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Is SEO Still Relevant? Find out from Our Resident SEO Expert Here!

Is SEO Still Relevant? Find out from Our Resident SEO Expert Here! 6


Sarah: Hello everyone, thanks for tuning in today. I am here with First Page Digital’s one and only technical director, Callum, and we’re Zooming in–

Callum: Good morning, everyone.

Sarah: All of us are working from home during the circuit breaker. So, Callum, how are you feeling today?

Callum Yeah, not too bad, so it’s a bit weird, this whole situation. But yeah, feeling okay and my heart just goes out to all of the businesses and individuals affected. But yeah, very interesting time.

Sarah: Definitely, so I’m pretty sure you know businesses are wondering how search engine optimization or SEO has changed because of COVID and the circuit breaker in Singapore, so I would love, you know, if you could share your thoughts about that.

Callum: ‘Kay, so there’s a few things I wanted to bring up. It’s quite interesting when you look at clients’ analytics and things like that. Some highlights that I’ve seen is more desktop interactions. So people are shifting from the mobile to desktop. E-commerce, publishers and some other industries are performing very well. When it comes to e-commerce in particular, so essential products are seeing a huge spike sites that are selling sort of non-essential products are having a bit of a decline. Now, something that I wanted to show that’s very interesting that highlights some of these anomalies and things like that, is a client of ours who is in the publishing space doing recipes. So let me share my screen with you.

Sarah: Okay.

Callum: So you can see here, this is sort of the average traffic they get, then all of a sudden after COVID, they really, really did very well. So this is an example of some industries performing very well. And you know, depending on what the client is offering, there is a lot of opportunity in this period.

Sarah: Okay, so I guess things are getting pretty competitive online. So you know, I understand SEO is fundamental for any business that wants to go online, and we’ve been, you know, providing SEO Services, I think ever since our company was first, we first opened our doors. So I think I, we did receive a question from one of our previous videos about, you know, businesses that have yet to expand into digital. So would you still recommend for them to look into generating an online presence at this point in time during the circuit breaker where, you know, people are online, and at the same time, it is a very competitive space? Would you still recommend t?

Callum: Yeah, I think I would. I mean, it’s one of those things with business owners, you can sort of look at this and have a very negative outlook. But there are some things that business owners can do to be proactive about essentially the bounce back right. So things that are low cost of businesses can do is team up with Google My Business listing, getting a few of their friends to leave review and things like that. Getting a website up. I mean, that’s something you don’t need a web developer to do. Maybe it’s somebody that wants a website is up. You’re getting traffic, you can look investing in it. But platforms like WordPress and things like that are very easy to use. So that’s what I sort of recommend for someone with a limited budget.

Sarah: Okay, so I think you know, your Tech Team has been helping clients who, you know, are struggling during this period, maybe could you share how you guys have been helping them?

Callum: I’d love to. So a big thing that businesses need to do now is look at how they can get revenue. So it’s one of their clients I would love them to be but I couldn’t example is the Grand Hyatt in Singapore that actually set up a subdomain dedicated for shop. This thing like all the excess wine, cakes and things like that. And I think that’s very smart. And something that businesses do need to look into is how they can angle themselves to actually continue to drive revenue and things like that. For us at First Page, what our tech team is doing is more sort of looking at opportunities for our clients, not just being supportive, so supportive to me is meaning asking if they’re doing okay, proactive is where we actually go to them with a strategy in head to help them out. An example of this is a very well known cake shop over here in Singapore. We’ve worked with them on SEM, SEO and social to actually boost deliveries, and it has killed it. So that’s an example of how you can reangle your business. And, I guess lessen the blow of this COVID situation.

Sarah: Okay, that’s really interesting. And yeah, I totally agree with you that with many people staying at home and going onto the internet, I think you know, now is the best time for businesses to be online and go online if they have yet to. So thank you, Callum, for that informative crash course.

Callum: No worries.

Sarah: I really believe this will be really really helpful for many businesses. So before we end the video, if you feel like your business to use a bit of SEO work, we are here to support you during this difficult period. Leave us a comment in the comments down below and reach out to us and we’ll leave your contact information down below as well and our digital strategies will assist you. So till then thank you again, Callum for that. Do remember to like this video, too. And leave us a comment if you have any questions. Thank you. Bye, stay safe.

Callum: No worries, thank you. See you guys.

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