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4 Useful Features in the New AdWords Interface

4 Useful Features in the New AdWords Interface 4

The Internet, like every technology, is constantly changing and developing to make the user experience even more convenient and productive. In a bid to make marketers’ lives easier, Google recently introduced “the new AdWords experience”, a fancy way of saying that users will now have a whole new interface.

While users are given the option to reverse to the old AdWords UI if they want, it’s always best to give something a try first, and as you’ll see, the new UI has some pretty nice and useful features that will definitely get you excited.

Promotion Extensions

While these extensions are not exactly up and going yet, they will be soon under the “ads and extensions” section of the new AdWords UI. Through these Promotion Extensions, you’ll be able to highlight special events on your site using the least amount of characters possible, while still increasing your CTR at a significant rate.

New Demographic Targeting Options

As any advertiser will tell you, Google’s latest release of Search Ad-Related Demographic Targeting was a real game changer, as it gave users the ability to modify and customize their content to a very specific and narrowed down demographic of users, based on variables like age and gender.

However, with the new UI, Google has taken it a step further to provide advertisers with additional variables and details to work with, such as parental status and household income for example. The best part is that this feature is now available to all advertisers, which is an unprecedented move, to say the least.

Reporting Upgrade

Want to find out how your ads are performing by the hour? Or perhaps you want to know on which days your followers are most active? Then you’ll love the new heat maps and bar graph feature, which literally gives you a play-by-play of engagement on your ads, thus making it even easier for you to figure out the best times to post.

Also, thanks to the new AdWords UI, advertisers will now be able to see a full-on breakdown of each campaign, including conversion rates across all devices and platforms, cost implications, as well as impact and number of clicks.

Advanced Bid Adjustments

Bid adjustments are a constant source of frustration for many advertisers, most of whom are always juggling multiple balls in the air with active adjustments going all at once. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about managing your adjustments anymore, thanks to the new AdWords experience’s advanced bid adjustments feature.

Through this feature, advertisers can now make bid adjustments from the SERPs which makes managing certain activities like call-only campaigns much easier. You’ll also find that the new UI is much more organized and enables you to see and operate the bid adjustments in a really straightforward and simple way.


While many of us didn’t see anything particularly wrong with how the old UI looked, it’s hard to deny that the new AdWords experience is quite appealing to the eye. They’ve definitely added colors through account data representations and have included beautiful data visualizations that really make it easier to use the new UI. This will definitely incentivize a lot of experienced users to make the switch once they get the hang of it.

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