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Let’s Get Down to Business and Answer Marketing’s BIGGEST Question 5

Let’s Get Down to Business and Answer Marketing’s BIGGEST Question


Sarah:¬†Hello everyone. Thank you for zooming in with us today. I am here with the one and only account director Abduh. And as you can see we are still working from home because of the circuit breaker. But today we’d like to share about how we have been supporting our clients. So Abduh please tell us how has working from home been like for you?

Abduh:¬†Hi Sarah thanks for having me today. Well, working from home has been pretty much different. But it’s been great, it’s been great. We are still very much , you know, doing whatever that we need to be doing. Calling our clients. Still being very active internally with , you know, the team members and with dealing with our clients.

Sarah:¬†That’s good, that’s good. Okay so for those of you who don’t know Abduh actually leads the account managers in our agency. So a while ago I had a zoom call with Miraj, our PPC team lead, about support marketing and how businesses should use this time to reassure their customers and build trust. I’ll leave a link in the comments if you haven’t checked it out yet. But as an agency that provides B2B solutions for many businesses like this how important is it for your team of account managers not only to manage clients but also to support them during this difficult period?

Abduh:¬†Well I think it’s very important. Especially during this period, right? Cause things are very uncertain. I think Miraj and Callum have shared previously certain industries that have actually been hard hit by this whole situation and also some industries that has been seeing this as an opportunity has seen massive growth when it comes to their business during this whole situation. So if I could just zoom into one particular business sector which is the retail sector, right, they are starting to see the effects of this whole situation because we currently are in the circuit breaker mode. So a lot of our clients within this industry itself has started to reach out to myself, reach out to my AMs , to see whether we can provide some flexibility for them. So in terms of, you know, pausing their campaigns, in terms of maybe looking to a smaller management fee, or even looking at extending their credit term. So what we’ve been doing is that we’ve been trying to communicate with them in a way that’s very transparent as to the trajectory of their marketing if they were to take on certain approach. But what you want to do is to make sure that they understand the full nature of what they wanna take on. So if they were to pause a campaign, you wanna make sure that they know that in the long run, there will be certain effects, but even even within the short run, if it’s only gonna help in terms of the cost managements and stuff like that. We wanna make sure that they understand the full nature of, what they’re taking on.

Sarah:¬†Okay, so I think it must be pretty challenging for your team considering the huge amount of clients we are serving today. So, Yeah, I think you brought up a good point about being flexible. And I understand that, you know, as account managers, it’s important for our agency to be not only flexible, but also transparent. Because I think, honesty is the best policy and I think during this time, it’s important for clients to really understand how their campaign is doing. And once they get better understanding, I think it will be easier for us to work together with them to come up with a strategy that will be effective during these unpredictable times. So we have a question on one of our previous videos about SEO tips and how businesses ought to strategize. So I’d like to hear from how your team is supporting our clients in this aspect.

Abduh:¬†Okay, so There’s two parts of this right? Because internally, we are doing all we can to try to support the clients. So what we are doing is that the AMs are having a conversation with the sales team to see how we can craft out the best packages or the most suitable packages that clients can take on board during this whole situation. So we wanna make sure that we give as much value as possible. And with regards to supporting the client campaign, that are currently existing. We are always having conversation with tech on how we can actually provide additional recommendations, additional strategies to try to address this entire situation because there’s a lot of things that has to change. When you are in a crisis like this, right? Businesses have to be a bit more dynamic. We can’t be static in terms of how we approach marketing. We need to make sure that we are very much adaptable, and try to pivot whenever there’s something as big as this whole crisis that’s affecting a lot of business nowadays. So that’s what we are trying to do internally. But when it comes to external communications with clients, we wanna make sure that we share with them the importance of still looking into marketing, not dropping off entirely when it comes to marketing, and making sure that they are more adaptable to their strategy. So if I could share my screen, right, this is something that I always emphasise, to my account managers to share with their clients. Whenever they have such conversations. Just give me a while. This is something that we actively share with clients whenever they, you know, reach out to us, ask us if there’s any solutions for them during this entire Covid situation. So, what we do is we always lead them back to their initial objectives of why they actually sign up with us, why they actually start a digital marketing strategy or digital marketing campaign with us. So we look into what channels they are currently on. So be it SEO, be it using paid media, be it using even social media and content, right, there’s some few things that they can do in order to pivot and make sure that they are more effective during this whole period. So to give you an example, SEO is pretty much straightforward, we need to be active. Or, we need to consistently run SEO because it’s something that’s long term. But when it comes to paid media, usually clients come on board with the focus of you know, getting conversions, getting leads and sales. So during this period, we need to be a bit more sensitive. So we will ask them to actually change or shift their tactics a bit more towards amplifying content towards communications with clients. And same goes for social media and content. When previously they are more focused on maybe highlighting the product and features. Right now we want to make sure that they come up with valuable content that is sympathetic and more relevant to the target audience they’re facing now.

Sarah: Okay.

Abduh:¬†So, yes, if I could give an example, right, Nike what they’ve done previously, they have more focused on, you know, showing showing off their new products, their shoes, for example, but now they are more focused on maybe providing online or home workouts that is more relatable to that target audience at this moment.

Sarah:¬†Okay, that’s, that’s pretty interesting. So I’ll stop sharing the screen now. And yeah, okay. So thank you so much for that Abduh . I think it’s very encouraging to, you know, our viewers who might be feeling a little bit uncertain what’s important now is not only to be flexible, but is to be dynamic, and respond to these changes as soon as they happen for you know, across multiple platforms. So before we end the video if you are feeling anxious about the pandemic, trust me, many of us are. But hey, we’re all human. So it’s important for, you know, you as a viewer to stay strong, stay safe, but also make use of the right tools and the right strategies to tide over this period. So thank you again Abduh for the informative session. Do remember to like this video…

Abduh: Thanks for having me Sarah.

Sarah: …and leave a comment in the comment section below. If you have any questions. Till then stay safe. Bye

Abduh: bye bye.

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