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Google Marketing Live 2019: New Discovery, Google Ads and Shopping 5

Google Marketing Live 2019: New Discovery, Google Ads and Shopping

Google Marketing Live 2019 just launched 10 new digital marketing products. Read on for the major breakthroughs you need to know about.

The annual Google Marketing Live event happened last week and saw the search engine giant launch several exciting new products and some clever updates for Google Ads.

Google Ads, or Google AdWords, is now more comprehensive yet easier to use, making the online advertising and digital marketing sphere better for businesses.

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Businesses can now make use of a new and improved Google Ads app, Local campaigns and exciting new Discovery ads to maximise their online strategy. Other developments to report on include deep linking, gallery ads and shopping updates.

TIP: Use ‘best’ in your SEO keywords! Google says that searches for ‘best’ have increased by 80% in the past two years. Some people spend 50 days searching for the ‘best’ product before making a decision.

What happened at Google Marketing Live

The announcements were made at Google Marketing Live; a super important annual SEO event full of innovation and ideas, held over two days in the US. Google held a main keynote, eight hours of presentations and live Q&A with industry leaders.

This was the first time Google Marketing Live streamed the conference live online, allowing viewers from all over the world to engage directly with product managers. Industry leaders answered questions and gave their personal tips on best practices.

If you weren’t lucky enough to watch this year’s Google Marketing Live event in-person or remotely as it unfolded, read on. We’ve compiled the standout highlights from Google, including new launches, developments and recommendations.

New and improved Google Ads App

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They took their time but the Google Ads mobile app is now functioning to full capacity so you can make your dream ad from wherever. You no longer need to suffer the frustration of limited mobile features like only being able to start and pause your text Google AdWords campaign.

With the launch of Responsive Search Ads you can now create and edit ads on the go using the new and improved app. You’ll also soon be able to receive new recommendations and alerts to your app directly from Google Ads, which give you an insight into things you can do to increase performance.

In light of whatever tip Google wants to send you, you’ll be able to add new or negative keywords to your Google Ads campaign to improve it. You’ll also be able to pause those which aren’t doing so well, and opt in to all the new smart bidding features.

So next time you’re away on holiday without your laptop, simply log in to your Google Ads app and get creative writing your ad responsive ad headline and launch bids straight from your phone.

Better than ever Local campaigns

google marketing live

We know it’s good to be a little more connected to our local community and invest in local business.

Thank goodness there are new features for Local campaigns helping to make this a reality. Local campaigns are now available to small businesses, with options to promote products currently in stock thanks to new inventory in Google Maps. This showcases their info to local people using Google to shop.

The Local campaign category is the first on Google Ads especially made to help businesses attract foot traffic to local branches.

Google said: In recent global studies with 10 advertisers across several verticals, we found that Local campaigns helped brands drive a median 5x incremental return-on-ad-spend from their business locations.

Local campaigns will continue to become more effective, expanding to assist more businesses and encouraging other types of calls to action from nearby shoppers, like contacts or directions. Google has also said it plans to improve local ads by showing more specific data and special offers.

New Google Discovery Ads

Don’t you love the Instagram Explore page? Hours can go by as you flick through images of whatever you’re into from a source you’ve never heard of. The internet is smart and may just introduce you to your favourite new food, shopping site, blogger or local deli you didn’t know about.

Google feels us too and is actually on to something similar. So-called Discovery ads are a new launch to be displayed on the Google and YouTube mobile home pages, as well as the Gmail promotions tab.

Discovery Ads can help businesses inspire and engage potential customers with rich and relevant content. Advertisers can now reach consumers across Google channels at the very moment they’re open to discovering their product or service!

Researchers at Google & Ipsos found 76 percent of people love making unexpected discoveries when shopping. And 85 percent will take a product-related action within 24 hours of discovery, such as reading reviews, comparing prices or purchasing!

Google Shopping revolution

google marketing live shopping

Google announced a new captivating look to the smart Shopping Ad campaigns and the Shopping tab. Shoppable ads now feature enticing ways for consumers to explore and compare countless products from various stores.

Meanwhile advertisers can promote store visits and display local product information.

Shoppers get a bespoke homepage on the Shopping tab allowing them to filter based on their favourite features and preferences. They will also be able to watch reviews and other relevant videos about the items.

Google said of of those entering shopping-related searches: About 60% are from users browsing a category or brand like ‘Max Mara dress’ or ‘living room decor ideas.’

Customers can choose from various products available online from a nearby store and directly from Google. Now it has become a one-stop for retailers and brands bringing local ads and transactions in one place to help them connect with customers.

The new Google Shopping experience lets users add items from different unrelated online sources to one overall shopping cart. This is good for everyone as it makes shopping for more items easier, while letting buyers keep track of their spending. Clever.

Our summary of the rest

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Other launches at Google Marketing Week 2019 include new Gallery ads allowing users in to an interactive experience with an image carousel. Shoppers can now enjoy swiping through, say, a selection of jackets from a fashion retailer at the top of a search result. Sounds fun!

There is also a new audience expansion tool which helps advertisers expand their reach, much like Facebook’s lookalike audience tool. Advertisers can identify their best-performing custom audience and use Google’s audience expansion tool to entice others with similar demographics.

Deep linking is now a thing and you’ll be able to link from a Google Search, Shopping or Display page directly to a page within your dedicated business app – as long as the shopper has it installed already. This feature allows for a faster and more bespoke shopping experience.

Google says: Early tests have been promising: On average, deep linked ad experiences drove twice the conversion rates.

Meanwhile a new bumper machine tool lets you make those 6-second ads that play on YouTube before a video starts, at no extra cost. This was previously reserved for advertisers with a heap of resources but now everyone can benefit from bumper ads thanks to the handy new tool in the Google Ads interface.

google marketing live

Google Ads is evolving the digital marketing and online advertising space. Businesses can now use social media, YouTube and Gmail to reach a giant, relevant audience effectively through just one Google Ad campaign.

As long as you know what you’re doing to make full use of the new features and developments, you can make this exciting marketplace work for you. Just make sure you’re using the right keywords to rank organically too.

If you want some help with your online strategy, find out how we can help you build traffic, leads and sales and get you on the First Page.

To watch videos and learn more about Google Marketing Live 2019 click here.

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