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5 Effective Link Building Tactics You Need to Succeed

5 Effective Link Building Tactics You Need to Succeed 4

If you think your website is ready to claim the top space on search with optimised content and site structure, think again. You forgot a crucial element of every SEO strategy — backlinks. Backlinks are still a key Google ranking factor. It is not easy to rank your website for your chosen keywords without creating contextually relevant backlinks from authority sites, which is why link building is important.

But what exactly are they? Well, backlinks are inbound links from an external site to yours. Any piece of content that includes links to your homepage or service pages, pegged to descriptive anchor texts, qualify as backlinks. However, not every backlink positively impacts your SEO performance.

Quality and relevant backlinks let you increase your site’s domain authority and improve its ranking chances. On the other hand, low-quality ones, especially acquired in bulk, can affect how your website performs on search, and in some instances, cause it to be penalised by Google

If you’re looking for some effective link building tactics to supercharge your site’s performance and drive up organic traffic, these solutions will be a good start.

1. Link Building Outreach

You can reach out to owners of top blogs or sites and request to place links on their web pages.

Keep in mind that the most important aspect to consider when reaching out is relevancy. These off-site pages must relate to your niche, like a travel or recipes site, or are relevant to the products or services you cover on your website. 

Aside from relevancy, you also want to think about the value and creativity of the content you create on your own site. Many site owners will gladly link to your website in their posts if you provide content like how-to videos, infographics or long-form informational posts that address a need (or, in more precise terms, answer popular queries on search). Afterall, they don’t want to hurt their site’s SEO performance by linking to your site if it’s underperforming.

Do note to check the site’s domain authority as well! 

2. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is basically about having a high-quality blog post uploaded to another website. The article includes a link with a descriptive anchor text that points back to your content. This is similar to link outreach. However, in the latter, the site owner does the job for you, by, for instance, coming up with a brand new blog post that covers a little about you or the business you run. Guest blogging, as its name suggests, involves you writing a piece of content for another site, and having it published the way you want to

Having relevance is beneficial, but what is more important is the site’s performance on search. Do a check on key metrics such as keywords ranked, domain authority and monthly traffic. A good site does well on search, and that guarantees quality backlinks!

3. Podcast Interviews

Podcasts are another fast-growing link building tactic. There are podcasts for every industry or niche so finding one where you can appear to share your insights shouldn’t be difficult. Consider this as a guest show appearance!

High-traffic podcasts will even drive traffic to your site as the creator of the media typically uploads it on their website and adds a link to yours. In other instances, you may have your website added to the description section of a YouTube video, which is an uploaded clip of the podcast. A post may be created on the creator’s social media channels to update their viewers on a brand new podcast. While social links do not provide many ranking signals, they are great for driving prospects or leads to your site!

4. Reach Out To Influencers

Influencer marketing is beneficial to both marketers and consumers. It has become an integral part of marketing in the social media and blogging world. 

You can request or buy shoutouts from top influencers or even micro-influencers in your niche and ask for your site link to be added to the influencer’s content. If you get a link on their blog, you enjoy referral traffic to your website the way you would in link outreach, allowing you to increase your ranking naturally. For mentions on socials, you can still take away some benefits such as brand awareness and lead generation.

5. Make Use Of Any Other Linkable Assets

Remember to include your links in every linkable asset created by a relevant website. These can include surveys, quizzes, interactive videos, games and infographics. This example by Coca Cola is perfect to illustrate this point. 

If you’ve developed a tool, then that’ll serve as a great linkable asset when you pitch it to other websites for coverage. And for those who’ve won awards, having a link to your website published on the provider’s site and having it republished by other news outlets means you’ll enjoy good backlinks too!

Level Up Your SEO Strategy With Quality Backlinks & More

An effective link building approach involves a combination of multiple strategies. It takes time to develop a strong SEO strategy — why not work with an experienced SEO agency to work for you? 

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