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Should Your Business Venture into e-Commerce? Find Out Here 5

Should Your Business Venture into e-Commerce? Find Out Here

Transcript Part 1

Sarah: Hello everyone, thank you for tuning in. Today I have a very special guest with me. This is Robert, one of our SEO specialists. So say hi Robert.

Robert: Hello hello, everybody.

Sarah: So Rob, you shop a lot online, right?

Robert: Oh yes, definitely.

Sarah: Great, because so do I. And today we are going to be quickly talking about something, which is probably one of the biggest developments in commerce and business and that is none other than online shopping, and e-commerce. Which both of us are super familiar with because we shop online so much. So a lot of brands I’ve noticed have been ramping up their efforts to go online and maintain their online presence. And it’s not surprising why because of how consumers are choosing to stay at home and it’s so much easier for us to get necessities. Or do some impulsive online shopping, which is what I am guilty of.

Robert: Same same.

Sarah: So as an SEO specialist, I like to get some insight about maybe one reason why you think a brand ought explore e-commerce.

Robert: Oh why they should explore e-commerce? Well, one of the reasons I think is, the cost is much more cost efficient. Because due to the circumstances that we’re in right now, you know, you have the higher rent though, you have less foot traffic. So being able to go online, and set up an e-commerce store, which gives you a foothold offline. And maybe after this pandemic is over, you still have an online presence, so you can actually go about creating an e-commerce website, which is quite basic. I mean, you just have to come up with your domain for your company, web hosting, and get like some kind of a nice web design and some cleaner content to go on your website. And pretty much you’re on your way. You just have to come up with the end point which is the traffic. So there’s many different ways of traffic that we can provide to drive traffic to the e-commerce website.

Sarah: Okay, well, that’s interesting. And I think it’s pretty amazing how e-commerce used to be big a couple of years ago, but now it seems like it is the way for, you know, a business to go and get revenue now, because you can save on things like rent and store staff, but instead, they can just, you know, create a nice website, have their products and services listed on the website and get some traffic going. So that’s what that quick observation. I think it will really help our viewers connect the dots a little bit more about why things are the way they are now, in the digital space. But I think it’s also interesting to see whether these rapid shifts from offline to online marketing will continue as the world of work continues to evolve. And well at the same time, even though e-commerce does have its advantages. I think there are still some disadvantages to shopping online only. So unfortunately, we’re running out of time. So in the next episode Robert and I, will be diving a little bit deeper into the why aspect for e-commerce from a consumer’s point of view. So make sure you stay tuned to that. Till then take care and thanks for tuning in. Bye.

Robert: Goodbye.

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