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Work From Home Hacks To Help You Be More Productive

Work From Home Hacks To Help You Be More Productive 4


Sarah: Hello everyone, thanks for tuning in. Today I am here with a very, very special guest, our wonderful General Manager, Shane is here with us.

Shane: Hey guys, how you guys doing?

Sarah:¬†So basically we’ve been working remotely for a while now, and we’ve been getting a couple of questions about how we, as marketers are being productive at home, what tools we are using and how we are strategising for ourselves and our clients. So, as the General Manager, I’d really like to hear from you how, you know, you’ve been doing your best to keep business as usual for our team.

Shane:¬†Yeah, no problem. So we have actually been very fortunate, to be in digital marketing, where as long as there’s internet connection, we can pretty much work anywhere. And recently we have been featured on as well specifically on this topic as we have been working remotely since early March. So, in a way we have been early adopters of this work from home policy. So, for starters how we sort of support people? We actually make sure that everyone in the office have the right equipment at home, very important. Because before, when we transitioned to working from home remotely, we actually delivered monitors, laptop coolers, keyboards and even office chairs and some tables as well. Just to make sure that everyone has got a proper working environment even at home to be productive, And at First Page, team unity, culture is actually very important and it’s actually very special for us. And running daily team huddles, cross department team huddles via Zoom Video Conferencing. It’s very important to keep communication and team work strong. We also run end of the week, sort of Fridays, we call Zoom beer o’clock to wind down towards the end of the weekend. You know, we just talk about everything from work to personal life and even celebrate birthdays. So it’s a very good channel for everyone within team to share the positives as well as the negatives of the week, pretty much to wind down for the week. Quite a lot of things that we actually try to do for everyone in the company, as well as our clients, so we have always been constantly working on our in house developed CRM, it’s what we call SENTR. So for the past two years we have always been trying to perfect our campaign management processes. So SENTR comes in very handy during this period you know, whereby it helps everyone keep track of assigned tasks, as well as for us to monitor activities as well as task completion, making sure that all our clients, all the campaigns are running as smoothly as possible. Gone were the days whereby everything is manual, you just send an email or Skype now just to ask someone for a task or ask someone for a request. As well, providing access to industry leading tools to allow the team to work from home is very important. We use tools such as ahrefs, SimilarWeb, SEMRush, we have a lot of tools that we pay for. So making sure that not only everyone has got the best equipment to work from home like monitors and office chairs, we also provide everyone with the best online tools for them to actually do work from home. So yeah, pretty much giving everyone the best start possible to work from home and as efficiently as well as effectively as possible.

Sarah:¬†Okay, that’s pretty interesting. So, honestly for me, I feel like as a team, I feel a bit more connected even though we are all physically apart, and it’s surprising, but I guess with clear roles and daily communication as well as online resources that we can use like our digital tools. We can still all feel like we are part of the First Page family. So, I understand as a general manager it’s important for you firstly to support our staff but, at the same time, I think it’s important for us as an agency to be proactive and supportive to our clients as well. So could you maybe share about how we have used digital tools like SENTR, SEMRush and et cetera to help our clients tide over this period.

Shane:¬†Sure, basically we’re all in unchartered waters, where none of us have actually faced a period like this. But of course we do have better technology now as compared to 10 years or even three years ago, to give us better insights and resources than ever before. So all these tools, we actually utilise them to get more insights with regards to updates, ’cause everyday there’s new information, everyday there’s new trends so to say. So in order to help our clients, we make sure that everyone within the team is aware of the latest updates and trends. Joining seminars, like the one we just did yesterday, right, Sarah?

Sarah: Right

Shane:¬†With HubSpot, on COVID-19 content marketing strategy how you guys should actually pivot content marketing messages not to just sell, sell, sell, now it’s about support, support, support. How can your business pretty much support other businesses in this period of time. So, for us, being able to join seminars like this, get yourselves updated, this would be able to allow us all to come up with more targeted strategies for clients. Tools and resources like I mentioned before, SimilarWeb and even Google Trends, Google Trends give us a lot of insights in terms of what’s actually happening now with the upward spike in online delivery, grocery deliveries and stuff like that. Tools like SimilarWeb, like you mentioned, SEMRush, gives us insights in terms of what sort of keywords are trending, what sort of, I would say, activities even our clients competitions are they actually doing. So that platform will be able to allow us to understand what drives the highest traffic now, be it social media, which we have actually seen over 90% increase in consumption as well as organic searches on Google. Where even for ourselves as an agency when we tweaked our message we actually see over 400% increase in traffic for our website. So, you know it’s all tools that’s available out there, that’s got its own sort of unique speciality that we actually utilise to then help us help our clients. And of course, as well at this moment working on our CRM which is SENTR, at this moment we are looking to open up a client portal for our clients for them to even log in. For them to come in and to monitor activities, tasks even give more assist and also to be able to communicate through the portal with their assigned campaign team. So as much as it is we’re trying to utilise as many tools that we can to automate, but of course to make life a lot easier for everyone. Because now in a way, we’re all working from home, we don’t have that physical contact, but then again with technology, with all the tools that we have yeah we feel as connected as we can be.

Sarah:¬†Okay, well thanks for that Shane. Actually we started this whole Zoom series with the intention of wanting to help our followers power through this challenging period, since times are so unpredictable, I think it’s important for all of us to not only be proactive but be resourceful. So, thank you again for sharing that. And before we end the video we just wanted to say we are so grateful for all your questions and if you have anymore please just leave it down in the comments below and if you need any help with your website, we’re here for you as well. So till then, stay safe. Bye.

Shane: See you guys.

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