for client’s websites to optimise the website, while meeting the best marketing practices.

2. Website Optimisation

To determine your website’s ranking in search results, Google checks every aspect of your site. The elements that make up your website like its HTML or source code, keywords, internal link structure, web page loading time, title tags, metadata, and URLs with keywords have to adhere to the search engine standards or it could affect your website’s performance on Google.

Our web designers and SEO consultants meticulously go through each page of your website to determine what works and what doesn’t. We then systematically optimise every element of your website to ensure that it’s all set to climb to the top rank in Google.

3. Off-Page Optimisation

Strong connections with other relevant and high quality websites helps your website authority grow – another important ranking factor. These connections are created by building high-quality backlinks from trustworthy sites with high Authority Scores that create more “link juice” for your site. Backlinks are key when it comes to positively influencing the search engine’s perfection of your site, which in turn enhances the authority of your site. Earning backlinks from websites that have a high rank and authority, is crucial for your website’s performance as low authority links can adversely affect your trustworthiness and authority. As such, it is important to seek the expertise of SEO experts who will be able to craft a stellar link-building strategy and forge quality connections for your website, in turn, creating a distinct brand identity on the internet.

4. Content Optimisation

Content is king. Your website should contain high-quality, up-to-date content that is relevant to your target audience and effectively addresses their queries. High-quality content is defined by excellent writing oriented to deliver results according to keyword research. The content should also gel in with the website design and navigation so that users can easily find the information and products they need. A well-executed content strategy caters to both the customer experience and the SEO principles to ensure that your website reaches its target audience to generate qualified leads. Perfecting the balance between on-trend and evergreen content is also crucial in showcasing expertise in your field of business as well as concern and awareness of the ever-changing trends in the marketplace.

As a part of our integrated SEO services strategy, our content team works continuously to create high quality and multi faceted content for your website. An integrated content strategy establishes your business brand strongly across the internet, ensuring high visibility and increased traffic.


While many businesses are clamouring to reach that coveted position of being at the top of the search results, every company is different and there is a need for a customised SEO approach for your optimisation to be successful. Your website will draw the most qualified traffic only when it’s backed by SEO strategies that deliver on your business goals. That’s why, you need a top SEO agency in Singapore that can truly understand your business and factor in your business goals when crafted a highly effective SEO strategy.

Founded in 2011, we at First Page Digital are a result-driven team of thought leaders who stay ahead of the curve. Our team of SEO experts and digital marketing specialists in Singapore craft cutting-edge SEO solutions for our clients to deliver proven, measurable results and help them stay on top of their game in the digital world.

With a 360° view of your business goals, we implement an integrated digital strategy validated by data. Our experts can perform a no-obligation health check for your website. Contact us to find out how you can further grow your business.